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Kerstin Schultz

Born 1947, Bachelor of Science in social work and sexologist, educated in Lund, years of experience in directing social work and rehabilitation for, among others, physically and mentally handicapped. She has successively gone into research, with studies at the University of Östersund and field work in former Yugoslavia. Ms. Schultz has been a member of the conflict-mitigation team since its start and focused for a couple of years on Western Slavonia, leading to the report "Build Peace from the Ground Up. About People and the UN in a War Zone in Croatia" (1994, see Publications). She serves as instructor at the TFF "Learning Conflict Program". Since 1991 she runs a small consulting firm for teaching and seminars concerning personal development and conflict-mitigation at all levels, and she is a frequent public speaker. Ms Schultz also participates with American scholars and Håkan Wiberg, COPRI (see below) in a research project "What Happened at Pakrac?" - about hostile identity formation, traumatization, reconciliation and peacebuilding in Croatia.

Ms. Schultz has been on TFF conflict-mitigation team since we started working in the Balkans and was member of the Board from 1997 to 2006.


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Kerstin Schultz

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