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American, Bessie Dutton Murray Professor of Law Emeritus and Director of The University of Iowa Center for Human Rights (UICHR) with special research focus on human rights, environmental law and the role of international law in world order issues. He is the author of many text books and other books and numerous articles including articles in the Encyclopedia Britannica, Harvard International Law Journal etc. Weston is engaged in the abolition of nuclear weapons and member of many professional associations.
Weston left his chair at UICHR at the end of 2004.
With the TFF, he has been particularly involved in the Kosovo conflict and fact-finding in Georgia. Among his numerous books are "International Law and World Order: Basic Documents (editor, 5 volumes); "Preferred Futures for the United Nations" (co-editor and contributor with Saul Mendlovitz) and "International Law and World Order: A Problem-Oriented Coursebook" (with Richard Falk and Hillary Chalesworth).
One of his latest books, with Steve Marks, professor of Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health, is "The Future of International Human Rights" (Ardsley, NY: Transnational Publishers, Inc., 1999).

During several years, Dr. Weston served as co-opted member of the foundation's board, then as conflict-mitigation team member and, since 1999, as adviser.


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Burns Weston

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