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Our philosophy

This homepage is about peace. We believe a homepage's appearance should express and be in harmony with its aim.

We prefer the word "homepage" to "site". Having a home means more than just having a site.

The culture of the Internet has moved towards standardization, coolness and speed. Get yourself a blog and a few minutes later you can be out in Cyperspace.

It is fascinating and - perhaps - liberating; it may even redefine democracy and boost freedom of expression.

But this trend also holds an element of superficiality and decreasing creativity and artistry. Increasingly, the medium and the technology weigh more than the content. It may be a sign of malaise or of progress. But we think differently.

At TFF we like to spend a lot of care on forms and shapes, balances, colours, and unique images - all to provide our visitors with an experience that enriches the time in which they come and visit us. Our quality materials and our message deserve a good environment.

You probably enjoy reading a good book more if in a cosy, calm and pleasing environment, say by the fireplace. Similarly, we try to make your surfing and reading in TFF's home a delightful experience.

Speed isn't everything, we believe. Browse a little here and a little there, and you may find treasures you didn't expect. There is fast food and fast surfing; there is slow, cared-for food and slow, peaceful surfing.

We are anyhow not a news site. You are likely to find "old" articles a few years back which carry a message today, too, and have stood the test of time.

In short, we want you to feel that TFF is not only full of interesting stuff but also a pleasant place to be - an oasis for reflection in a world that constantly bombards us and is going "cool".

The guest who comes to visit should be treated with utmost hospitality. It's a matter of civilization, in this case Internet civilization.

And it is a matter of peace and principle in our home.


The new and the old homepage

When you spend a little time here browsing you will invariably find documents that look different from the type of page you see here. Some have the same menus on top that this page has to your left, others have many more on top. When you hit the latter, please ignore that top menu and return to the preceding page. Otherwise you're likely to get an error message. When you hit the former type, just use that simplified top menu.

Like in a museum, the exhibition hall looks different from the archive and store rooms, but one can't do without the other.


The photos on this homepage

There are hundreds of original photos on this homepage. Except for a handful, e.g Gandhi and the iceberg, they are all shot and processed by Jan Oberg.
There may be some spontaneous idea but no specific principle that explains their appearance on various pages.
Some of the images are invisible links to other documents, photo series or sections, mostly at random. They help you see things you did not know and did not look for...



People look deeper.
TFF's homepage has more
than 1 million visitors per year.


Notice and enjoy that this homepage has no...

• irritating popups,
• time-wasting streaming videos,
• ads or irrelevant offers,
• distracting moving objects,
• sections you must log in to,
• registration of who you are,
• fancy technology that creates troubles for visitors in lower-technology societies.


Instead we seek to

• make it aesthetically pleasing,
• and soothing for your eyes,
• use large fonts in the articles,
• and fairly easy to navigate,
• manage it with personal care
• enrich it by original photos that you may enjoy in-between reading;

And everything is free!

Would you like to reward us?

Homepage history

TFF's first homepage was created by Goran Larsson in 1997.
It underwent some changes in 1999 by Maria Näslund.
In 2003, Jan Oberg developed it further.

The old homepage grew organically. Over the years, it also became unmanageable and too difficult to navigate.

The present homepage is a completely new design by Oberg. It has a new structure and simplified navigability. It was launched on November 25, 2006.

It marks our 20th Anniversary.

Please write to us if you have ideas, encounter problems or have anything else to say about this site.


By November 2006,
this homepage had
4,539 documents, of which 2,478 are text documents.
It contains 118,830 links
and has roughly 3,500 individual visitors daily.


This homepage has been tested and works well with all browsers.
If, however, you find that the pages are too dark or weak in contrast, we suggest the following adjustments:

- increase your screen's brightness - most people don't seem to know that they can get a brighter or darker screen...
- set the resolution to 1280 x 1024, go for "millions of colours" and check whatever other "Preferences/Settings" you have that may secure a perfect reproduction of the homepage on your computer.