Networking means building partnerships. Some are more general and lasting, some limited to a project or action. For over 20 years, TFF has had many such co-operative relations.

Some partnerships are about teaching and training, some for producing a book, some for building competence around an issue, some for on-the-ground activities.

It is together we can change the world. Here are some of our more regular partners.



Global Issues

The Amahoro Coalition in Burundi


The EUobserver & Action Without Borders

The News Insider

Global Policy Forum, New York

Centre for Conflict-Resolution

Tibetan Centre for Conflict-Resolution
Dharamsala, India

TCCR inauguration

The Toda Institute for Global Peace
and Policy Research


UNESCO Culture of Peace Program

Center for Global Nonviolence, Hawaii

New World Order Forum -
St. George House, Windsor, UK

Svenska Läkare mot kärnvapen

Centre for Research on Globalisation

Middle East Nonviolence and Democracy, MEND

Lawyers Against the War

European Peace and Security Policy Initiative
No website yet

Oxford Research Group

Institute for Policy Research and Development, London

Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict, 2nd edition

Peace Review - Journal of Social Justice

Social Science Information Gateway

Earth & Peace Education Associates
International, EPE

The Mahatma Gandhi Center for
Global Nonviolence James Madison

Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies

The Institute for Further Education of Journalists, FOJO, Sweden



In addition, TFF has worked with a series of

- UN peace-keeping missions,

- the EU,

- the Carter Center,

- UNDP and other UN bodies,

- State of the World Forum,

- numerous civil society organizations,

- the European Peace University in Austria,

- the International University for Peoples' Initiatives for Peace, IUPIP, in Italy,

- the Council of Europe,

- ministries in various conflict zones,

- Sarajevo University

- Peoples' Forum in Tuzla

- ICU, International Christian University, Tokyo

- Chuo University, Tokyo

- Norwegian Church Aid

- The Nansen Academy
Lillehammar, Norway and Kosovo

- the UN mission in Eastern Slavonia,

- UN Civil Affairs in Banja Luka and Tuzla

- Cooperazione Italiana, Mostar & Italy

- the NATO School, Oberammergau

- Umeå University, Sweden

- Tromsø University, Norway

- Skopje University, Macedonia

- Nagoya University, Japan

- Siena University, Italy