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Scilla Elworthy

PhD in political science and founder and chair of the Oxford Research Group, which she founded in 1982 to analyse how and by whom nuclear weapons decisions are made worldwide. She has been a consultant to UNESCO as well as research director for Minority Rights Group, before she managed a self-help organisation in Africa. She is the author of many books and reports on defence and security issues and a gifted public lecturer in Europe, the United States, Russia, China and Japan. Her most recent book is "Power and Sex. A Book About Women" that show how to replace distorted notions of 'male' power and domination with an inner power, developed through body, mind and spirit.

Scilla Elworthy founded Peace Direct in 2002.

In 2002 Elworthy received the Japanese equivalent to the Nobel Peace Prize, the Niwano Peace Prize

Scilla Elworthy became an adviser to TFF in 1987.


Oxford Research Group, 51 Plantation Road, OX2 6JE, Oxford, England


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Scilla Elworthy

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Articles by Scilla Elworthy

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Scilla Elworthy, March 18, 2009
Insider Power
Background analysis of the gross imbalances in global funds available for war and for peace - coupled with the constructive new concept of insider power.

Scilla Elworthy, March 10, 2009
Insider Power - Saving lives and money
Insider Power means: Support local peace building and attack the money wasted on large international peace conferences that exclude local people.

Scilla Elworthy, August 3, 2008
Non-violent peacebuilding: Champions networking
A world map is being constructed, to highlight and connect peace-builders, plotting their efforts as small dots of light on the dark canvas of countries at war.

Scilla Elworthy, May 29, 2008
Is human aggression irredeemable?
To return to the ‘innate aggression’ theory of human behaviour: what it (and the media) ignores are the million daily acts of compassion and loving kindness between human beings – from parents to children, from young to older people, from neighbours and from strangers. These pass unrecorded. Perhaps the reason they pass unrecorded is that kindness in our society is somehow less sexy than aggression.

PressInfo 227, September 21, 2005
Tackling terrorism is women's work
Search and you will see how much women do for peace all over the world. They should be chiefly responsible for driving a powerful 'human security' or 'soft' approach to tackling the threat from terrorism - based on winning hearts and minds through addressing the real human needs that, frustrated and ignored, fuel violence. By Scilla Elworthy.

Scilla Elworthy, September 21, 2005
Tackling terror by human intelligence
Our society has to be sophisticated enough to resist engrenage, the military word for tit-for-tat spirals which might involve inflicting significant casualties on populations with whom the terrorists identify. This is a trap laid by the politically violent, into which the US (and to an extent the UK) has fallen in Iraq.

Scilla Elworthy & Gabrielle Rifkind, September 21, 2005
Hearts and Minds. Human security approaches to political violence
New book, see more about it and download it all at the link.

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