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What people around the world wrote to and about TFF




1136 letters, comments and signature by September 12 - and more come in every day! From people of all walks of life in 62 countries. We did not know that we had SO MANY friends. More than one-third chose to not only write their name in support of TFF but also add very warm, sometimes strong, appreciaiton of our work. You may find your own words here. We are overwhelmed. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

All messages were copied and sent on September 14 to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, HE Anna Lindh and to the Ministry's preparatory committee which recommends which organisations to give organisztional support.

Please see also the analysis of the worldwide constituencies and our analysis in Swedish of the Ministry's decision.


The Swedish government shoul be proud to support TFF and its efforts to a peaceful world.!

Citizen, Italy


I had studied peace research in Lund University where I received my Ph.D. I know how active and generous Sweden is for the development of world peace. As I also know how important TFF is for creating peace, I would like to urge the Swedish government to restore the annual organizational grant to TFF.

Dr. Katsuya Kodama, Secretary General, International Peace Research Association (IPRA), Japan


$30,000 is not a 'small sum' -- it is an insignificant amount to spend for the peace and goodwill that have come from TFF. My academic backround is in development studies and Sweden's leadership in that area is something I wish Canada could model. I was frankly shocked to hear that TFF's grant had been terminated. TFF is at the cutting edge of using information technologies for peace education. The proof is that their wires are often distributed in Canada, and their ideas used in our work.

Citizen, Canada


Jeg har det siste året fulgt TFFs virksomhet med den største interesse. TFFs arbeid er til nytte for enhver som er interessert i fredsarbeid og konfliktløsning. TFFs analyser er uavhengige, kritiske og originale. Vedtaket om å trekke tilbake støtten til TFF bør straks omgjøres.

Biolog, Norge


In addition to its important work in areas such as the former Yugoslavia, TFF has proved important for education in peace studies and conflict resolution. Although my students and I certainly dispute some claims made in some TFF reports, we agree that they offer an indispensable, independent voice.

Professor, George Mason University


TFF har under konflikterna i Jugoslavien förstått att verka för samförstånd på marken, mellan enskilda människor i de etniska grupperna och mot de makthavare av alla riktningar som byggt sin politiska och militära karriär på väpnade lösningar. TFF har motarbetat alla försök att beskriva en ömsesidig rädsla, som inneburit att allvarliga brott gjorts av alla sidor, till ett kamp mellan onda och goda. TFF:s arbete är värt allt stöd.

Socialdemokratisk redaktör i Sverige


I support the TFF effort for funding. The group offers innovative approaches to peace.

Robert Enright, President, International Forgiveness Institute, USA


TFF är ett livsviktigt alternativ till den massmediala bilden av konflikters orsaker och förlopp,en oersättlig källa av kunskap och erfarenheter att ösa ur. Fördubbla stödet i stället!

Svensk medborgare


We see TFF as a an essential alternative source of information, ideas and peace enhancing initiatives. Long may it continue.

SKY Television reporter


Conflicts are increasing all over the world. Potential contradictions (rivalization) between US and EU are more and more manifesting (Yugoslavia, Russia). In order to prevent hot wars ultimatively coming up, TFF is doing an enormous job about information, analysis etc. If TFF cannot get support from the state what conflict and war-preventing institution should deserve it more?

Danish university researcher


I want to stress that Jan Øberg and the TFF has been a great inspiration for my students at AAU when they are writing theses on different peace and conflict topics. We sincerely recommend this activity to be financial prolonged. Søren Keldorff, Aalborg University in Denmark


I was shocked to hear that Sweden has withdrawn this support. TFF has been the lonely voice of sanity on issues that should be on the conscience of us all. The Swedish government has been well thought of for standing behind TFF and now it is to be feared that they feel isolated from less scrupulous nations, their trade and their goodwill, simply because of this support. Please think again!

Portuguese citizen


$30,000? that's it? And the Gov't is withdrawing 'that'? It seems to me that so much more money is wasted on ventures without motivation or ideals, that this sounds almost humiliating. Hope the Government's forthcoming decision will be positive.

Scientist in the US


To the Swedish Government: please don't start becoming like the USA. Peace in this world should be one of our priorities and truly many of us in this country look to countires like yours in the belief you are above the sort of mentality that is growing in the USA.

Citizen in the US


I often refer to TFF's web site, and rely on their ground-breaking field-work and research to support my teaching at Canada's Royal Military College.

David Last


At a time when global leaders meet in the UN to discuss the Millenium, the foundation of their debate rests on furthering the objects of peace and development. Thus, when they return to their home countries, it is to be expected that they do improve the chances for such laudable objectives in the new millenia. Support for civil society groups that work to strengthen human kind's options to resolve conflict in a peaceable manner, is a most crucial area of intervention that Government's must support. This would be in keeping with the rhetoric in the UN and other global fora. Consequently, I hope the Swedish Government would take the necessary steps to retract their highly disturbing decision of stopping funding to the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research.

NGO representative in India


Its contributions toward the resolution of some of the most important issues facing humankind today have been most significant. I can think of no better stewardship of the Swedish Government's resources than to support TFF.

US citizen


I have been living in a village near Vukovar, and I was attending a Grammar school in Vukovar, and graduated two years ago. At that time I had participated in a very good project of TFF, and this organization helped me to understand some things and to deal with them, to realize that we (Serbian kids) are no different than Croatian kids. This experience I would never had without wonderful people from TFF. Peace has no alternative.

Student in Belgrade, refugee from Croatia


TFF activities are very important for an image of Sweden as a democratic country.

Senior research fellow, Lithuania


I am Professor of Conflict Resolution and Public Affairs at George Mason University. I am a faculty member and former director of the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, the world's largest graduate program in Conflict Resolution. TFF has been an invaluable resource to me, my colleagues, and my students, as well as an important and beneficial force in the struggle for peace around the world. I hope that you will renew your support of this fine organization.

Richard E. Rubenstein, Fairfax, Virginia


Conflict resolution with regard to Yugoslavia can only occur if there is dialouge from all sectors. Stop the maddness of war! Support peaceful alternatives!

US citizen


I have indeed admired the commitment of the Swedish Government to NGOs and only wish the USA Government would do the same. Please re-instate the funding. It is imperative for all of us.

US citizen


Building a new university with peace-making as one of its goals, we need good information sources like TFF. Thank you.

Librarian at Japanese/US Buddhist university


I think TFF's invaluable contribution to the understanding of world crisis and reconciliation should be wholeheartedly supported, including adequate funding.

High-level UN staff member


This is a very important group -- they saw things that so many others did not and it's best to support rather than to silence prophets.

Media researcher, US


I applaud the Swedish government's future sight in funding such a pivotal group as TFF whose work is well known and respected internationally. In Canada, we also commit to world peace yet fall short many times in our involvement with the UN, NATO and other opportunities for voicing words of peace and compassion. I met Jan in Belfast (1999) as his personal efforts and those of the foundation were central to our work and reflection in coexistence. I would recommend that full funding be reinstated and perhaps it is time to consider the work of this group for recognition with a Nobel peace price.

NGO rep from Canada


Skall det vara så omöjligt att stödja en liten organisation utan medial glamour? TFF är ju besjälad av både intellektuell skärpa, oberoende, kreativitet, hjärta och handfast, pedagogiskt fredsarbete. Deras fredsprojekt är viktiga för att slippa tältläger och minröjning. Man kan inte bara ge pengar till militär och livets nödtorft efter krig man måste satsa på kunskap för att förhindra krig genom att lösa konflikter. Helt i FN:s nya anda. Stödjer man TFF stödjer man FN kontra militära tvångsåtgärder. Se deras analys av Jugoslavien innan helvetet bröt ut. De förutsåg scenario och omvärlden valde som en fårskock fel väg hela tiden, steg för steg tills tillochmed TFF deklarerade att det inte fanns någon återvändo. De hade rätt. Hela tiden. Ge dem kredit för det, en miljon kunde vara lagom till att börja med.

Montessorilärare, Sverige


The Transnational Organization has been a major source of information on alternative approaches to the resolution of conflict.

Professor of International Education, USA


TFF is a much-needed world resource. I was terribly shocked at the cut-off of its support, having always believed in the broad-headedness of your country, which I felt was particularly expressed in the support of this important association. I hope you restore your support of TFF because it is a model for the kind of dialogue we need to increase in our world. We need to support diversity of opinion -- otherwise our stated support of diversity of human life rings hollow.

Student, US


Our world needs more help, not less.

Citzen, Oregon


Vi behøver TFF - for freden og demokratiet.

Danish newspaper journalist


TFF is doing vital work, and has been widely recognized and applauded around the world. Please restore your support for this crucial organization.

The editor of Peace Review, a leading peace research journal


I depend on TFF as an alternative source for insightful news and analysis of the world's conflicts, particularly in the Balkans, which is so rare in here in the USA. It is one of the few organizations I know that is offering viable solutions. Sweden should be proud of their contribution to world peace through the TFF.

Representartive of religious, nonviolent community in the US


Jag tycker att vi idag - när vissa makter inte ens drar sig för att orera om 'fredsbomber' - behöver riktiga, sakkunniga fredsfrämjande organisationer som TFF, mer än någonsin.
Jag är annars bara en alldeles vanlig surfare som förfärades av de barbariska attackerna mot Jugoslavien samt all den propaganda som nästan alla medier totalt okritiskt vidarebefordrade både under och efter anfallen.
TFF:s och Jan Öbergs kommentarer kändes som en fläkt av hygglig, vanlig normalitet i en alldeles galen tid.
I våra osäkra tider med så många konflikter är det obegripligt att just stödet till en organisation som arbetar med konliktlösning och fredsbyggande skulle sparas in.
Särskilt om man betänker vilka enorma pengar som går åt bl a EU, politiska jippon för EMU och liknande.

Vanlig surfare


I receive free information from many organizations, but TFF has a special appeal for being Swedish. I congratulate Dr Jan Oberg for his serious work.

Alfredo Rainho Neves, Conselour of Embassy (retired) Brazil.


The work of TFF has been exemplary and inspiring towards raising awareness for the creation of a more humane world - a goal which I believe is both timely and crucial in this day and age. Support for TFF's work can only enhance the already progresive credentials of the Swedish government.

Student in the United Kingdom


Det är en viktig markering av svensk alliansfrihet att värna om självständigt och odogmatiskt arbete för fred och konfliktlösning, av det slag som TFF bedriver.

Christer Lundgren


Tänk bara på att om ni nu accepterar skärvorna från maktens bord, blir det svårt att bråka när vår tids krigshetsare, overkligt nog vår egen regering, vill bomba sönder ett land till. Nästa gång Prodi talar bredvid mun i Baltikum blir det nog ingen protest. Försök att bli oberoende av makten. Allt börjar i hjärtat.

Humanitär hjälparbetare


...invaluable in keeping a level perspective on world events.

Ex-Yugoslav in Australia


In the year that has seen an international gathering of religious and spiritual leaders aimed at promoting peace, why is Sweden taking a backward step on conflict resolution? Please restore your standing in the world as a leader on social issues.

Australian citizen


Please return your financial support of TFF, it was one of the few unbiased places for information during the bombing of Yugoslavia.

American citizen


TFF is well-known in Japan and is widely respected in Japanese UN and Peace-related organizations.

Professor at International Christian University, Tokyo


I first encountered TFF through a very useful presentation by Jan Oberg at a Canadian conference on Yugoslavia several years ago. I also saw that Jan and Johan Galtung played a constructive part in fostering very difficult dialogue on Yugoslavia and Kosova at the Hague Appeal for Peace in May 1999. I have been impressed with the perceptiveness, analytical clarity and intellectual honesty of TFF commentaries on world events and policies. A wealth of practical, on-the-ground experience informs TFF's innovative approaches to conflict resolution. What TFF brings to the "peace table" is invaluable to many of us in other countries far away from Sweden. In a world armed to an historically unprecedented degree, governments ought to make training, education, and application of non-violent methods of conflict resolution, mediation, and peacebuilding their priority. Canadians in the peace movement have admired the Swedish government's wisdom in supporting civil society peace endeavours. I urge you to restore to TFF in the coming year the funding needed to enable it to carry on its essential work. It is an outstanding organization with an exellent name in the international peace community.

Canadian peace leader


I know about TFF from my Certificate Programme on the Peace Studies in Schtadtschlaining (Austria). Last Spring Semester I gave seminars on Political Science at Samara State Aersospace University, and knowledge that I have got there helped my very much. The peaceful philisophy that Professor Jan Oberg presented for us and his point of view are very important for people who might be involved directly or indirectly to conflicts, like the situation in Russia. Also I would like to say that I would be glad to work for this kind of organizations.

Russian student


I was greatly impressed with Dr Oberg's commitment to peace building studies. At a recent workshop in Geneva, he talked with humility, enthusiasm, motivation and obvious sincerity - to say nothing of patience and concern for his participants - to spread the word.
I believe TFF should be encouraged and supported, not only with publicity but also with adequate funding, so that this important independent work can continue and reach as wide an audience as possible. It is often the individual or small group that can - against the odds - move mountains (or even create the environment to aid the peace process!).

UN Staff Development and Learning Section


The work of TFF has contributed greatly to peace education activities in Italy, for example through the magazine and courses organised by CEM Mondialita. I am sure the readers of UNIMONDO, the most important Italian web site on global issues and solidarity would support TFF.

Italian former student and journalist


Jag kan inte se UDs handlande mot TFF som något annat än ett hot mot yttrandefriheten. Som medborgare i demokratin Sverige kräver jag att TFF, den organisation i Sverige som jag anser bidrar mer än någon annan till att sprida nyanserad information baserad på kunskap och stor erfarenhet, får tillbaka sitt stöd av UD.

Lärare i Sverige


I have a UN Peacekeeping daughter (five years now) who deals with these issues every day. Oberg and his colleages provide an important perspective and thereby service to the Global Community!

Citizen, California


Alla människor som värnar freden och ser kriget som alla folks nederlag och fördärv bör verka för stöd till oberoende fredsorganisationer.

Svensk medborgare


Please support TFF since it is one of the rare organizations that sincerely raises voice against inhumanity and takes actions that will lead to a better World!

Citizen USA


Sweden has a long tradition in supporting peace; I know that since Danilo Dolci's time. It is uncomprehensible for me how it is possible that a so efficient and clever Institute for Peace as TFF cannot receive State's support for its action.

Antonino Drago, Associate Professore in University "Federico II" Naples


TFF has given me tremendous help in getting independent information during crisis situations like the Kosovo crisis in 1999.

Dutch citizen


In my opinion TFF is an important organisation fighting for peace and I support them with all my heart.

Australian citizen


Sweden has always been a leader in lucent social policy and it is disappointing to see the current government taking a backward step.

Australian citizen


Please support TFF. It is a great resouce for all peace scholars. Thanks.

Majid Tehranian, Professor and Direction, Toda Institute, University of Hawaii. USA


With all my Heart !!

Citizen of Yugoslav origin in Frankfurt


TFF makes hope possible rather then despair convincing. Allow them to continue their great work, continue the public funding.

Citizen, Canada


TFF has contributed significantly to the understanding and improvement of situations in the former Yugoslavia and its tragic situations. TFF is a very important NGO/NPO for building a peaceful 21 century and has done magnificient jobs so far to this end. Without activities of TFF our source of information would be critically reduced. Its existence is imperative.

Professor, Hiroshima Shudo University in Japan


Quo vadis Sweden ???
There is only one Scandinavian country which is not cold due to plenty of warm associations from past decade. If we look through from Ingemar Bergman and Liv Ulman in film, ABBA in music, Borg and Stenmark in sports or Olaf Palme in politics, Volvo car industry and many many others which deserves much more space than I can give them here.
Especially now when all Europe is kneeling in front of NWO (New World order) headed by NATO, USA, and Bildenberg's repaying debt of Marshall credits after WWII, the sincere voice of TFF was spread out through the Network like fresh spring breeze. For us in Yugoslavia it was much more, it was medicine to save our minds as normal as possible.
I have only one appeal to you. Please keep this wind alive as much as possible and Sweden will still be recognized as independent country with your own brain.

Citizen in Yugoslavia


Your website is very informative and I always look forward to reading the messages you send me. Keep up the good work.

Woman in Nairobi


Jag känner TFF och dess verksamhet/resultat fr o m 1985. TFFs verksamhet betyder väldigt mycket ocksa för forskning, utbildning och opinionsbildning i Tyskland, tex i samband med NATO-kriget i f d Jugoslavien. Ofta framförde jag den svenska regeringens bidrag till bl a TFF som ett exempel för att främja oberoende forskning. Jan Öberg och Christina Spänner är engagerade, seriösa forskare som aldrig har tänkt pa sin karriär utan är stora idealister om det gäller fredsfragor, internationell konfliktlösning och internationellt samarbete. Därför hoppas jag verkligen att TFF far organisationsstöd för ar 2001.

Universitetsprofessor in former East Germany


TFF provides a valuable service and keeps "workers for peace" abreast of developments that are important not only to our work, but to the lives and interest of the millions that are impacted by violence and conflict.

Advisor to USAID


I have made extensive use of TFF materials in peace and conflict studies courses in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and have listed many of those materials on our university websites as amongst the most valuable of research resources.

Larry J. Fisk, Canadian Peace Research and Education Association


I wish your efforts to revise the Ministry's scandalous decision a striving success.

Dr. Christian Wellmann, Deputy Director, The Schleswig-Holstein Institute for Peace Research at Kiel University (SHIP)


In the recent World Summit, prevention has been posed as the cornerstone of the activities of international community for the 21st century. In this circumstances, why withdraw money from those who are working to develop preventive strategies to deal with complex crisis around the world?

Manuel Barreto, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London


TFF is a most valuable resource. Show you are morally superior to the US -- not too hard, just reallocate a bit of money from the military to peace.

Researcher at School of Business & Public Management, George Washington University


Keep on fighting for a better world, we are with you...

Belgrade family


This is valuable material and should be spread worldwide to help gain a clearer perspective on why Sweden is active in the New Agenda Coalition. Sweden remains a lighthouse expressing highly compassionate political values...this publication helps people look openly at critial issues with a critical eye. It is needed. Help these people.

CoChair, American Bar Association Comm on Arms Control and Disarmament.


I cannot even begin to think of one reason why the Swedish government would not fund this excellent organization.

US citizen


Support for TFF would enhance the reputation of the Swedish nation for its welknown concern for the welfare of humanity.

US citizen


Your country has been known as an innovative and peace-oriented nation; it seems to me as to millions of others that we must turn towards countries that have shown us peaceful solutions and promoted organisations such as TFF to give us the honest truth...



At a time when we are overwhelmed by the same aseptized and incomplete news from CNN-Time, the Fox network and the likes, an outlet such as TFF is essential for in-depth analysis...It is very regrettable that the Swedish government has decided to withdraw funds

US citizen


The world would be a more dangerous and less civilized place without your contribution to peace, reason and open dialogue. Let us hope that the Swedish government, once a champion democracy and real human rights, will also understand that before it is too late first for your institute, the for another free-speech organization...and ultimately fo the Swedish government itself...

USA citizen


At the International Peace Resarch Association conference in Tampere, Finaland in August, there was a strong voice from the participants that how valuable the work of TFF is in Kosovo.

Student in Switzerland


TFF har en svært viktig rolle i det internasjonale fredsarbeidet fordi det er helt uavhengig av noen regjering eller offentlig institusjon eller tunge økonomiske interesser, samtidig som det representerer fagfkunnskap og innsikt på et meget høyt nivå. Det er av stor viktighet at vi har et slikt senter/organisajon i Norden.

Kontorchef Universitetet i Bergen


The Institute for Development and Peace at our university greatly relies on their research. I strongly support all efforts to keep TFF alive!

German research fellow


Jeg synes den svenske regering investerer bedre hvis den investerer i fredsforskning og våldsforebyggelse end hvis den investerer i våbenproduktion og -forskning."

Dansk forsker og aktivist


Studying journalism - and EXTREMELY grateful for the world of TFF. Please help peace.

Danish student


In my work as a student in political science and later in relations to be my work with young people in democratic organizations in Ex-Yugoslavia, I've had a great use of the information from TFF. Their information through the web is fast and reliable.

Citizen in denmark


Arbetet för fred, försoning och konfliktförebyggande åtgärder kan aldrig få för mycket stöd.

Medborgare i Sverige


Jag är 25 och student vid Lunds universitet. All forskning kring fred och konfliktfrågor är av yttersta vikt, något som fler bör ägna sig å. Lösningen är absolut ICKE att vinglklippa engagerade grupper. Till vilket syfte? Vänligen gör det möjligt för TFF att fortsätta med sit arbete...



TFF is my most important source of information when it comes to current affairs. Trying to impede this channel of information is undemocratic, indicating a willingness of a government to control all sources of information.

Professor of history, Iceland


We raise out voice when independent voices in the world are supressed, but when the same voices are silenced in Sweden, it's called 'budget cuts.'

Citizen, Australia


Att höra välutbildade svenskars kommentarer till händelserna på Balkan och att så få ifrågasatt något av denna mediabild som målats upp har verklingen skrämt mig. Att läsa artiklarna via TFF har blivit en nödvändig motvikt och de har fått mig att känna mig som repsekterad som läsare. Att TFF inte längre får det ynka bidrag på 300.000:- som tidigare år är en pinsam maktkanisfestation från en regering som tydligen retar sig på att någon kritiserar och avviker från den stora fållan.

Avdelningschef vid Folkuniversitetet


Informationen jag kan få på TFF:s hemsida ger mig nya perspektiv genom att ställa frågor inte många andra organisationer verksamma inom området vågar ställa, i alla fall inte öppet

Svensk praktikant, Human Rights Watch, New York


TFF är nödvändig om Sverige inte totalt skall förlora sin själ och värdighet...

Studerande vid Göteborgs universitet


I have heard of only two Swedish-based organizations that do such work at high quality, and TFF is one of them. They are a major source of information, organizing and intelligence on peacemaking efforts.

US citizen


I truely support the position outlined above and hope the Swedish Government, one of the most if not the most progressive governments in the world, would continue funding TFF and the great work they for practically nothing!

Canadian citizen


Transnational Foundation is a singular voice in the field of International Relations. In the Kosovo conflict no other organisation came as near to the truth as Transnational Foundation. The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be proud to finance such an outstanding work.

Dr. Reinhold Grether, Internet researcher with Constance University.


I och med att TFF:s verksamhet har varit av avgörande betydelse för framväxten att mitt kritiska tänkande under min akademiska studiegång ser jag det som en självklarhet att stödja detta försök att återinföra det ekonomiska stöd som av, för mig, okänd anledning har upphört.

Student, statsvetenskapliga institutionen, Stockholms universitet


TFF er en af de få professionelle organisationer der arbejder for fred. De fortjener bevillinger til at fortsætte. Under bombningerne af Kosova og Jugoslavien brugte NATO regeringer 450 millioner kroner om dagen (!) på at bombe, til sammenligning havde UNHCR, som var den af nødhjælpsorganisatiopnerne med størst budget, ca 7 million om dagen. TFF er mig bekendt den eneste organisation der seriøst arbejder på at forhindre konlikter fredeligt før end de begynder. Om nogen fortjener DE de mange millioner kroner der blev spildt på bomber. Kære Regering i Sverige. Forny og tidobl støtten til TFF.

Jens Buurgaard Nielsen, danmark


I work in the field of international relations, my main responsibility is Austrias co-operation with the Council of Europe in the field of education. TFF information is extremely valuable for my professional life.

From the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Vienna, Austria.


Since I live in Sweden (and already before I came here) I have had the impression that this is a very democratic country with a strong commitment to freedom of speach and a state policy that supports democratic organisations. Therefore, I was really shocked to hear that TFF did not get its funding for the year 2000. I hope very much that the government will change its politics in the years to come because for me TFF is the most valuable source of information concerning issues of peace that I know of. Especially during the war in Kosovo, this was the place to turn to in order to get information that was unavailable through the usual media.

Docent, Umeå universitet


Je suis contre la supression de l'aide à TFF. Le gouvernement suédois manque du courage.

Canadian citizen


TFF information and texts are among rare independent and objective sets of information. It is very usefull to stay with own head. Today, these arguments are among the most important arguments to do all what is possible supporting such activities.

Scholar, Center for Strategic Studies, Slovenia, Ljubljana.


In my research and writing I propose Sweden as a model for the world, as she has achieved peace for almost 200 years. The world needs such models, and Sweden should maintain her model-behavior, especially now at a time of incrasing turmoil.

Professor of Psychology, California State University


Please do not kill democracy and freedom of expression. The TFF is one of the leader in promoting truly diplomacy not power of the mony or gun powder!!!

Citizen, Canada


It is scandalous that the Swedish government should withdraw support from the Transnational Foundation, one of the most effective organizations in the world working for peace and conflict resolution., I had thought better of the Swedish government than it would be unable to take a little criticism..

Professor emeritus, Masachusetts, USA


Support life, peace, conflict resolution and TFF who is rally making a difference. There is no other way for the future. I am from former Yugoslavia, I have family there in many places and am very aware how badly needed is TFF's help and indipendent view. Not supporting this work belittles Swedan and is socially irresponsible.

Business woman in the US


TFF har en humanare syn på konflikter är UD.

Svensk kvinna


During the NATO bombings in Serbia, with nearly all the UK media lined up misguidedly behind the government, TFF's reports were among the few independent perspectives available to people searching for an explanation for what was happening. Their position is gradually being vindicated as 'evidence' trickles out of the 'peace' that is being imposed. TFF deserves $300,000 for the service it has provided, not silencing.

Engineer, London


We support your demand to continue for Peace and Disarmament. If you dealt with weapons or narcotics the establishment would easily support you to continue. I would say that the Swedish government should invent you, if you were not already doing this to the benefit of humanity.

Greek retired general


Alla i KFF-gruppen är upprörda över den behandling TFF varit utsatt för. Vi fortsätter kampen.

Kvinnor för fred i Uppsala - (som också förlorade organisationsstöd ifrån UD)


Ja, jag anser att en demokrati bl.a. känneteckans av att myndigheterna uppmuntrat och bejakar konfliktförebyggande gräsrotsarbete. Ett arbete som aldrig kan ersättas av statens egna kontakter på diplomatnivå. Jag önskar TFF all framgång.

Anställd, Kvinna till kvinna


It will be a great shame for the Swedish Ministry who has been well known for its contributions to the world peace and development to withdraw its support to the TFF - it is an act to deprive a large number of people and future generation of hope and chances for reconciliation and peace.

Japanese, government employee


I jamforelse med manga andra organisationer och projekt som far bidrag ar TFF fortjant av fortsatt stod. Det ar olyckligt att statligt stod alls skall behovas, eftersom det aventyrar oberoendet, men forhallandena ar nu sadan i Sverige att skatteforhallandena gor det svart att avsta fran stod fran staten; i andra lander racker bidrag fran enskilda langre.

Hovrättslagman, Sverige


Det finns ingen annan organisation, som jag känner till, som är mer berättigad till UD:s och därmed det svenska folkets stöd än TFF. Det är för mig obegripligt att stödet drogs in. Det bör omgående återställas och t.o.m. höjas.

Svensk tidsningredaktör


TFF represented by Dr Jan Oberg was absolutely the best recource/lecturer for elected leaders of people in conflict Croats and Serbs from East Slavonia who were taken to Reconciliation Seminar in Schtadtschleining-Austria by UNTAES. As of today, only I can say is that I am proud being the Staff member of Dr Jan Oberg's Team. Many others including participants at the Seminar do share my opinion, therefor, please, do support TFF.

Branko Kurilic, NGO Project Leader Beli Manastir, Croatia.


Verklig fred uppstår inte genom spektakulära handslag framför Vita huset. Verklig fred växer fram hos gräsrötterna, långsamt. Också därför behövs mer, inte mindre, av det slags arbete som TFF utför.

Dr. Anna Borgeryd, Umeå


TFF har informerat oss t. ex. om Balkan mera kritiskt än stora tidningar eller TV:n. Är det för farligt? Har NATO givit råden?

Lärare, Finland


Jag tycker det är hemskt synd att Sveriges regering inte anser sig ha råd att låta TFF fortsätta få bidrag till lokalhyra etc. Det är tydligt att regeringen helst vill tysta det civila samhället. Det skall dock inte lyckas. TFF fick mig att "överleva" det groteska kriget i Jugoslavien förra året. Sveriges regering och EUs agerande var helt omoraliskt. Jag anser det viktigt att vi medborgare har tillgång till olika medier där TFFs websida för många är ett andrum från den vanliga okritiska massmedia vi har i landet.

Folkrörelseaktiv, Göteborg


It is a shock that Sweden, long thought of as the bastion of equality and understanding in areas of peacebuilding, has withdrawn such a small amount of funding from a crucial organization. My first question is: who has coerced them into withdrawing the funding? Have they offered any reason?

Director, Pathways to Peace, California


We highly regard TFF as one of the most important contributors to peace and understanding all over de world. We believe Dr. Oberg to be an outstanding citizen of the world, deserving all kinds of support and commendations.

Latin American Circle for International Studies, Mexico


The Transnational Foundation is a first rate peace research facility. The Swedish government's withdrawal of financial support from the TFF appears to be one of those bureaucratic follies which are an embarrassment to any enlightened administration.

Chairman, Peace Brigades International, Canada.


Your organization has done very valuable work in sharing information during times of humanitarian and ethnic conflictual situations and in encouraging appropriate, humane and constructive avenues for short-and-long-term resolution. I have found your postings to be accurate, even-handed, sensitive, balanced, objective and well-presented. During times of conflict when emotions are high and issues difficult to discern from afar, I have appreciated the reliability of the information you have provided. Thank you for your efforts.

Reverend Boston, Massachusetts


TFF has been set up by the best qualified and most experienced persons in Peace Research and Peace Building. It should be supported.

Dr. Vithal Rajan Member of Jury, The Right Livelihood Awards, India.


For many years, I have admired your work and that of your colleagues at the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research. You and TFF have made many contributions to peacemaking and peacebuilding in the new post-Cold-War world. I therefore was surprised and dismayed to learn that financial support from the Swedish Ministry that has been providing important assistance was abruptly halted. Please convey this letter to the appropriate persons, with my urgent call for renewing support for the TFF.

The work of TFF has been particularly valuable because of its creativity and independence. You and your colleagues have offered fresh thinking, about many critical areas of the world. You have made excellent use of the new internet capabilities, making your reports available on a timely basis. The interpretations and policy ideas offered by TFF are based on a well-grounded familiarity with particular localities and on an excellent knowledge of many cases analyzed in the literature. Working with this material for many years myself, I can attest to the soundness of TFF's contributions. Even when I have differed about particular points, the differences have induced me to think harder about some of my understandings.

As an American, I have special appreciation of TFF's work. The United States plays a large role in the affairs of many parts of the world. Too often, however, we Americans do so without taking into account the views of those engaged in the conflicts and of other observers and interested parties. The TFF provides a corrective to the often overly narrow and short-term perspective taken by many Americans. I have shared the ideas and information provided by TFF with colleagues, activists, journalists, and officials in my country.

I trust that the support TFF has received from the Swedish Ministry will be restored quickly.

Louis Kriesberg, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Syracuse University.


Don't give up guys, on the contrary: that this happens especially means that you're too influencial to be ignored by the Swedish hoi polloi. By the way, I wonder where the pressure to stop the funding came from. I would not at all be surprised if it has a North-American origin...again.

PhD in Belgium


TFF has been fearlessly committed to the provision of accurate information, even when much public information has been sullied by propaganda and news management...TFF has won widespread respect in the international community. Now we learn that the subventions which TFF has up to now received from the Swedish Government may be cut off.

Such an action would certainly damage TFF: but we think it would also damage the public reputation of Sweden, which has always won high esteem because of its unswerving commitment to openness in Government, and sustained pluralism in civiv life. Surely, the Swedish authorities will think again before acting to stifle the work of this group?

Ken Coates, chairman of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, U.K.


Your foundation caught my attention and made me go toward peace resolution as a career.

Student, Ottawa University


As a person who was serving qua Human Rights Officer for the High Commissioner for Human Rights during the apex of the Kosovo crisis, I can testify to the fact that the director of TFF, while in tension-torn Pristina, was actively gathering all the relevant material, contacting and mediating between the warring sides, sometimes risking his security in the process...The same can be said about his and the TFF's research and negotiating team's work in Georgia, in the preparatory work of which I was directly involved...I can confidently state that their contribution was significant in toning down the nationalist passions that were running high at the moment...

Dr. Zelim Skurbaty, Danish Centre for Human Rights.




12 september 2000



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