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Sorry, this section is now history and will not be updated.
We decided to discontinue it when launching our new homepage
in November 2006. But please browse anyhow!

When leaving, continue on our new site here.

The 100 best books

Reviewed and Recommended by TFF

This section is under construction and expansion. It contains good books only - i.e. books that a TFF Associate recommends, has reviewed or has referred to in her or his articles on this site. It goes without saying that you'll also find books by TFF Associates and that we do not only list new books.
More will be posted until we reach the one-hundred mark. Then new books will be added and some will disappear. So come back!

TFF is a partner of When you double-click here and order a book, you simultaneously help TFF earn money...


The New Pearl Habour
To the book


Jonathan Schell
Unconquerable World - Power, Nonviolence and the Will of the People
Review by
Richard Falk


Robert S. McNamara
& James G. Blight
Wilson's Ghost
Reviewed by TFF director
Jan Oberg


Robert S. McNamara, James G. Blight, Robert K. Brigham, Biersteker
Argument Without End: In Search of Answers to the Vietnam Tragedy


Sven Lindqvist

A History of Bombing


Sven Lindqvist

Exterminate all

the brutes


Robert McNamara and
Brian Vandemark

In Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam


Michel Chossudovsky
The Globalisation of Poverty and the New World Order


Robert Baer
See No Evil


Virgil Hawkins
The Silence of the Security Council in the 1990s

Read Jan Oberg's review

Richard Falk
The Great Terror War

Daniel Ellsberg
Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers
Review by TFF Friend
Al Burke


Chalmers Johnson
Written in 2000 but is a marvellous explanation of why September 11 happened...


Jonathan Power
"Like Water on Stone - The Story of Amnesty International"


William Blum

Rogue State. A Guide

to the World's Only Superpower


Zelim Skurbaty
As If People Mattered: Critical Appraisal of 'People' and 'Minorities' from the Human Right Perspective and Beyond


Daisaku Ikeda, David Krieger
Choose Hope. Your Role in Waging Peace in the Nuclear Age
Review by
Frank K. Kelly


Francis A. Boyle's
The Criminality of
Nuclear Deterrence
This book is a "must read" for the burgeoning anti-nuclear and peace movements, church groups, and lawyers defending anti-nuclear resisters.
This book is likely to be one of the most authoritative books addressing the urgent issue of the renewed global nuclear arms race.


Nuclear weapons
The risk of nuclear
war has increased...

Dietrich Fischer,
Wilhelm Nolte
and Jan Oberg.
"Winning Peace.
Strategies and Ethics for a

Nuclear-Free World"
On a new way of thinking about human security and defence. Relevant today although published in 1989. 


Christopher Hitchens

The Trail of Henry Kissinger


Richard Falk
Unlocking the Middle East

Stanley Cohen
States of Denial: Knowing About Atrocities and Suffering
Review by TFF Associate
Brian Martin

Michael Howard
The Invention of Peace
Reflections on War and Intenational Order

Review by TFF Associate
Jonathan Power


Chris Hedges
War is the Force That Gives Us Meaning.
Review by TFF Associate
Jonathan Power

Ofra Bengio
Saddam's Word
Political Discourse in Iraq

Mentioned by
Jan Oberg


Johan Galtung, Carl G. Jacobsen and Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen.
"Searching for Peace: The Road to TRANSCEND"
This updated and extensively revised (2002) edition is one of the first books to bridge the gap between peace and conflict studies, world order and globalisation. Based on 45 years of experience and deals with 45 conflicts


Arun Gandhi & Lord
Richard Attenborough.
Kasturba: A Life
Review by Sara E. Ellis




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