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IHT - May 30, 2008
Burundian rebel leader returns home afer 20-year exile
Thousands of people lined the road into the capital to welcome Rwasa home, while police manned five checkpoints along the road and African Union troops guarded the airport.
Rwasa said his return was "just one step" toward full peace and reconciliation.

BBC - May 26, 2008
Burundi government and rebels sign ceasefire pact
Burundi's government and last active rebel group, the National Liberation Forces (FNL), have signed a ceasefire.
This is fantastic news for all Burundians but also for TFF working there!

Majken Jul Soerensen, July 15, 2007
Truth, Justice and Security in Rwanda -
Gacaca Courts as a Post-Genocide Reconciliation Effort

A thorough analysis of the concept, its implementation and strong and weak sides - an essay of 22 pages with comprehensive notes and bibliography (Pdf format).

Eric Nicholls, TomPaine. com & Human Security Centre
February 15, 2007
Waging Peace In Africa
Here is the good news. Africa is no longer the world’s most violent region—indeed it is more peaceful today than at any other point since sub-Saharan nations gained their independence 40 years ago. Increased peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding activities deserve much of the credit.

February 15, 2007

Michael Witte, Politiken, Denmark, February 12, 2007
Børnsoldater i Bujumbura
Børn, der har deltaget i Burundis blodsudgydelser – skudt og myrdet andre – skal i dag hjælpes tilbage til samfundet.

Abraham McLaughlin, Christian Science Monitor, October 25, 2006
Burundi's own Romeo and Juliet story. See also:
Abraham McLaughlin, Christian Science Monitor
Africa after war. Paths to forgiveness.
As war-ravaged African nations seek reconciliation,
a conundrum looms: How to redress past atrocities
and yet heal and move forward.











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