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The good news coming out of Burundi
Features collected by TFF • July 11, 2005

You haven't heard much about it. It's a good story from Africa. About peace. About a very difficult peace process that is by no means secured for the future. But it offers hope for the future of the 7 million people in one of the world's poorest countries.

Should it all fall apart and a new genocide happen - then you will hear about it. Why are good stories, stories about peace, never newsworthy? We've collected a few news stories from the last months. Troubles, indeed - but there is hope!

TFF works there - to help civil society monitor the official peace process. Read more here.


Newest features at the bottom

Atlapedia Online
About Burundi - a little general information before you start

The International Monetary Fund, IMF
IMF Completes First Review Under Burundi's PRGF Arrangement
Burundi polls to test stability
Burundi prepares for local polls

UN head of mission, Carolyn McAskie, urges Burundians to peaceful and transparent elections

IPP Media
Burundi in bid to end hostilities - another big step towards ending the conflict

The Star
Breakthrough in Burundi? - The last rebel group to join the peace process

Ex-rebel group leading in communal elections

Burundi backs inquiry into decades of ethnic war

Burundi pays homage to Zuma

Burundi approves truth and reconciliation commission plan

Burundi approves truth commission

Mail & Guardian Online
Burundi's peace process comes to the crunch

Royal Nansen Refugee Award for "Angel of Burundi"

Paramilitary youth in protest over demobilisation payments

CNDD-FDD confirmed winner of communal polls

International Justice Tribune
The hybrid model for Burundi
Security Council asks Annan to negotiate Burundi truth commission and war crimes body
We are kin - says Burundi minister

Violence, tension as parliamentary poll campaigns get under way

Stop acts of violence, UN envoy tells politicians

Burundi's government pleased with UN resolution on truth commission - The Nation
Complex Burundi a tall order for Annan
Amnesty warns Burundi peace at risk as refugees return

Harold Doan and Associates
Burundi: fragile peace at risk as refugees pressured to return

Angus Reid
Burundi Army cites renewed threat before elections

Army arrests scores of child soldiers

A new call for free child education - UNICEF's recommendations to the Burundian government

The Guardian
Burundi votes, hopes to end civil war

Burundi voting for new Assembly

Reuters - Alertnet
African peace moves making progress - DRC, Burundi, Ivory Coast

Radio Netherlands
Burundi votes in hope of better times to come

Ex-Hutu rebels wins Burundi polls

Former Hutu rebels took 58% of Burundi vote

The Telegraph, London
Burundi's president steps aside - a rare move

How Burundi's rebels rose to power

Harold Doan & Associates
European ambassadors promise assistance after UN-assisted elections in Burundi

Relief Web
The international community willing to support Burundi after elections

Burundi's former rebels pick leader for president








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