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Burundi: Isn't it time we rewarded this country for its remarkable peace process...?
Features collected by TFF • November 7 to December 31, 2005

When someone wants to start a war, there are always arms dealers standing ready. Seemingly unlimited resources are made available.
When people decide to put war behind them, media pays no attention and wealthy governments ignore them unless, that is, it is a "strategically important country.
Burundi is another name for one of the world's most impressive and promising peace processes. A good story. But it doesn't receive a fraction of the small humanitarian aid it needs; more and more Burundian are starving - as can be seen from some of the news articles below.

TFF is one of the few organisations that follow and support the peace process in Burundi - through 12 fine civil society organisations in the country. You can read much more here, at our Burundi Forum.
Below please find are some of the recent stories out of Burundi. There are more


UN Security Council (September)
Security Council encourages establishment of 'Partner Forum' for peace, reconciliation in Burundi 'as soon as possible'

Angola Press
U.S. to lift sanctions on Burundi

Reuters AlertNet
Burundi army says rebels in Congo plan joint attack

Reuters AlertNet
Burundi tells UN it needs schools not soldiers

The Security Council expresses satisfaction with the Burundi peace process, and its impatience with the FNL issue

Burundi's former child soldiers seek fresh start

Reuters AlertNet
Burundi: New commission to consider releasing political prisoners

Reuters AlertNet
Burundi: Commission starts work of identifying political prisoners

Reuters AlertNet
Burundi: UN agencies warn of looming food crisis

Reuters AlertNet
Burundi rebels say they will talk peace if prisoners are freed

Reuters AlertNet
Burundi says UN troops to begin pullout in January 2006

Ligue Iteka - A TFF Amahoro Coalition member
The question of political prisoners in Burundi should be handled politically

Reuters AlertNet
Burundi: Prevent forced return of Rwandan asylum seekers

UN News Centre
Security Council mission recommends dozens of peacebuilding actions for Central Africa

Reuters AlertNet
Burundi: Annan recommends downsizing UN mission

Burundi 'sliding towards war'

Reuters AlertNet
Burundi military says 41 rebels killed, 50 captured

Reuters AlertNet
New debt relief from African Development Bank
Hundreds of thousands in Burundi face food shortages

Reuters AlertNet
Burundi leader says rebels must drop talks conditions

UN News Centre
Burundi: Security Council extends mandate of UN peacekeepers until mid-January
President Nkurunziza Speaks Out On Burundi Problems
An African peace process: Mandela, South Africa and Burundi
On the surface, it does seem strange. Why has South Africa sent both politicians and platoons of peace-keeping soldiers to a distant African country that it appears to have no connection with at all? What have they been doing there? How long will they stay? In short, why should South Africa be bothered about Burundi?

Reuters AlertNet
Returnee children face language obstacles in schools

Reuters AlertNet
World Bank pledges additional $170 million for projects

Watch Burundi
A useful website with news about Burundi

Burundi Realities
Another useful website with background and news


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