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Burundi's peace struggle - a story of hope out of Africa

Features collected by TFF • Updated regularly, April 28, 2005

News out of Africa are mostly bad news - AIDS, poverty, humanitarian catastrophes, war. Burundi today is a story about a hard struggle for peace and reasons for hope. It is about rebels laying down their weapons and demobilisation and a new post-war defence force. It is about elections, power sharing, and a truth and reconciliation committee. And it is about an absolutely essential UN mission - and a world community that still does not reward those who move to peace enough.

The story about the struggle for peace in Burundi has hardly been written and certainly not reached beyond the tiny circle of specialists.

Of course, there are not only good news. But hugely complex and risky, the peace process is still a story of hope. It deserves to be told worldwide. If Burundi got more media attention, it might also get more aid and feel encouraged on its difficult path. And that would help it to never again fall back into genocide and war!

TFF is committed to do the little we can to help - see the TFF Burundi Forum with our project, country profile, links, news, photos, etc.

Here follows a series of news and sites. The fact that they are predominantly African mirrors the global news structure: so few of the many resourceful Western media cover Burundi at all. But don't you think they would rush to the place if there were a new genocide?

We hope the links will serve those who seek good news and want to help this remarkable country and its people.


Factfile on Burundi

African leaders seal Burundi peace deal
Interview with Carolyn McAskie, head of the UN peacekeeping mission (ONUB) in Burundi
Current news from Burundi
Burundi Constitution comes into force in November 2004
February 28, 2005 set for constitutional referendum

Business in Africa Online
Why peace in Burundi matters to South Africa

Global Village News and Resources
Nations pledge over $1 billion to rebuild Burundi
Jacob Zuma, South Africa's deputy president:
"Good progress in Burundi"

CPJ - Committee to Protect Journalists
International Press Freedom Award 2004 awarded to Alexis Sinduhije
Sinduhije is the founder and director of Burundi's Radio Publique Africaine (RPA), which has defied government bans and intimidation to become one of war-torn Burundi's most popular radio stations. RPA and Alexis is a member of the TFF Peace Coalition.

China View
Will there be peace in Great Lakes region?

Looking for peace in Africa - about the Dar Es Salaam Declaration

IOL, South Africa
Burundi on a path to peaceful demobilisation

OneWorld United States
Large bonfire for guns marks opening og disarmament and reintegration programme

EU Business
The EU gives 100 million Euros to Burundi - but no further delays of elections

Burundi has appointed a new vice-president - Frederic Ngenzebuhoro of the Uprona - the main Tutsi party. The referendum on the constitution has been delayed.

Upcoming Burundi polls a chance for peace

Moving toward peace - demobilizing Burundi's ex-combatants

500 child soldiers among 2,000 fighters disarmed in Burundi

Burundi establishes National Truth and Reconciliation Commission (NTRC)

Burundi President Creates New National Defense Force to Include Former Rebels

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Main ex-rebel group in Burundi becomes political party

Refugess international
Burundi: An opportunity to save lives

Burundi president to honour peace deal ruling

Reuters Alert Net
Rebel group says yes to negotiations but rejects Zuma as mediator

United Nations
Assisting elections in Burundi - and the dates for the various elections

International Crisis Group
Elections in Burundi - The Peace Wager

Reuters AlertNet
Burundi's president: I'll step down after elections!

Reuters AlertNet
Ex-rebel leader back home after 10 years in exile

Reuters AlertNet
Radio back on air after 24-hour suspension

Majority of IDPs returned home, but displacement continues near capital

Reuters Alert
Great Lakes: Ministers chart ways of implementing regional security pact
Burundi to Stick to Re-Organisation Roadmap

Thousands demobbed in Burundi

Army says 18,000 ex-rebels disarmed in Burundi

Burundi peace hopes grow with army's silence
Burundi: National Assembly Adopts New Electoral Code

Burundi: One young woman's recovery tells the story of millions

IOL, South Africa
Burundi's women soldiers want normal lives - Mandisi Majavu
War and Peace in Burundi

Burundi last active rebel group offers truce

Thousands disarmed since December, UN official says

UN says Burundi's last rebels must meet conditions for peace talks

Top UN official "shocked" over Burundi poll delay

Mail & Guardian
Rebels aboard Burundi peace train

Decision to Extend Burundi Transitional Government Draws Mixed Reaction


Good results from the recent referendum
on a new constitution and power-sharing

Burundi holds first post-war vote

ONUB welcomes the successful referendum in Burundi

Burundi Voters Overwhelmingly Back Power-Sharing Constitution



But of course there are still problems...

The emerging very serious food crisis

Burundi battles with food shortages

Action by Churches Together
Rapid Response Payment for Burundi - the food shortage crisis

The Anglican Communion Service
Crisis in Northern Burundi
World Food Program tackles serious food crisis in Northern Burundi

Burundi Introduces Famine Tax to Ease Country's Hunger Victims

Burundi approves new famine tax

UN World Food program
Food insecurity increases for millions in Burundi
Food Insecurity Increases for Millions in Burundi, UN World Food Programme Says
Food insecurity is worsening for the 7.6 million people in post-conflict Burundi and nearly three-quarters of them are facing starvation, the United Nations spokesman for the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said in Geneva today.

Burundi will need 40 per cent more emergency food this year, UN agencies say

UPI - Washington Times
U.N. positive but not content on Burundi


The international donor community
does not live up to expectations

ReliefWeb - OCHA
Humanitarian aid to Burundi from the international community 2004
Click on Table 1 and you will see that only 45.70% of the appeals for Burundi were met

Humanitarian aid to Burundi from the international community 2005


The human rights situation

Amnesty International
Burundi: Imminent resumption of executions or summary trials and executions
Burundi human rights 'catastrophic´'

Reuters Alert
Rights violations flourish amid Burundi's impunity

Reuters Alert
Rights activists fear Burundi killers may be elected

Inter Press Services
"When will justice return from its long absence?"

Burundi radio accused of inciting public suspended

Reuters Alert
UN envoy makes plea to FNL rebels

Reuters Alert Net
Burundi - reports of flawed voter list leaves transnation floundering

Annan recommends dual inquiries on genocide in Burundi

150,000 refugees to return to Burundi in 2005, says UN

IOL, South Africa
Burundi rights group releases shocking stats




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