Parliament Secures Vote
of Confidence from the
People of Turkey



Peace Initiative of Turkey


March 5, 2002


The Grand National Assembly of Turkey said "NO TO WAR" on Saturday, March 1st, 2003.

This is tantamount to saying "YES" to the will of the people.

With their votes, our deputies also said "NO" to

- Dispatching our children to die,

- Annihilating our neighbours, the people of Iraq

- Submitting to the threats of the USA

- Transforming Turkey from a relatively dependent country into a fully dependent one

- Degrading our country to the position of becoming the subject matter of cartoons.


We thank them

We thank the members of the Parliament who displayed the dignity of taking this decision and the President of State and Speaker of Parliament who unrelentingly underlined the principle of "international legitimacy", and we demand that they continue to uphold this determination in the days to come.

Those who opt for war claim that the result of this voting has dealt a serious blow to the government which should therefore seek a vote of confidence from the Parliament. We are categorically against all attempts to exploit this historic decision of the Parliament in petty domestic political struggle. If we are to talk about a vote of confidence, we can confidently say that: "The Grand National Assembly of Turkey has secured a vote of confidence from the people."


There can be no second memorandum

We know that efforts to drag our country into this war will go on non-stop. For there are people who consider the Parliament's decision to be ill-taken. Firstly, to present a second memorandum of the same content will be tantamount to the repudiation of the Parliament resolution on March 1st and it will override the will of the Parliament. No one is entitled to do this. Such action will be unacceptable on legal and ethical terms and will be a violation of the Constitution and the Code of the Parliament.


We will share our bread

Resistance to all these pressures for war may have economic consequences. And these consequences may be very severe. But as a society with dignity, we are ready to pay this price. Turkey's resources will be enough for all of us. Those who have bread are ready to share it with those who don't. For the peace-loving citizens of Turkey hold the honor of being the citizens of a peace loving, free and dignified country much dearer than money.


We are closer to the EU now

The decision is said to have damaged US-Turkish relations. Let it be so, as long as the US marches on the path of belligerency, aggression and war. Let it not be forgotten that Turkey has taken an important step in the direction of EU with this decision. And even more important, Turkey has now positioned herself on the side of millions of peace activists who herald a new world.


The solution to the Kurdish Question is in Turkey

As for using the founding of a "Kurdish State" as a stake... Irrespective of the founding of a Kurdish State in Northern Iraq, Turkey has to deal with the problems of identity, welfare and freedom of her citizens of Kurdish origin by peaceful means. This solution can not be achieved outside our borders, through war in North Iraq, but only by establishing social peace in Turkey.


Ankara became the capital of peace on March 1st.
Let us keep it that way.

March 3, 2003

Erol Dernek Sok. 11, Hanif Han 4/5, 80072 Istanbul, Turkey e-mail:




Turkey has made history!

Please join us in giving support to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for their decision not to support the war against Iraq!

Dear Friends,

On March 1st, as 100.000 anti-war activists were marching in the streets of Ankara, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey said "NO TO WAR" by defeating the "War Resolution" prepared by the government earlier last week.

This is tantamount to saying "YES" to the will of the people!

With their votes, the deputies said "NO" to:

- the deployment of foreign (i.e. American) soldiers in Turkey,

- the use of bases and ports by foreign military forces,

- the deployment of Turkish soldiers outside Turkey (i.e. Northern Iraq).

This means that there will be no "Northern Front" in the planned war!

We believe that this decision might be decisive in postponing or stopping the war!

As the Peace Initiative of Turkey, we have held a press conference today to thank the Grand National Assembly and to assure them that they have our full support as long as they maintain their stance against the war. We asked them to keep Ankara as the capital of peace!

The U.S. pressure on the Turkish government is stronger than ever. In the midst of an economic crisis, Turkey is likely to suffer tremendously from this state of uncertainty and loss of U.S. support. It is very important that the international community give support to the government and the Grand National Assembly at this crucial moment! They need to know that they are not alone!

Please write to members of the government, the parties in the Grand National Assembly, and the President, and let them know how you feel about their decision on March 1st.

In solidarity,

Peace Initiative of Turkey

**** We will appreciate it if you forward a copy of your messages to us at the following address:


President of State
Ahmet Necdet Sezer
fax: +90.312 427 13 30

Speaker of Parliament
Bulent Arinc
fax: +90.312 420 51 65

Prime Minister
Abdullah Gul
Fax: +90.312 417 04 76

Deputy Prime Minister
Ertugrul Yalcinbayir
fax: +90.312 419 54 43

Speaker of Government
Abdullatif Sener

Human Rights Comission
Fax: +90. 312 420 53 94

National Defense Comission
Fax: +90.312 420 53 28

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Yasar Yakis
Fax: +90.312 287 88 11

President of Justice and Development Party (AKP)
(Ruling Party)
Tayyip Erdogan

President of Republican People's Party (CHP)
(Main Opposition Party)
Deniz Baykal


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