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Burundi's Peace Process: A positive story in need of media attention
Features collected by TFF • September 24, 2005

True, the situation in Burundi is not without its risks and problems. But it has gone so well this summer in Burundi. As you'll see below, Reuters, IRIN (the source of most Reuters stories), the UN and a few others do a fine job - but their stories are not picked up around the world. To put it crudely: Start a genocide - and you get attention. Start peace and development - and you get virtually none.
As if peace and a better life for more than 7 million people wasn't worthy to report...
TFF is one of the few organisations that follow and support the peace process in Burundi - through 11 fine civil society organisations in the country. You can read much more here, at our
Burundi Forum. Here are some of the recent stories out of Burundi:


July-October 2005 - Oldest stories on top, most recent at botton

Chronology of key event in Burundi's civil war
Look what they have gone through in Burundi...

Can peace take root in war-weary Burundi?

Long wait for justice in Burundi

The Christian Post
Archbishop of Canterbury brings hope as Burundi recovers
Burundi elections are teaching Central Africa a lesson - UN Official

Burundi's peace path to move ahead in senate polls

Burundi to add three women to its senate
Burundi leader open to talks with rebels

Burundi has shown that its electoral system is mature and vibrant
Following elections, Burundi needs world's support more than ever

UN News Centre
UN envoy pledges UN support for Burundi's ongoing political transition

Sharp rise in refugee returns to Burundi, says UNHCR

Burundi's former rebels hand in weapons

Burundi's ex-rebel head Nkurunziza takes presidency

Burundi moves forward but true peace still distant

New president faces monumental tasks

Woman elected speaker og lower house

Interview with Immaculée Nahayo, Speaker of the National Assembly

UN-lead peave body heralds Burundi success
African Union envoy: Burundi sets an example
Burundi's new leader backed

UN News Centre
Kofi Annan congratulates Burundi

International Crisis Group
Elections in Burundi: a radical shakeup of political landscape
Rwanda-Burundi detente boosts Great Lake peace
"It's one of Africa's most explosive relationships: Rwanda and Burundi share the same ethnic divide -- majority Hutu, minority Tutsi - and turmoil in either country usually feeds chaos in its neighbour.So mediators working to calm the stormy Great Lakes region are cheering a string of friendly overtures sent by Tutsi-led Rwanda to President Pierre Nkurunziza, a Hutu who took power on Friday as part of efforts to end Burundi's civil war.
Around Africa, the sighs of relief are almost audible...."
New leadership ushers in peace and stibility in Burundi
New Burundi government takes shape - new vice-presidents

Would you be browsing this Feature Collection now, if it wasn't useful to you?
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New presidet lays out policy

M&C News
UN Security Council lauds Burundi leaders
Ethnic mix in new Burundi cabinet - 40/60 and many women

Burundi seeks church help in war truth probe

UN News Centre
Burundi's president pledges to provide free primary education for all children

Land crisis looms as refugees come home

Burundi: improving political and security situation encourages IDP return

International Herald Tribune
Putting the warlords out of business
By Jean-Marie Guéhenno, UN under-secretary general for peacekeeping operation
"I was in Burundi for the inauguration of the new president. There was joy among his followers, but the overwhelming sense among those I met was relief: relief that the conflict was over, and the long work of putting things back together again can begin. Success in Burundi shows what a conflict-torn people and their leaders can achieve when supported for the long haul by a region and the international community.
Perhaps for the first time in history, the reach of collective peacekeeping is no longer exceeding its grasp" - writes Guéhenno.

International community assures support to Burundi

Burundi: A question of justice
14 000 refugees back to Burundi
Burundi begins program to disarm fighters

Burundi rebels spurn government's peaceoffer

Burundi's rebels keep on fighting

Burundi rebels willing to negotiate but only with ethnic leaders

Burundi rebel splinter group urges peace talks
"In a statement seen by Reuters, 100 members of the Forces for National Liberation (FNL) said they were tired of war and urged rebel leader Agathon Rwasa to accept President Pierre Nkurunziza's offer of negotiations.
"We ask the international community to tell Rwasa that now is time to go into talks and that Burundi needs this," it said. Very very encouraging!

Burundi pays demobilised former fighters
Burundi invests in education
Burundi seeks donor aid amid education crisis
It asks for the tiny sum of 35 million dollar... Authorites estimated that enrolment would would eventually expand from 260 000 to about half a million. One foreign diplomat based in Bujumbura welcomed the decision to introduce free education by President Pierre Nkurunziza...

UN News Centre
Security Council encourages establishment of "Partners' Forum" for peace and reconciliation in Burundi 'as soon as possible.'

UN Security Council
Statement on Burundi Partners Forum

Kofi Annan's report to the Security Council of September 14, 2005
Special report of the S-G on the United Nations Operation in Burundi

Women key to revitalization of Burundi, new president says

Burundi president says no to expensive cars
Burundi's president has told ministers to stop orders for luxury government vehicles in a drive to cut costs in a country where most survive on the equivalent of 25 US cents a day. All orders for luxury four-wheel drive Toyota Land Cruiser Prados are to be halted and those already bought will be sold at auction,



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