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Biljana Vankovska

Born 1959, Dr. and Professor of Political Science and Military Law at the University of Skopje, Macedonia. She also teaches at Peace Program and European Studies Program at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje.
She is a member of numerous international associations, such as: ISA, IPRA, IPSA, IUS. She is a member of the Executive Board of IPSA/Research Committee on Armed Forces and Society.
Her research and teaching focus is on civil-military relations, Balkan security, international relations and peace research.

Dr. Vankovska joined the TFF as Associate in 1999. 


University of Skopje, Faculty of Philosophy
"Krste Misirkov" BB, POB 576 Skopje, Macedonia


+389 2 3077 553 (home)
Mobile: +389 70 389 567


+389 2 3066 232 (faculty)



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Articles by Biljana Vankovska

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Biljana Vankovska, December 30, 2011
In defence of Love

Biljana Vankovska, November 30, 2009
Newspaper column by Mr. Solana and Mr. Rehn
Is this a mafia-type proposal or just an ordinary blackmail - by these representaitves of European democracy?

Biljana Vankovska, November 27, 2009
Open Letter to Colleagues: Another European deficit: Does responsible scholarhip exist?

Biljana Vankovska, December 5, 2008
Obama named hope
A view from Macedonia - and beyond...

Biljana Vankovska, August 23, 2008
Kosovo - Macedonia's perspectives and dilemmas

Biljana Vankovska
1. Indecent proposal to Macedonia: Give up your name to get into NATO.
One of five newspaper columns that give offer insights on how the democratic West practises democracy in small states it has earlier contributed to destroy. This one on an attempt at blackmaiing...

Biljana Vankovska
2. To be or not to be - Macedonia

Biljana Vankovska
3. Macedonia after NATO's Bucharest Summit

Biljana Vankovska
4. Macedonia and Klein's Shock Doctrine
A TV interview never broadcasted

Biljana Vankovska
5. Interview with the Italien newspaper “Left Avvienimenti" in May 2008.

Biljana Vankovska, February 17, 2008
So hypothetical about Kosovo - A view from Macedonia

Biljana Vankovska, July 12, 2007
The framework Ohrid Agreement as a cradle of federalization
For a person who grew up in a federation (in its ‘golden years’ bought with foreign credits and loans from IMF), I can’t see why I should be scared of federalization - except for the still strong association with the bloody dissolution of Yugoslavia. ‘Badinter’ is nothing that should bother either ethnic Macedonians or Albanians. But let’s finally invite the real Mr. Badinter to Macedonia and let’s ask for his opinion about perspectives of the country in which he is called on literally every day!

Biljana Vankovska, June 26, 2006
The ageing EU Lady's hormonal problems: Human Security for chameleons
An impassioned discussion of the EU (Venus) and US (Mars), the militarization fo the EU disguised as 'human security' and what could be in it - if anything - for Macedonia and other Balkans countries. Since governments can't and won't, we better create human security ourselves, warns the author.

Biljana Vankovska, April 6, 2006
The role of the Ohrid Framework Agreement and the peace process in Macedonia - A reality check
The Macedonian case of conflict mitigation could and should indeed be taken as a paradigmatic and very didactic one. One could easily learn a lot on how not to carry out conflict prevention, and even more - on how not to rush into claiming a fantastic success story in post-conflict reconstruction. But the international community so-called really needs some success stories...

Biljana Vankovska, February 7, 2005
They kill children too, don't they?
What an absurd idea that Iraqis shall come to Macedonia to be tought how to protect themselves and do crisis management! Are there any limits to the hypocrisy and to how far Macedonia will go to be allowed into NATO?

Current Perspectives on Macedonia: the Struggle for Peace, Democracy and Security

State terror, terrorism, and the spiral of violence: A Balkan perspective

Western Civil-Society Empowerment and the Lessons Learned from the Balkans

The Macedonian Agreement - Restoring EU and NATO credibility rather than making peace

The situation in Macedonia, spring 2001

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