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TFF is completely independent of government funding and corporations. TFF is people-financed - by people like yourself.

We are all-volunteer. The founders, board members, associates and assistants - everyone - work without a salary or other economic remuneration.

That's how our research and opinions remain genuinely free. That's how we search for truth and maintain integrity. See here why people support us.

We hope you will support us for the result, for our peace work.
But also because of our philosophy. It guarantees that your
donation goes to peace, not to salaries or bureaucracy.

This is quite unique nowadays. So please support us here and now:

Total donations in 2005 in Euro: € 19.800
Total donations in 2006 in Euro: € 19.432

Total donations in 2007 in Euro: € 18.345
Total donations in 2008 in Euro: € 20.558
Total donations in 2009 in Euro: € 13.056

Total donations in 2010 in Euro: € 18.382
Donations in 2011: US $ 292

Money isn't everything. You can help in many other ways:

become a "fan" of TFF on Facebook
tell others about TFF and this website
• find someone who can make a donation
download our brochure, print it out and distribute it
buy our publications
• suggest something so we can improve
• donate services or products
• if you have a homepage or blog, make a link to TFF
• do something for TFF as a volunteer
invite our Associates to give lectures and trainings
• suggest to the media that they make use of our expertise and homepage

Many thanks