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Jake Lynch - October 2009
Debates in peace journalism
Foreword by Richard Falk

People Power -
Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidarity

New book with
analyses from Serbia, Burma, Zimbabwe, Columbia, India and Palestine. Two TFF Associates, Jørgen Johansen and Stellan Vinthagen among the contributors.

David Krieger 2009
The Challenge of Abolishing Nuclear Weapons

Michel Chossudovsky 2009
America's war on terrorism. In the wake of 9/11

The flagship of knowledge in peace studies...
Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict
2nd edition, soon out. Buy now and save 20%. Several TFF Associates contribute. Jan Oberg Associate Editor.

Francis A. Boyle, Baltimore Indymedia, March 6, 2008
Civil resistance in the age of Bush and Cheney
Civil Resistance to the wrongdoings of U.S. regimes has a long, and honorable, history. In his well documented tome, “Protesting Power: War, Resistance, and Law,” Professor Francis A. Boyle captures the essence of that story. He explains how “civil resistance” differs from “civil disobedience.” He also cites cases, where he was involved as an attorney and/or expert witness.

Francis A. Boyle
Protesting Power
War, resistance, and law

"If you believe Dante may be right, that "the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of moral crisis, remain neutral," you need this book....If you are concerned that our country lives by its Constitution and laws, its often-proclaimed too should read this book....If you cherish freedom, here is your chance to learn how much you have. A person ignorant of her rights has little advantage over those who have none."
- Ramsey Clark, Former U.S. Attorney General

Riane Eisler
The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics
From the author of the bestselling classic The Chalice and The Blade - Proposes a dramatic new economic model that could help resolve many of the most critical problems we face today- Offers concrete steps for putting this model into practice.
See its table of content, first pages and how to order here.

Hazel Henderson
Ethical Markets.Growing the Green Economy.
Throughout Ethical Markets Henderson weaves statistics and analysis with profiles of entrepreneurs, environmentalists, scientists, and professionals. Based on interviews conducted on her longstanding public television series.

Charles Webel and Johan Galtung, Editors
Handbook of Peace and Conflict Studies Published by Routledge in London
This major new Handbook provides a cutting-edge and transdisciplinary overview of the main issues, debates, state-of-the-art methods, and key concepts in peace and conflict studies today.
The volume is divided into four sections:
• understanding and transforming conflict
• creating peace
• supporting peace
• peace across the disciplines.
TFF Associates Galtung, Johansen, Falk, Fischer, Krieger, McGoldrick, Lynch and Oberg contribute to this prestigeous publication.

Jonathan Power
Conundrums of Humanity
The Quest for Global Justice

“Conundrums of Humanity” poses eleven questions for our future progress, ranging from “Can we diminish War?” to “How far and fast can we push forward the frontiers of Human Rights?” to “Will China dominate the century?”
The answers to these questions, the author believes, growing out of his long experience as a foreign correspondent and columnist for the International Herald Tribune, are largely positive ones, despite the hurdles yet to be overcome.
Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, London, 2007.

William Pfaff's review article here.

Jan Hjärpe
Profetens mantel. Den muslimska världen 2001-2006.

Howard Friel and Richard Falk
The Record of the Paper. How the New York Times misreports US foreign policy
The authors detail how the Times presented official U.S. government policy instead of what the authors would consider a real investigation (and how publication of the Pentagon Papers was the exception to the rule). Friel and Falk provocatively argue that the Times's front-page coverage of Iraq's supposed possession of WMDs may have been the result of Iraqi National Congress head Ahmed Chalabi "being paid by the US government to plant stories in the Times." This argument, combined with the other more historical examples, should bring much attention to this skillful work.

Richard Falk and Robert Jay Lifton as Associates, and Irene Gendzier
Crimes of War: Iraq
A comprehensive background to and analysis of the legal, the political, mass-media and psychological aspects of the present catastrophe in Iraq (Paperback 2006).

Vasiliki Neofotistos
Beyond stereotypes: Violence and the porousness of ethnic boundaries in the Republic of Macedonia
The processes that are described in this article shed light on how so-called "inter-ethnic tensions" can be negotiated in daily life and how local society, at first sight fraught with negative ethnic stereotypes, can prove resilient towards ethnic violence. It is published in History and Anthropology, Volume 15, Number 1, March 2004, pp. 1-36(36).

Else Hammerich & Kirsten Frydensberg
Konflikt og kontakt.
Om at forstå og håndtere konflikter

Bogen er en praktisk håndbog både for dem, der håndterer store konflikter som hverdagens mindre. Den har teori fra flere kulturer, praktiske forslag og mange hverdags-eksempler. Og så bygger den helt på ikkevold og fredsforskning - pluralistisk og åben for både hjerne og sjæl.

Jan Oberg
Does the European Union Promote Peace? Analysis, Critique and Alternatives.
One of the very few systematic analyses of the often-stated claim that the EU is an actor for peace.
Intellectually and morally its proposed constitution is a great step backwards when compared with the 60 year old UN Charter. Read more here.
(Free download of PDF. Please make your honour payment here). There is also a Danish edition.

Hans von Sponeck
A Different Kind of War. The UN Sanction Regime in Iraq
The authoritative analysis of the policies and effects of the genocide that have been termed sanctions. The author resigned from his top UN post because of this outcome.

Evelin Lindner
Making Enemies - Humiliation and International Conflict
Ground-breaking book on one of the most fundamental - but sadly overlooked - aspects of all conflicts. See all you need to order it here.

Evelin Lindner, Ralph Summy and Bertram Wyatt-Brown
Humiliation and History in Global Perspectives - Special issue of "Social Alternatives," Vol. 25, No. 1, First Quarter, 2006
Progress can be made in preventing, managing or resolving so-called intractable conflicts if the roots of the problem are unearthed. While the global history of humiliation that unfolds in the following pages makes for depressing reading in one sense, in another it provides the framework for understanding how to transform such events into peaceful outcomes.

Scilla Elworthy
Hearts and Minds. Human security approaches to political violence

Burns H. Weston
Child Labor and Human Rights: Making Children Matter

Francis A. Boyle
About his book "Palestine, Palestinians and International Law"
Review here.

Stuart Rees
Passion for Peace - Exercising power creatively

Ken Coates
This prolific writer's own books here
Spokesman's Books in general
The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation - Spokesman Journal.

Klaus Kold
Krigen er slut - konflikterne fortsætter
Krigen er slut - konflikterne fortsætter giver et dybt indblik i den militære kulturs praktiske hverdag, som den udfolder sig under Forsvarets opera tioner. Hvad er det, der sker med unge danske soldater i krigszoner, som Kosovo - denne bogs fokus?

Christina Spännar, projektledare och TFF-stiftare
"Rapport från ett år i Eslöv
Integration - vad hindrar och vad befrämjar?" (pdf 504 KB)

Inledning, bakgrund och sammanhang, verksamheter som deltagit, projektets genomförande, möjligheter som befrämjar integration, konkreta forslag, förslag till modell, valda slutsatser samt efterord. Bilagor, litteratur och hemsidor. Ett projekt med EU-stöd. 104 sidor, pdf-format, 504 KB - tar lite tid att ladda ned. Se också TFF:s svenska integrationsprojekt.

Christina Spännar, projektledare och TFF-stiftare
"Med rötter i fjärran land. Tjugo berättelser" (pdf 4,9 MB)
Det är en mödosam väg att vandra innan man känner sig någorlunda hemma i främmande land. Dessa personer ifrån Palestina, det forna Jugoslavien, olika länder i Mellersta Östern, Burundi, Ungern, Turkiet, det forna Sovietunionen och Latinamerika vittnar här om steg på denna väg. Illustrerad med författarens egna foton från olika länder. Ett projekt med EU-stöd. 96 sidor, pdf-format, 4,9 MB, tar därför tid att ladda ned. Se också TFF:s svenska integrationsprojekt.

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Associates' Recent Publications

Jan Øberg
Freds- og konfliktpsykologi
"Introduktion til psykologi" - Danmarks største psykologibog; 2. udgave nu med et kapitel af Øberg om bl.a. vold, krig, menneskets natur, civilisationspsykologi, forsoning, fred, ikkevold, magt og kvinder som en særlig fredsressource. 1314 sider, 499 danske kroner. Læs mere og bestil her.

Eurasia: A New Peace Agenda
Contents in three: 1. Dialogue of civilisations for peace; 2. Security in Eurasia: Old dilemmas and new challenges; 3. Globalisation and regionalization. Area experts, international relations and peace scholars. Oberg's chapter is on "Western Conflict-Management as Militarism and Imperialism."

Kamran Mofid
Promoting the Common Good. Bringing Economics and Theology Together Again
By this TFF Associate and Marcus Braybrooke. "This book seeks to bridge two extremely important - but divided - pillars of modern civilisation. I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone concerned about globalisation, economics and our civilisational malaise. We need value-based deep thinking like this to survive. And you can enjoy it even if you are not religious!" - says Jan Oberg.

Jan Øberg
Fremmer EU freden? Analyse, kritik, alternativer.
Traktatforslaget er ikke halvt så visionært som den nu 60 år gamle FN-pagt. At EU er et fredsprojekt er en myte, også selvom unionen ikke er en ny militaristisk supermagt. Der er også 25 forslag til hvorledes EU skulle kunne blive en freds-union.

Democratizing Global Media - One World. Many Struggles
Edited by Robert A. Hackett & Yuezhi Zhao, includes Jan Oberg's chapter "The Iraq Conflict and the Media: Embedded with War rather than with Peace and Democracy." See contents and order your copy here

David Krieger
Back to Basics. Reviving Nuclear Disarmament in the Non-Proliferation Regime

Om Øbergs Irak-bog "Forudsigelig Fiasko"

Om Øbergs bidrag til "Ondskabens Psykologi"