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Statement About the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty


By David Krieger
President of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and TFF Associate
October 14, 1999


"In voting down the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), the US Senate acted with irresponsible disregard for the security of the American people and the people of the world. It is an act unbecoming of a great nation. The Senate sent a message to the more than 185 countries that have signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that the United States is not prepared to lead the global effort for non-proliferation nor to keep its promises to the international community. I urge the American people to send a strong message of disapproval to the Senators who voted against this treaty, and demand that the United States resume a leadership role in supporting the CTBT and preventing further nuclear tests by any country at any time and at any place...The American people should take heart that the Treaty is not dead, and this setback should be viewed as temporary -- until they have made their voices reverberate in the halls of the Senate."


For Information on how each senator voted, please visit:


*************************Action You Can Take*************************


Just fax, please...


In order to avoid Global Nuclear Catastrophe, it is imperative that President Bill Clinton and President Boris Yeltsin take nuclear weapons off alert during the Year 2000 roll-over period. Taking US and Russian nuclear missiles off alert is the most important issue facing the world between now and December 31st, before the Y2K bug wreaks havoc on their command and control systems.

Although the Cold War ended years ago, nations such as the United States and Russia continue to maintain their nuclear arsenal. Thousands of nuclear weapons remain on high-alert, threatening the being of every living creature. Although the US and Russia have announced their formal "de-targeting" of one another, the agreement is meaningless as both countries maintain their weapons on "hair-trigger" alert and in "launch-on" warning posture.

Contrary to conventional thought, keeping nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert does not enforce the security of any nation. In fact, it actually has the adverse effect in that it makes every individual and nation less secure.

As you may know, the US and Russia came to the "brink" of launching their nuclear weapons on several occasions because of miscommunication, misunderstanding or poor data. Removing nuclear weapons from high-alert status would eliminate the risk of global catastrophe caused by a hasty reaction from any nuclear weapons-holding nation, especially during the year 2000 rollover period when so many questions about computer-related glitches are still unanswered.

Beginning September 1, 1999, fax a letter to President Bill Clinton and President Boris Yeltsin, requesting them to take nuclear weapons off alert to avoid a global nuclear catastrophe. Letters drafted by John Hallam, Friends of the Earth/Sydney, and Bob Tiller, Physicians for Social Responsibility, are posted on the Abolition 2000 website ( to download and fax to the numbers listed below.

President Bill Clinton: FAX (+1) 202-456-2461 President Boris Yeltsin: FAX (+7) 095-205-4330













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