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PressInfo # 116

 April 18, 2001 


By Christina Spannar & Jan Oberg



The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs did it again this year. TFF is now the only - and the first ever -- among peace organisations that have received organisational support during the 1990s and is thrown out.*)

The conclusion is clear: You and we did not succeed with our dignified appeals last year. So, let's forgive these decision-makers - not because they do not know what they do, but because they do not know what we do and have never concentrated their minds and hearts on peace or read Gandhi. They seek international security in past paradigms and personal security in following orders.

We will waste no more time or energy being disappointed or begging for handouts. Peace is more important than government grants. TFF will concentrate fully on its tasks and hopes that funds will come in little by little - for instance from you.

Our thanks to all TFF sympathisers around the world. Let's now move on together with determination, forgiveness, hope and bolder visions.**)


Our analyses and early warnings in the Balkans were too challenging. Consistent promotion of non-violence too dangerous: violence is for the intellectually and morally weak. Your 1500+ protest letters from 63 countries last year made no impression in Stockholm.

The foundation survived last year's attack. We also criticised the so-called Independent Kosovo Commission initiated by the Swedish government and spearheaded alternatives to the Sweden-led turbo-militarisation of the EU. Our prediction that NATO's Balkan bombing blunder wouldn't lead to peace turned out to hold a sad truth, to be repressed.

In the days of Olof Palme the government promoted critical and constructive analyses as well as debate. Gone is now Swedish neutrality, solidarity with small countries, insistence on international law and on UN mandates. The government is acquiescing and dependent on the bigger partners in the EU and NATO and on the US. It punishes Non-GOs and rewards Near-GOs.


Governments professing to struggle for democracy and peace abroad see it fit to reduce peace research, non-violence and public debate at home. The Swedish government is not the worst, of course, but we citizens must use MUCH MORE active non-violence in thought, speech and action to meet assaults like this. Said Gandhi in 1919, "The Government want to show that they can disregard public opinion. We must show that they cannot do so."

Parts of the tax you pay support mainstream state institutes, military research, militarist diplomacy and wars; in short killing. A donation to TFF (and similar organisations) is for non-violence and peace; for life. Spend 2-3 minutes NOW and go to and make a donation from 2 US$ and upwards. Use your credit card, make a guaranteed secure payment; you get an instant email notification. Or go to if you prefer postal giro or bank transfers to online payment.

No one seriously concerned about peace can find 2 US $ for TFF a too high price.

The "somebody else" you may think can support TFF has to be YOU now!



*) Professionals of the free press, particularly in Sweden, might find a story here. Will they?

**) In all fairness, TFF received a project grant from the Ministry but that can, of course, not be used to cover daily administrative expenses.


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