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TFF director Jan Oberg receives the
Swedish Peace Council's
"2005 Small Peace Prize"



Lund, Sweden - April 21, 2005

We want to share with you the happy news that Jan Oberg, TFF co-founder and director has been awarded the "2005 Small Peace Prize" of the Swedish Peace Council. The Prize is instituted as "complimentary to the 'big' Nobel Peace Prize."

The Council is an umbrella organisation for the following members: Artists for Peace, the Iraqi Democratic Association, Association of Christian Humanism and Social Perspective, Women for Peace, Psychologists Against Nuclear Weapons, the Swedish Peace Committee, Swedish Women's Left Association, and the Society of Friends (Quakers) plus 5 other associated NGOs.

The Prize - which comes with 25.000 Swedish kronor - rewards an individual's "courage and idealism in promoting reconciliation among groups in conflicts outside Sweden."

In its motivation, the Council emphasises the energy and creativity by which TFF's international work is carried out; its integrated approach to research and activism based on about 100 highly competent people, all voluntarily working for global peace.

It further highlights TFF's website for making "a substantial contribution to a better understanding of the world, its problems and possibilities."

- "I receive this with much gratitude and happiness and - naturally - on behalf of TFF and all the wonderful people who make it what it is," says Jan Oberg. "TFF's work is for, by and to the people. We are people-financed and now also rewarded by the finest people's organsations in Sweden."

- "It's particularly stimulating that the Council emphasises our work for reconciliation."

- "I am very happy since this is the third peace prize in three years and the first recognition of this kind from a Nordic country. We have always wanted to be globally oriented but this Award stimulates us a lot to make an extra effort in terms of public education work useful to Scandinavians."


Read more.....

About the Small Peace Prize 2005 - in Swedish

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- for peace with passion


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