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PressInfo # 111

 January 10, 2001 



Take the longer view, reflect on what we may learn about conflict-management in the 1990s.

TFF publications are short with long duration. For students, concerned citizens, media people and humanitarian organisations, course and seminar leaders &endash; everyone searching beyond mainstream and political correctness:

May we remind you of three Balkan related publications?

Learning Conflict and Teaching Peace in Former Yugoslavia. A Course Report by Peter Jarman and Jan Oberg, 1998. (Catalogue # 60) &endash; about teaching peace in conflict regions.

Violence Prevention, Postwar Reconstruction and Civil Society. Theory and Yugoslavia by Jan Oberg, 1998. (Catalogue # 61) &endash; about peace-making with a human and social face.

Preventing Peace. Sixty Examples of Conflict Mismanagement in Former Yugoslavia since 1991 by Jan Oberg, 1999. (Catalogue # 62) &endash; about a few things that could have been done differently, and why militarisation of the EU/NATO is not the right lesson to learn.


May we also remind you of our anthology on the United Nations?

The UN Agenda for Peace Revisited by Dietrich Fischer, Radmila Nakarada, Richard Falk, Christian Hårleman, Jan Oberg, 2000. (Catalogue #63).

This anthology offers a variety of perspectives on peacekeeping, taking "Agenda for Peace" as its point of departure. It could have been called "From Agenda for Peace to UNMIK in Kosovo."

- Fischer writes on how to strengthen the UN

- Nakarada writes on the Agenda and the real world of power

- Falk writes on The place of criminal accountability in transitional justice: reflections after Kosovo and on "Humanitarian wars"

- Hårleman writes on civilian peace-keepers, and

- Oberg writes about the Agenda lacking a strategic vision of peace...and now Kosovo?

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