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Transcend Peace University - TPU


2007 Spring Semester On-Line Course
March 19 to June 19


March 8, 2007

With faculty drawn from amongst the leading scholars and practitioners in their fields internationally, TPU is the world's first truly global, on-line Peace University designed for government and NGO practitioners, policy makers and students at any level working in the fields of peace, conflict transformation, development post-war reconstruction, rehabilitation and reconciliation, and global issues.

Since 1996, TRANSCEND has offered more than 800 on-site training programs for over 12,000 participants around the world, using the TRANSCEND manual "Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means," published by the United Nations. Now, studying together with professionals and practitioners from around the world is possible through TRANSCEND Peace University’s on-line courses, offered in cooperation with many of the leading practitioners and scholars in the field.

In the March 2007 Semester TPU will offer 19 courses in the area of peaceful conflict transformation, gender, peacebuilding, nonviolence, peace and business, human rights, peace journalism and many others. You can find the complete list of courses by visiting Transcend.


The Courses

1. Peaceful Conflict Transformation: the TRANSCEND Method,
Course Director: Johan Galtung, Course Assistants: Sara Horowitz, Akifumi Fujita

2. Peacebuilding - Implementing Peace Processes in War Affected Societies,
Course Director : Kai Frithjof Brand Jacobsen

3. Transformarea pasnica a conflictelor: metoda TRANSCEND,
Co-Directors: Sabin Muresan, Ina Curic

4. Transformacion Pacifica de Conflictos,
Course Directors:Gustavo de la Pena, Diana de la Rua

5. Conflict Care & Reconciliation,
Course Director: S.P. Udayakumar

6. Dialogue, Negotiation and Mediation,
Course Director: S.P.Udayakumar

7. Democratization and Development,
Course Director: Paul Scott

8. Gender and Militarism,
Course Director: Gal Harmat

9. The Human Right to Food,
Course Director: Prof. George Kent

10. Missed Opportunities: Iraq and the Balkans,
Course Director: Jan Oberg

11. Mathematics and Peace,
Course Director: Johan Galtung

12. Non-violent Tools and Philosophy,
Course Director: Jorgen Johansen

13. Peace Business,
Course Director: Howard Richards

14. Negocios Sustenables y Efectivos,
Course Director: Sara Horowitz, Dr., Codirector: Jaime Suarez

15. Peace, Gender and Violence,
Course Director: Celia Cook-Huffman

16. Peace Journalism,
Course Directors: Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick

17. Peace and Literature,
Course Director: Marisa Antonaya

18. Peace Zones,
Course Director: Christophe Barbey

19. Non-violent Political Institutions,
Course Director: Christophe Barbey

Cost per one Course
For OECD participants 300 Euros. For non OECD participants 150 Euros.
For a list of OECD member countries please go here.

For more information or to apply
TRANSCEND Peace University, TPU
Global Center
Cluj, Romania
Tel +40-724-380511
Fax +40-264-420298
TPU homepage



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