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Burundi's Peace Process: A positive story - but have you heard about it?
Features collected by TFF • September 24 - November 7, 2005

True, the situation in Burundi is not without its risks and problems. But it has gone so well this summer in Burundi. As you'll see below, Reuters, IRIN (the source of most Reuters stories), the UN and a few others do a fine job - but their stories are not picked up around the world. To put it crudely: Start a genocide - and you get attention. Start peace and development - and you get virtually none.
As if peace and a better life for more than 7 million people wasn't worthy to report...
TFF is one of the few organisations that follow and support the peace process in Burundi - through 11 fine civil society organisations in the country. You can read much more here, at our
Burundi Forum.
Below please find are some of the recent stories out of Burundi. There are more
Umuco News Agency
The leading Burundian portal for news and comments in French and English.

Reuters AlertNet - IRIN
Donor shortfall means basic needs not met
UN agencies in Burundi say that even though the country had now overcome many of its political problems, international donors were not providing enough funds to meet people's basic humanitarian needs. Only 45 percent of the agencies' US $121 million 2005 Consolidated Appeal has so far been funded...

UN News Centre
UN human rights expert appeals for international aid to post-war Burundi
With human rights abuses still taking place in Burundi, a United Nations independent human rights expert has appealed to the international community to support efforts by the country's Government to comply with the reforms called for in its 2000 peace agreement.

Reuters AlertNet - UNHCR
"Why is there no money for Burundi?"
The 'Angel of Burundi,' Marguerite Barankitse raises the all-important question!

UN News Centre
UNICEF pledges $3 million and fundraising support to schools

Catholic News Service
Burundi's church begin reconciliation - and soccer...

The Navhind Times
Women in Burundi
Burundi's newly elected President, Mr Pierre Nkurunziza believes that including women at all levels of government will help contribute to a lasting peace...

Reuters AlertNet
UN says troops stay in Burundi until peace is secure

United Nations
ONUB - the UN mission in Burundi

The Stimson Center
About ONUB - the UN mission in Burundi

WILPF - Peace Women
Interview with Mme Carolyn McAskie, head of ONUB mission

UN News Centre
UN and Burundi will start preparatory talks on Truth Commission

War, rural overpopulation stoke chronic hunger in Burundi

Burundi receives South African conflict-resolution award

Human rights abuses hit Burundi
Of course there are problems...

Reuters AlertNet
Iteka denounces rights violations

Reuters AlertNet
Rights Protections at Risk with New Government

Reuters AlertNet
New demobilisation team picked, list of ex-combatants being reviewed

Burundi ruling party wants gradual UN withdrawal
A forum of Peace partners to be soon established in Burundi

Reuters AlertNet
Hope and fear as Burundi's exiles come home
Rwanda's giant stride - and Burundi's

Reuters AlertNet
Gov't to neutralise rebel group in 2 months, President says

US to lift sanctions on Burundi

- and, finally, two excellent pieces in Swedish:

Patrik Stålgren i Göteborgs-Posten
Vänd inte ryggen åt Burundis folk
Med en ny president öppnas en möjlighet att bryta våldsspiralen i Burundi, skriver Patrik Stålgren.

Catharina Östman, Vasa Bladet, 8:e november 2005
Burundi - vad då?
Med utgångspunkt i Burundis positiva fredsprocess frågar Catharina Östman "Vore det inte på tiden med ett utvidgat nyhetsbegrepp där också det som redan görs för de drabbade i olika länder skulle lyftas fram - inte för att dölja problemen, utan som sporre för oss omkring att engagera oss ännu mer?"


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