TFF's 15th Anniversary: D-Day

PressInfo # 115

 January 25, 2001 


By Christina Spännar & Jan Oberg, founders



1986. . .

TFF took the first steps in January 1986. We have recently described what TFF is about.
Today we are a network of 71 scholars, activists, diplomats, officers in 22 countries. We are Orthodox and Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, Quakers, Gandhians, atheists and, well, God knows what.

The foundation has spearheaded the Gandhi-inspired concept and practise of conflict-mitigation. It has conducted over 40 missions to former and present Yugoslavia, to all conflicts regions and parties since 1991. It's been a small force for the UN norm of "peace with peaceful means" it has done impartial analysis, mitigation and peace education way before all the talk about preventive diplomacy.

It's a small bridge-builder between scholarly and on-the-ground peace work. There are some 60 publications in our TFF Store and Donations.

We work also in Georgia and in Burundi and we teach in many countries.

TFF reaches out through mails and two websites and through mainstream as well as alternative media. We believe in dialogue and debate but also in friendly quarrels with those who disagree with our statements and publications. It won't be democracy without. As a principle we never attack people, but policies and views even when politically "incorrect."

The last two years we have had 300.000 visitors clicking on the door to our site, 400 a day. It is time you see for yourself, if you are not among them.

During the last few months TFF PressInfos have told you, proudly, that we have launched:

- TNN - - the TFF News Navigator

- TFF Store and Donations - - where you can make a donation and buy publications

- Nonviolence Forum

- A three-year research project on Reconciliation and Forgiveness.


Do you...?

Do you think it is important to do this type of work? Would you like it to continue? Would you like more of it? Do you believe in free research, civil courage and independent voices as a sine qua non of democracy and freedom? Do you think peace, human development, reconciliation and nonviolence should be empowered when you look at this world?

And, frankly, do you think TFF is a qualified and serious force in the right direction - - even though you may not always agree with us?


Then celebrate a bit with us!

See today as a non-military D-Day: Donation Day!.

Go to and make a donation from 2 US$ and upwards. You can also buy TFF publications, the income goes to our work. Use your credit card, make a guaranteed secure payment; you get an email receipt immediately.

Remember your money does not go to "bureaucracy" or salaries. We don't have a single permanent staff. Your donation goes to the basics such as operative costs and to activities: books, field missions, education and outreach.

Or go to if you prefer postal giro or bank transfers to online payment. Whatever you do, it will take 2-3 minutes.

The tax you pay automatically supports mainstream state institutes, war planning, military laboratories, weapons, wars and militarist diplomacy. With a donation to TFF you are in charge and you make a contribution to genuine peace.

Our gratitude to those who have sent us donations!

Last year we lost the support from the Swedish government. Whatever the reason, the lesson to be learned is that the foundation must never rely on any single source. We didn't and we have survived. So far. We need your help to go on with the ideals we have!


 © TFF 2001



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