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Bo Rybeck

Professor, MD, PhD, former Director-General, Swedish Defence Research Institute (FOA), Surgeon-General, Major-General (ret.)

Born 1935, Professor, MD, PhD, is the president and main owner of a consulting firm Bo Rybeck Research AB (Ltd). The firm employs at present four persons at a regular basis apart from short-time employed experts. Major clients has been SAIC (US), DSO Laboratories (Singapore) and Saab AB (Sweden) as well as the Swedish Defence.

Bo Rybeck is also part owner of a research company, Hibernon AB that performs brain research.

1995-1997 Bo Rybeck was a member of the Board of Directors of Bofors AB.

1994 -1995 Bo Rybeck was the director general of the National Board for Strategic Defence Research (NSF). NSF was a government agency formed with the object of supporting research that can be of future importance to the Swedish Defence.

1985 - 1994 Bo Rybeck was the Director General of the National Defence Research Establishment (FOA). FOA, a government agency employed 1100 people in various fields of defence research. FOA was placed directly under the Ministry of Defence.

As the Director General Rybeck was also a member of the Joint Military Command chaired by the Supreme Commander of Sweden, a member of the board of the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) and a vice chairman of the board of the Aeronautical Research Institute of Sweden (FFA)

1979 - 1985 Bo Rybeck was the Surgeon General of the Swedish Armed Forces and head of the Medical Corps of the Swedish Armed Forces with the rank of major general.

Earlier engagements include work and positions at the University of Gothenburg and the Karolinska Institute, Swedish National Defence College and various assignments as senior staff surgeon in the Armed Forces.

Research work has been undertaken in the fields of vascular and orthopaedic surgery, disaster medicine and wound ballistics. Bo Rybeck has, including a dissertation thesis in wound ballistics, published some 70 scientific papers in addition to many reports, articles and investigations.

Some special assignments: Medical coordinator for the League of Red Cross Societies in Pakistan, 1972. Expert for the Swedish Foreign Office concerning Particularly Inhumane Weapons and the Reaffirmation of the Geneva Conventions 1973-1981. Expert of the Swedish Parliamentary Delegation on Disarmament, 1972-1994.

Honorary merits: The first person to receive '`Michel DeBakey´s International Award for Military Surgeons", USA, 1986. Kommandeur le Ordre National de Merité, France, 1994. Honorary doctor at the Russian Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg, 1997.

Bo Rybeck had and have a long lasting relation, 1990 - 2001, with the Minister of Health in the Russian Federation, Professor, Colonel General Edouard Nechaev and the current Minister of Health, Professor Yuri Shevschenko, as well as with many prominent ex Soviet and Russian medical professors. Bo Rybeck has made many trips to Russia and is well acquainted with the Russian health care system and with several hospitals and organisations such as the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg.



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