Market and optimal allowance
of resources at the world level?



Yves Contamine

World Global Trends, Québec, Canada


April 9, 2002


Some facts : 

306 billionaires totaling $1.300 billion in wealth.

1.3 billion people - live on incomes of less than $1 a day.

The world spent on its military sector in the three decades from 1960 to 1990 $21,000 billion.

Total world military expenditure has been rising again since 1998. Total world military expenditure in 2000 amounted to about $798 billion, in current dollars.

2002: Pentagon will devour some $379 billion.

Arms transfers USA 50%, followed by Russia, France, the UK and Germany.

US chemical weapons incineration program $15 billion (1).

Space station $60 billion.


Agricultural subsidies in the developed industrial member states of the OECD total $300 billion a year.

U.S. pet food industry: $11 billion per year.

USA adult entertainment industry:$10 billion.

Largest population of overweight adults: United States = 61% of adult U.S. population.

USA dieters currently spend an average of $30 billion annually on products that promise to remove them from that overweight category.

Biggest selling drugs: antiulcerants (antacids, for indigestion) = $15.8 billion.


Highest carbon emissions: United States = 24% of world total.

Leading cigarette exporter: United States (21% of world exports)

Leading petroleum user: United States = 26% of world supply]


ODA for Sub-Sahara $9.5 billion.

Niger: revenues: $0.2 billion.

By 1998, the heavily indebted poor countries had international debts of $214 billion equal to only 4.5 months of western military spending.

US ODA for Sub-Sahara $0.8 billion.

A survey of 1,233 drugs that reached market between 1975 and 1997 found that only 13 were approved specifically for tropical diseases.


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