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Kosovo analyses by TFF from 2004 & 2005

The Kosovo Solution Series
By Aleksandar Mitic & Jan Oberg
On March 24, 2005 it was six years since NATO bombs to create peace began to fall. What peace is there today? What will there be tomorrow?

PressInfo 209-218, April 8, 2005
The Kosovo Solution Series - all in one place
10 analyses of the future of Kosovo.
Referred to by Reuters as the place you can learn more. And on top of Transitions Online, TOL.

PressInfo 209-218, April 27, 2005
The Kosovo Solution Series
All the 10 articles, 58 pages, 340 KB in pdf format

Now widely featured in Balkan media, posted or mentioned on leading European sites, Reuters, Transitions Online, EUActive, EuropeanVoice, etc. It circulates European embassies and international organisations. The pdf edition is free but please
make an honour payment here when you download and print it out.

Feature Collection, March 2005 and ongoing
The Accumulating Crisis in Kosovo
Many links to evidence of the crisis, to Kosovo as failed peace and to the lobbyists who believe that Kosovo should become indpendent now.


Morning over Prishtina, Kosovo © Oberg 2000

TFF PressInfo # 195, March 29, 2004
The Continued Reverse Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo: Too Embarrassing for the International Community
The international community's political and media reaction is an evasive, subdued understatement of the embarrassing catastrophe. The Kosovo Reality Show needs a reality check now. (Also in Danish and Swedish).

TFF PressInfo # 197, April 29, 2004
Peacemaking in Kosovo is Coming to an End - for Predictable Reasons
There is a long-term background and some root causes behind the emerging peace-keeping failure in Kosovo. They do not fit the standardised image of the conflict. TFF's director who has been engaged in Kosovo since 1991 discusses some of the most important among those causes. In passing, he also points out how an allegedly "prestigious" NGO such as the International Crisis Group serves as a biased NEGO, a NEar-Governmental Organisation, and continues to offer perspectives and proposals that will make things worse in the Balkans. (Also in Danish and Swedish).



Early TFF reports, PressInfos and mediation concerning Kosovo

TFF PressInfo 105, 2000
Intellectually the Kosovo Commission Report is a turkey and it won't fly

TFF PressInfo 75, 1999
NATO's psychological projections

TFF PressInfo 73, 1999
Some ethical perspectives on NATO's intervention in Kosovo

TFF PressInfo 72, 1999
NATO in Kosovo - failed peacekeeping

TFF PressInfo 71, 1999
Read UN Resolution 1244 and Watch NATO in Kosovo

TFF PressInfo 61
Covering up NATO's Balkan Bombing Blunder

TFF PressInfo 58, 1999
Read the Military Kosovo Agreement !

TFF PressInfo 57, 1999
Read the Civilian Kosovo Agreement !

TFF PressInfo 56, 1999
Rambouillet - A process analysis

TFF PressInfo 55, 1999
Rambouillet - Imperialism in disguise

TFF PressInfo 54, 1999
Why these 'peace' efforts can't bring peace to Kosovo

Jonathan Power 1999
Bombing Kosovo is dangerously counterproductive

Jan Oberg, interviewed by Blerim Shala, Zëri, Kosovo 1998

TFF PressInfo 43, 1999
Kosovo/a - Half Truths About Demography and Ethnic Cleansing

TFF PressInfo 35, 1998
Kosovo - What can still be done

TFF PressInfo 24, 1997
Help Serbs and Albanians settle their differences in Kosovo!

Jan Oberg, Kosovo on the Agenda

Preventing War in Kosovo (1992)

UNTANS - Conflict-Mitigation for Kosovo. A UN Temporary Authority for a Negotiated Settlement (1996)



TFF link collection on Kosovo and ex-Yugoslavia

Many other links - some dating back to the 1990s


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