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Some of the pillars on which we build our work. They may also inspire your thinking and action for peace.

Treasures: Associates' articles
When Associates' writings are relevant for the areas TFF works with, such as Burundi or Iraq, you will find them under Areas We Work With. If they are relevant for our Resource section, they are posted there.
"Treasures" holds all of the other contributions by TFF Associates. They may deal with peace issues, single countries, war and peace, the UN, terrorism, political comments, peace research, etc.

We work according to the UN Charter's statement: "peace by peaceful means". How can we "translate" Gandhi, Luther King and others and apply them to today's conflicts? A Forum for inspiration.

We do nothing without trying to integrate reconciliation and forgiveness, one way or another. We promote reconciliation centres, in Burundi for instance.

EU Conflict Management
The emerging world player. How does it really deal with conflicts? How good is it as a peace promoter?

Media & TFF News Navigator
You need more than your local media. We offer over 300 mainstream and alternative dailies, weeklies, journals and media analytic institutes worldwide. Click and shape your own world view and opinions.

Link Library
Theme-based, search more on your own...but return to TFF.

Features by non-Associates
Quality articles - thought-provoking, informative, or "different"- written by people who are not TFF Associates. We recommend and share them with our readers.