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Nepal - promises, potententials
and pitfalls

Three reports at the turn of the year



Shastri Ramachandaran

January 5, 2007


At the end of the 2006, TFF Associate Shastri Ramachandaran visited Nepal. He is an editor of The Tribune in Chandigarh, India. Here are the links to his multi-faceted observations and analyses.


Article 1
The Tribune, December 29, 2006

Nepal Jam
Valley of chaos, hope and despair

"I am in one of the world’s poorest countries where bread-and-butter issues await the transition to a New Nepal to be ushered in with elections to a constituent assembly six months down the line. The world’s fastest peace process — sealed between the Maoist guerrillas and the SPA — has certainly thrown life out of gear. Continue here.


Article 2
The Tribune, January 2, 2006

Nepal's rebirth
Many challenges on the road ahead

Ramachandaran's fascinating account of the world fastest peace process - but: "Despite dreams of a peaceful and participatory democracy rising from the rubble of the crumbled monarchy, the situation today is nightmarish. If there is a state in Nepal, it is so fragile that there appears to be no evidence of it. Neither is there any semblance of an administration though the SPA Government of Mr Koirala is highly visible in its negotiations with the Maoists." Continue here.


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Article 3
The Tribune, January 3, 2006

Himalayan passage
Beware of mischief in Nepal-India ties

"New Delhi had to be on its toes, think on its feet, throw its full weight behind the movement for democracy, appear hands-off, remain hands-on, keep a cool head and not turn its back on any section or be too up-front when counsel was sought. And India managed to do all that; and also shift from its long-standing position of support to the twin pillars of constitutional monarchy and multi-party democracy to the sole pillar of multi-party democracy with the Maoists, if they went with the political mainstream."...

"Now, the SPA and Maoists -- though divided by ideology, rivalries of power politics and differences on major issues -- are one in their democracy project, which cannot succeed without inclusive economic development and massive financial assistance. Unlike the “international community”, which is just vocal about democracy, New Delhi has to put its money where its mouth is." Continue here.


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