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The Accumulating Crisis in Kosovo
Features collected by TFF • March 9, 2005

A new crisis in Kosovo is in-the-making. The main reasons are: the situation in the province, the lack of peacebuilding success, the irresponsible talk of independence by Western pro-Albanian lobby groups such as the Crisis Group and the indictment of Kosovo's prime minister as well as the lack of a pro-active strategy in Belgrade.

If Kosovo falls apart, the stability of the whole region - Bosnia-Hercegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, etc. - will be at risk. Below are a series of articles and documents which offers some background but also explains why the so-called interntional "community" is about to fall into the trap it set up for itself by simplifying the conflict and bombing the region in 1999 in the - mistaken - belief that that would bring peace and stability.


Analyses and reports have been published by pro-Albanian lobbyists mostly related to the Near-Governmental Organisation called Crisis Group.

Crisis Group
Who is the Crisis Group?

Crisis Group, January 2005
The recent report, "Kosovo: Toward Final Status"

Gareth Evans, President of the Crisis Group in the International Herald Tribune
"It's time to talk independence for Kosovo"

Wesley Clark, The Crisis Group
Set Kosovo Free
Gen. (ret.) Clark was Supreme Allied Commander of NATO during the 1999 Kosovo bombing campaign and is currently a board member of the International Crisis Group.

Serbian Unity Congress
Response to Wesley Clarke's article

Christopher Patten in the Financial Times
"Action is needed to keep Kosovo on track"
Lord Patten of Barnes is the former European commissioner for external relations and co-chairs the International Crisis Group.

Five year ago Chris Patten had another view
EU will reject call for Kosovo independence

Frank C Carlucci
The War We Haven't Finished
Frank C. Carlucci, U.S. secretary of defense from 1987 to 1989, is chairman emeritus of the Carlyle Group, an investment firm with close ties to the neo-cons and the Bush administration.

B 92 A statement by Richard Holbrooke
The former Dayton "peace"maker calls for Kosovo's independence



What does Kofi Annan think? What happened at the UN Security Council in February 2005? Which are the relevant UN documents which regulate what is being done in Kosovo?

The S-G's report to the Security Council
On the UN interim mission in Kosovo, February 2005
February 14, 2005

Not very promising if you want Kosovo to be independent...

U.N. Security Council
Meeting Record February 24, 2005
The head of UNMIK in Kosovo in conflict with the representative of Serbia. Any chance that he can serve as a mediator with those relations to the parties?

U.N. Security Council
Press release of February 24, 2005

United Nations - UNMIK in Kosovo
Earlier documents concerning Kosovo

U.N. Security Council Resolution 1244 from 1999
The document on which everything is based...

Global Policy Forum
Other important documents on Kosovo

RFERL - Robert Macmahon
UN: Kosovo Envoy Confident On Standards Process



Who is Kosovo's now indicted Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj?
What is the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK) that he lead and left?

Haradinaj's official CV

World unease about Kosovo's prime minister

Ex-rebel leader elected PM in Kosovo
Ramush Haradinaj led KLA units in the insurgency against Serb rule. A former rebel commander who has been questioned by United Nations war crimes investigators has been elected prime minister by Kosovo's parliament.

Serbian Unity Congress
The Haradinaj brothers and their involvement in terrorism in Kosovo and Metohija
A detailed study from the
Defence and Foreign Affairs Daily of the International Strategig Studies Association on what Ramush Haradinaj may now have been indicted for.

Federation of American Scientists (FAS)
About KLA - UCK

The Kosovo Liberation Army

The Telegraph
Kosovo's Albanian PM to resign and fly to Hague tribunal
"A former nightclub bouncer..."

Ramush Haradinaj is the fourth Albanian to be indicted

Haradinaj "I am completely innocent ...the indictment is "based on lies from Belgrade."

Andy Wilcoxson, -
About the KLA and its relations to Holbrooke, Wesley Clark and others who promote Kosovo's independence today - a very well-documented analysis with video.

Michel Chossudovsky, TFF Associate
Kosovo's "freedom fighters" financed by organised crime

Søren Jessen-Petersen, Head of the UN in Kosovo, March 8, 2005
No limits to the praise of the Prime Minister at his indictment...

The full text of the Hague Tribunal's indictment

The shorter version of the indictment - press release

Google News on Haradinaj



The situation in Kosovo and the problems facing its future status

The International Herald Tribune editorial
A poor choice in Kosovo

The International Herald Tribune editorial
Waiting on Kosovo

The 2004 elections in Kosovo
Fewer than 1% of the Serbs voted.

Christopher Deliso on
Interview with the Human Rights Ombudsman in Kosovo, Marek Nowicki

UN and NATO slammed over Kosovo
The United Nations and Nato have been accused of failing in their duty to protect the minority victims of ethnic clashes in Kosovo earlier this year. Pressure group Human Rights Watch also accused the international community of being in denial over its failure.

Lewis MacKenzie, former UN Commander
We bombed the wrong side?


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The Christian Science Monitor
Even in eager Kosovo, national building stalls
Five years after 'liberation,' UN officials this week are again working on a plan for the political status of the province.

Serb President Tadic would never accept an independent Kosovo

Serbian Prime Minister Vojeslav Kostunica, Blic - Belgrade
Kosova: A compromise for Kosovo
Various news sources and comments
From an Albanian-Serb news site.

OneWorld SouthEast Europe
Daily news and comments about Kosovo and other ex-Yugoslavia

Roger Cohen, International herald Tribune
The Serbian question, still on Europe's plate

Nabojsa Malic,
The ICG strikes again

Nebojsa Malic,
Solving the'Serbain Question'
A reply to Roger Cohen.

John Pilger - December 2004
How silent are the 'humanitarian' invaders of Kosovo?

Dusan Janjic in Blic
Kosovo will not be independent
Interview with Dusan Janjic

Wes Johnson, International Herald Tribune
Letter - A rush in Kosovo

Diana Johnstone, CounterPunch
The lie of a "Good War"

Srdja Trifkovic, Chronicles Magazine
Belgrade paralyzed

Nebojsa Malic,
The unfinished war rages on

Institute for War and Peace Reporting, IWPR
The Balkans

Wikipedia - All about Kosovo and related matters



Europe's largest refugee problem - why don't we hear about it?

The Serbian Government
Facts about the refugees

UNHCR - Belgrade
Background information

Vesna Peric Zimonjic, TerraViva-IPS
Serbia and Montenegro: Plea for refugees' right to choose

Global IDP
Serbia and Montenegro - the situation in 2004
Serbia and Montenegro hosts at least 225,000 persons displaced from Kosovo.

The European Roma Rights Centre
Statement from 2004 of the Roma, Askalija from the Southern Balkans, and especially from Kosovo, defending their human rights



The main governmental missions that administer Kosovo

UNMIK - The United Nations Mission in Kosovo - the leading agency

UN SRSG, Søren Jessen-Petersen, Denmark - the highest authority in the province

UNMIK Daily News

OSCE - The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe

EU - The European Union

KFOR - NATO's Kosovo Force

The Kosovo Assembly - Provisional Institutions of Self-Government

The government ministers of Kosovo



The main Serb sites concerning the situation in Kosovo

Coordination Center of Serbia and Montenegro for Kosovo and Metohia
Offers the basic documents concerning Kosovo relations as well as the statements and analyses by the dep prime minister, Dr. Nebojsa Covic, head of the Center.
Website of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren
By all means the most comprehensive in terms of background, analyses and daily news from Kosovo - including analyses of KLA, of the March 2004 ethnic violence and political developments.



Kosovo analyses by TFF from 2004

TFF PressInfo # 195, March 29, 2004
The Continued Reverse Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo: Too Embarrassing for the International Community
The international community's political and media reaction is an evasive, subdued understatement of the embarrassing catastrophe. The Kosovo Reality Show needs a reality check now. (Also in Danish and Swedish).

TFF PressInfo # 197, April 29, 2004
Peacemaking in Kosovo is Coming to an End - for Predictable Reasons
There is a long-term background and some root causes behind the emerging peace-keeping failure in Kosovo. They do not fit the standardised image of the conflict. TFF's director who has been engaged in Kosovo since 1991 discusses some of the most important among those causes. In passing, he also points out how an allegedly "prestigious" NGO such as the International Crisis Group serves as a biased NEGO, a NEar-Governmental Organisation, and continues to offer perspectives and proposals that will make things worse in the Balkans. (Also in Danish and Swedish).



Early TFF reports, PressInfos and mediation concerning Kosovo

TFF PressInfo 105, 2000
Intellectually the Kosovo Commission Report is a turkey and it won't fly

TFF PressInfo 75, 1999
NATO's psychological projections

TFF PressInfo 73, 1999
Some ethical perspectives on NATO's intervention in Kosovo

TFF PressInfo 72, 1999
NATO in Kosovo - failed peacekeeping

TFF PressInfo 71, 1999
Read UN Resolution 1244 and Watch NATO in Kosovo

TFF PressInfo 61
Covering up NATO's Balkan Bombing Blunder

TFF PressInfo 58, 1999
Read the Military Kosovo Agreement !

TFF PressInfo 57, 1999
Read the Civilian Kosovo Agreement !

TFF PressInfo 56, 1999
Rambouillet - A process analysis

TFF PressInfo 55, 1999
Rambouillet - Imperialism in disguise

TFF PressInfo 54, 1999
Why these 'peace' efforts can't bring peace to Kosovo

Jonathan Power 1999
Bombing Kosovo is dangerously counterproductive

Jan Oberg, interviewed by Blerim Shala, Zëri, Kosovo 1998

TFF PressInfo 43, 1999
Kosovo/a - Half Truths About Demography and Ethnic Cleansing

TFF PressInfo 35, 1998
Kosovo - What can still be done

TFF PressInfo 24, 1997
Help Serbs and Albanians settle their differences in Kosovo!

Jan Oberg, Kosovo on the Agenda

Preventing War in Kosovo (1992)

UNTANS - Conflict-Mitigation for Kosovo. A UN Temporary Authority for a Negotiated Settlement (1996)



TFF link collection on Kosovo and ex-Yugoslavia

Many other links - some dating back to the 1990s


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