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The book by Johan Galtung and Carl Gustav Jacobsen, with contributions by Finn Tschudi and Kai Frithjof Brandt-Jacobsen, SEARCHING FOR PEACE: THE ROAD TO TRANSCEND (the most complete account so far of TRANSCEND theory and practice) has now been published by PLUTO, London.

Drawing on the TRANSCEND approach to peace-making, Searching for Peace provides a comprehensive guide to conflict resolution. The TRANSCEND method, now used by the UN as a guide to future conflict resolution approaches, applies to all conflict constellations.

It has been applied to more than 40 recent and current violent conflict arenas, charting found and yet-to-be-found paths to conflict resolution and transcendence. Searching for Peace provides a wide-ranging survey of past and present approaches to violent conflict prevention.

The book's extensive analysis of the emergent conflict dynamics which, if not resolved, threaten an even more violent twenty-first century, is as important as its comprehensive look at past conflicts. It is for these that the new TRANSCEND approach/method is crucially pertinent.

The book critiques the failures of recent peacekeeping and peacemaking efforts while presenting the multi-decade research and arguments that underlie the TRANSCEND approach. Aiming to include all participants in the peace dialogue, TRANSCEND charts a better-opportunity alternative path to a less violent future.

* ...very interesting...a particular pleasure to read something not only sensible but even hopeful on methods for moving towards some decent outcome under what appear to be almost hopeless situations ...[a] very good read. Noam Chomsky, Professor, M.I.T.

* ...I read [the book] with absorbing interest. The sections on conflict resolution are especially perceptive. So is the discussion of the war culture...Thank you for a fine contribution to peace science.
Anatol Rapoport, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

* What a fascinating ms! This highly condensed and powerful overview of the past and present realpolitik of peacemaking during continuous historical struggles between national identity and state integrity, opens up major new ways to think about the seemingly intractable problems of state-nation interface. The Transcend method...takes its place as a highly significant strategy in the rich array of peacebuilding techniques...This book is a must-read for scholars, practitioners, policy-makers and peace activists!
Elise Boulding, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Dartmouth College; past Secretary-General, International Peace Research Association


Table of Contents



Part 1: Conflict Resolution: Perspectives and Assumptions

1.1 Peace-making as Realpolitik

1.2 Our War Cultures Defining Parameters: Their Essence; Their Ramifications (external; domestic; racism; borders; international law)


Part 2: Conflict Formations for the 21st Century

2.1 Exiting the 20th Century, Entering the 21st: Some Basic Conflict Formations

2.2 Russia-China: The New "Strategic Partnership"

2.3 New-Century Eurasian Conflict Dynamics

2.4 East Asia/South China Sea: 21st Century Conflict Dynamics


Part 3: A Practice of Peace: The TRANSCEND Approach

3.1 TRANSCEND: 40 Years, 40 Conflicts

3.2 40 Conflicts; 40 Perspectives

3.3 The State/Nation Dialectic: Some Tentative Conclusions

3.4 Crafting Peace: On the Theory of the TRANSCEND Approach


Part 4: In Lieu of a Conclusion: Other Thoughts Towards a Road-Map

4.1 Beyond Mediation

4.2 Beyond Security


Johan Galtung is Director of TRANSCEND and Professor of Peace Studies.


Carl G. Jacobsen is Professor of International and Conflict/Peace Studies and Director of Eurasian Security Studies at Carleton University.


Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen is Director of ICL and Chair of TRANSCEND's Peace Actor Empowerment program.


Finn Tschudi is Professor of Psychology at the University of Oslo.

Available directly at the full price from Pluto Press, April 2000 (available 1st week of April; May 2000 in North America)
Hardback 0 7453 1614 X: 45 pounds sterling;
Paperback 0 7453 1613 1: 14,99 pounds sterling.
May be ordered on-line at;

US: Stylus Publishing, 22883 Quicksilver Drive, Sterling, VA 20166-2012;; tel: +1-713-661-1581 or +1-800-232-0223.
GERMANY: Missing Link, Versandbuchhandlung, Westerstrasse 114-116, 28199 Bremen;; tel: +49-421-504348; fax: +49-421-504316.
JAPAN: United Publishers Services, Kenkyu-sha Building, 9 Kanda Surugadai 2 Chrome, Chiyoda- Ku; tel: +81-3-3291-4541; fax: +81-3-3292-8610.
CANADA: UBC Press;; tel: +1-800-663-5714; fax: +1-800-565-3770.
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