Areas we work in

The Balkans - Former Yugoslavia
Since 1991, we have produced conflict-analyses, engaged in conflict-mitigation, formed alternative peace plans, expressed critique of international conflict-management and created training courses. Today, we monitor and analyse what happens in Serbia, Kosovo/a, Macedonia and Montenegro.

The Middle East
After fact-finding in Iraq 2002 and 2003, we now monitor developments there. We plan to get involved in the West's conflict with Iran. Continuous focus on the potential for nonviolent solutions in Iran and in the Palestine-Israeli conflict.

Peace monitoring since 2000. We coordinate 13 Burundian NGOs in the "Amahoro - Peace - Coalition." We work with them to establish a peace education and community centre. It shall promote peace from the bottom-up, helping the 7 million Burundians to solidify peace and reconciliation. Training, empowerment and reconciliation - in one of the world's most promising peace processes.

Sweden - Integration
How can we improve the lives of refugees and immigrants? What promotes and hampers integration? Research and practical implementation in co-operation with various parties in the municipality of Eslöv in Southern Sweden.

Other Areas
TFF was involved in fact-finding in Georgia in the 1990s and began reconciliation-oriented work in Greenland in 2005.