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Vasko Karangeleski

Born 1978, Vasko Karangeleski is currently engaged as Project Manager in United Nations Development Programme - UNDP project "Capacity Building for Local Governance - Development of Enabling Economic Environment", project working on local economic development.

The project comprises of participatory Strategic planning on local level; establishment of municipal and micro regional LED centers; capacity building and coaching of LED Center employees for planning, project preparation and implementation and monitoring; inter municipal cooperation for local economic development.

Previous to this engagement, Mr. Karangeleski was acting as Executive Manager of the Macedonian Association of Chambers of Commerce, which was established in 2004 by The Trade Chamber Macedonia, The Industry Chamber Macedonia and The Services Chamber Macedonia.

Previously, he was working in private construction company Lesnina inzenering Skopje, where he was at position Investment Manager in R&D and Public Relations Manager, while acted as turn- around manager at the position as Head of Department-Interior. During this time Vasko was directly included in the preparation of the Strategy of the company and was representative of the company in all the Business Associations it was member of.

In 2000, Vasko founded the BalkanIDEA Group, firstly established as network of over 200 youth non-governmental organization (NGOs) from South East Europe, to act as permanent discussion platform for the NGOs in the region.

Today, among other things, BalkanIDEA Group is member of the Advisory board of the Youth Directorate in Council of Europe.

In his career, Vasko Karangeleski has been active in several European NGOs in which he organized more than 30 international project and had roles as board member, project manager, associate, trainer, moderator and editor-in- chief.

In 2000 he was granted the Robert Schumann Foundation/Prometheus-Europe Award for organizing the founding Congress for establishing The Newropeans think-tank in Paris. He sits on the board on NGOs such as Youth Educational Forum Macedonia and the international board of BalkanIDEA group. Besides being an Associate of TFF, he is associated with the International Center for Prevention Activities and Conflict Resolution, Macedonia.

Vasko holds a Bachelor's degree in Management from the Faculty of Economy in Skopje and is an MBA candidate at a joint MBA program of New York College Group, and the Institut Universitaire Kurt Bosch (I.U.K.B), Switzerland.

In May 2000 Project Coordinator of BalkanIDEA, the initiation conference of the future formed Balkan Youth NGO Network - which is where TFF associates met Vasko and asked him to become a Peace Antenna.

And he loves jazz...



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