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Articles by non-TFF Associates

F e a t u r e s

"Transfer" to Iraq
June 30, 2004

Iqbal Siddiqui, Media Monirots Network
Transfer of power in Iraq is no more than a cynical exercise in public relations

Robert Fisk, ICH
A Pitiful Occasion for the People

Annia Ciezadlo, CSM
Old Iraqi council clings to key roles

Dan Murphy, CSM
Surprise ending: occupation over

Warren Hoge, Truthout
U.N. Rights Chief Warns of War Crimes in Iraq
A cut-and-run transition

Rajiv Chandrasekaran & Walter Pincus, Washingtonpost
U.S. Edicts Curb Power of Iraq's Leadership


Iraq Occupation Fiasco
June 30, 2004

Mark Follman, ICH
A Temporary Coup

Robert Parry,
Bush Sr.'s Iraq-Iran Secrets

CBC News
Bush continues to insist on link between bin Laden and Saddam

Jim Lobe, FPIF
Is the Neo-con Reign Over?

Jeffrey D. Sachs, IHT
America's Ignorance is a Threat to Humanity

Somini Sengupta, IHT
For Iraqi girls, fear and few options

Norm Dixon,
The Ties That Blind: How Reagan Armed Saddam with Chemical Weapons

William rivers Pitt, Truthout
Thank You, Michael Moore

Dexter Filkins & Somini Sengupta, Truthout
Iraq Government considers Using Emergency Rule

By Associated Press, Truthout
Clarke Calls Iraq war 'Enormous Mistake'

Robert Scheer, Truthout
Truth About Iraq Finally Has Its Pants On

Ernest F. Hollings, Truthout
The United States has Lost Its Moral Authority

Seymour M. Hersh, Truthout
Plan B

By Associated Press, Truthout
U.S. General: Fallujah Goals Not Achieved

The Memory
Bush Flatly Declares No connection Between Saddam and al Qaeda

The Secrets of Occupation: Scott Taylor on Iraq

Pauline H. Baker, U.S. Newswire
Fund For Peace Study Concludes that Iraq Has Descended Into a Failed State Syndrome

David Cortright, WarTimes
How to End the Occupation

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research
Who is Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi?

Curt Anderson, Yahoo News
9/11 Panel Disputes Iraq Link to Attacks

The Real Price of Iraq Occupation
June 30, 2004

Paying the Price: The Mounting costs of the War

By Associated Press, Truthout
Toll mounts in Iraq

US Bases in Iraq
June 30, 2004

Tom Bowman,
Iraq force may grow by 25,000

Jim Lobe,
Iraq-U.S.: Is it the Bases?

Kurt Nimmo,
US military bases - the spoils and deceptions of war

david Teather & Ian Traynor,
US to keep bases in Iraq

US to keep 20 bases in Iraq through 2006

Iraq Occupation Crisis
June 5, 2004

David Sirota, Christy Harvey,Judd Legum,
How Far the Mighty Have Fallen

G. Pascal Zachary.
Jail Don

Tom Engelhardt,
Postcards from the Edge

Nicholas von Hoffman,
The Big Lie

Barbara ehrenreich,
What Abu Ghraib Taught Me
Polygraph Tests In Chalabi Probe

Gen. Zinni: 'They've Screwed Up'

Stephen Zunes, Foreign Policy in Focus
President Bush's May 24 Speech on Iraq: A Critique

Jim Lobe, FPIF
Prisoner Abuse Calls into Question America's Position of Moral 'Exceptionalism'

Rory McCarthy, Guardian Unlimited
US pays up for fatal Iraq blunders

Julian Borger, Guardian
The spies who pushed the war

Gwynne Dyer, Common Dreams
It looks as if game is up for Americans in Iraq
Some 2,000 pages said to be missing from Senate's copy of prisoner abuse report

Carlos Fuentes, truthout
The Adventures of Bush the Crackpot

Spencer E. Ante and Stan Crock, truthout
The Other U.S. Military

William Rivers Pitt, truthout
The Iranian Spy in the House of Bush 

Sean Gonsalves, ICH
This is Your Bill for the War

The New Standard
Academic study finds White House used 27 rationales for Iraq war
New Images Amplify the Abuse at Iraq Prison - Report

Tom Squitieri and dave Moniz, USA Today
3rd of detainees who died were assaulted

Max Elbaum, War Times
Bush Policies Unravel

Iraq Sovereignty Charade
June 5, 2004

BBC News
USA sets limits to Iraqi self-rule

Paul Reynolds, BBC News
Humvees more telling than handover

Ian Williams, FPIF
Bush Administration Seeks UN Escape Hatch

The Resolutionary Road to a Transition in Iraq

Blackmail Efforts of the Bush Administration at the UN End in Failure This Time
Iraqi International Law Group

Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball, truthout
Tip of the Iceberg?

Reuters, truthout
Iraq Resolution Gives Wide Powers to U.S. Forces

Steven R. Weisman, The Wisdom Fund
Iraq's New Government Faces Bargaining Over Its Power

Pat M. Holt, CSM
US security, Iraqi freedom are unrelated

Brian Whitaker, Aor.Cat4.Net
Friends of the Family

Iraq Occupation Crisis
May 18, 2004

Michael Isikoff, News Week
Memos Reveal War Crimes Warnings
US soldiers abused young girl at Iraqi prison

William M. Arkin, Yahoo Groups
The Making of a Mob: Muddled, leaderless, high-pressure conditions set the stage for abuse in Iraq

Brad Knickerbocker, CSM
A Portrait of Who They Were

Information Clearing House
Purported Al Qaeda Leader Beheads US Civilian in Iraq
Bremer hints at US pullout from Iraq
New abuse photos are 'even worse'
Red Cross details abuse claims
Bush under fire from US ex-envoys
Iraqi inmate: 'Treated like dogs'

Philip Shenon,
CIA accused of link to Iraq prison torture
Poll: Iraqis conflicted about war, its impact
U.N. envoy: Iraqi government could be set up soon

Julian Borger, Guardian
Jailed Iraqis hidden from Red Cross, says US army

Luke Harding, Guardian
Focus shifts to jail abuse of women

Naomi Klein, Guardian
Mutiny is the only way out of Iraq's inferno

Yochi J. Dreasen & Christopher Cooper,
Behind the Scenes, US Tightens Grip on Iraq's Future

Jonh Vinocur, IHT
News Analysis: Concerned, NATO is not gloating on Iraq

William Pfaff, UHT
Who ordered 'shock and awe'?

Iraqi nationalism as exit strategy

Scott Peterson, CSM
In Fallujah, civility returns

Ann Scott Tyson, CSM
Insurgents in Iraq show signs of acting as a network

Lessons from Abu Ghraib

Naomi Klein, Green Left
Iraq Needs Genuine Democracy

Jonathan Franklin, News from Babylon
US contractor recruits guards for Iraq in Chile
Bremer 'knew of abuse in November'

Overseas Security Advisory Council
Staffers Quit at US

Steve Weissman, Truthout
Pottery Barn Blow Out: Why Should the UN Buy the Ura We Broke?

Jonathan Weisman, Truthout
$25 Billion More Sought to Fund Wars

Photo May Show Intelligence Officers in Charge

R. Whitaker, A. McSmith & A. Johnson, Truthout
Horrific New Evidence of Soldiers' Brutality in Iraq

Ray McGovern, Truthout
Reinforcements to Vietman? Oops, I Mean Iraq

Alexander G. Higgins, Truthout
Red Cross Report Describes Abuse in Iraq

Robert Fisk, Truthout
Smoke Them

Seymour M. Hersh, Truthout
Chain of Command

The Gray Zone

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout
The War is Lost

Seymour M. Hersh, The New Yorker
Annals of National Security
Chain of Command

Torture at Abu Ghraib

The Gray Zone

Toronto Star,
Editor to US-funded Iraqi Newspaper Quits

Mike Davis on the Pentagon's urban war planning

Adam Tanner, ICH
US officer tells of violence in Iraq prison

Richard Sale, United Press International
Iraqi pipelines attacks go unreported

Scott wilson,
US abuse worse than Saddam's, say inmates

Pat M. Holt, CSM
Wait...tell us again: Why is US in Iraq?

Clayton Collins, CSM
War-zone security is a job for...private contractors?

Wayne Madsen, Counterpunch, org
The Israeli Torture Template

Howard Zin, The Progressive
What Do We Do Now?

Whistleblower's Identity Revealed

William M. Arkin, Yahoo Groups
U.S. Military

Tracy Wilkinson, Yahoo News
A Double Ordeal for Female Prisoners

Images they didn't want you to see:
American coffins and US soldiers
torturing and sexually abusing Iraqis
April 30, 2004

Images of war in Iraq, March-April 2004 (video)

US soldiers coffins, the image turning Americans against Bush

Sacked for photo Americans were not meant to see

Photos of military coffins

Pentagon ban on pictures of dead troops banned

Bodies of foreign military contractors dragged through the streets of Fallujah

Abuse of Iraqis - CBS that broke the story

Abuse of Iraqis with retouched pictures (warning)

How far up does responsibility go?

US military in torture scandal, The Guardian

Video footage of Fallujah and the torture of Iraqis- ABC Australia

My horror at the sex abuse pictures

The American Terror on Iraq - series of photos showing various types of violence

President Bush expresses 'deep disgust'

We feature these shocking pictures not because the crimes are committed by Americans but because they tell you what the training for war, the humiliation of the opponent and the war situation itself can do to make perfectly normal human beings inhuman and cruel beyond words.


Iraq Occupation Fiasco

April 27, 2004

Allan Elsner, Reuters, April 27 2004
U.S. media more sceptical of Iraq policy
Reporters become less willing to accept Bush administrationpronouncements at their face value.

Sue Diaz, Chr Science Monitor, 27 Aprl 2004
A soldier's hope deferred in Iraq
A mother watching over her Army son's shoulder by e-mail sees shining promise of US mission turn sour

Connie Cass, Associated Press, April 27, 2004
Much of Iraq's forces have quit
About one in every 10 members of Iraq 's security forces " worked against" U.S. troops during the recent militia violence in Iraq, and an additional 40 percent walked off.

Louis Meixler, Associated Press, April 27, 2004
Kurdish-Iraqi leader blames the US
The U.S. allowed its troops to change from "an army of liberation" to "an army of occupation."

Jerusalem Post, April 27, 2004
The US uses cluster bombs in Fallujah
"In Fallujah, the American troops killed at least 800 people and wounded 1,800," Tareq told reporters. "We want to inform the world about the massacres and the human rights violations by the Americans in our city."

Arthur Neslen, The Guardian, April 27 2004
Al Jazeera does accurate reporting...
US forces recently demanded that a team from the Arabic TV station al-Jazeera leave Falluja as a condition for reaching a ceasefire with the local resistance, it came as no surprise

CBS News, TruthOut, April 27, 2004
Woodward shares war secrets
Bsuh to Rumsfeld, 'What have you got in terms of plans for Iraq? What is the status of the war plan? I want you to get on it. I want you to keep it secret.'"

PIPA, US Opinion Survey, April 27, 2004
Americans Continue to Believe Iraq Supported Al Qaeda and Had WMD
Despite statements by Richard Clarke, David Kay, Hans Blix and others, few Americans perceive most experts as saying the contrary.

David Edwards & David Cromwell, New Statesman, April 27, 2004
Fallujah - when the moral crusaders fell silent
The tone says it all. American "contracted civilians" (in fact mercenaries) had been "horribly butchered" in Fallujah, ITN reported, while Iraqi civilians had been "killed" or "caught in crossfire".

James Petras, Iraq Tunnel, April 27, 2004
So where are the Western intellectuals?
Falluja, Baghdad, Ramadi, Nasiriya--an entire people has risen to confront the colonial occupation army, its mercenaries, clients, and collaborators. The paralysis of the US leftist intellectuals, their inability to express solidarity with the Iraqi resistance is a disease which afflicts all "leftist" intellectuals in the colonial countries.

Daniel N. Nelson, Common Dreams, April 27, 2004
Defeat ultimately is self-failure - the symptoms of which are an irreparable imbalance between perceived or real threats and socioeconomic, political and military capacities. In that regard, defeat is the utter breakdown of individual, community, or national security.

Mona Eltahawy, Int Herald Tribune, April 27, 2004
Why the Arab world can thank Bush
Now thanks to the mistakes, blunders and heavy-handed tactics of the U.S. military, Iraqis know they can put up a fight.

William Greider, The Nation, April 27, 2004
Iraq as Vietnam
Wouldn't it be instructive to go back now and re-examine the "documents" the press provided Americans to understand why the United States must invade and conquer?

Reuters, April 27, 2004
Powell never considered resigning over Iraq
"I was always supportive og what we were trying to do."

Paul Krugman, New York Times, April 27, 2004
What went wrong?
The mess in Iraq was created by officials who believed what they wanted to believe, and ignored awkward facts. It seems they have learned nothing.

BBC - April 27, 2004
British ambassadors' letter to Tony Blair
Sent by more than 50 former British ambassadors to Tony Blair, urging him either to influence US policy in the Middle East or to stop backing it.

David Rose, Information Clearing House, April 27, 2004
Bush and Blair made secret pact for Iraq war
President George Bush first asked Tony Blair to support the removal of Saddam Hussein from power at a private White House dinner nine days after the terror attacks of 11 September, 2001.

Fallujah, the massacre

April 19, 2004

Jo Wilding, Occupation Watch, org, April 19, 2004
Eyewitness Report from Falluja, April 19, 2004
Human Rights Watch: US Action in Falluja Needs Investigation, April 19, 2004
Destroying a Town in Order to Save it

Christine Hauser & Kirk Semple, IHT, April 19, 2004
US toll mounting as battles roil Iraq, April 19, 2004
Falluja toll tops 600

Robert Fisk, ICH, April 19, 2004
Atrocity in Fallujah

Jeffrey Gettleman, IHT, April 19, 2004
Radical's anti-US wrath unleashed

Jeffrey Gettleman, IHT, April 19, 2004
Shiite cleric spurs uprising in Iraq

Special Features
Iraq Occupation Fiasco (April 19, 2004)

John Pilger, Newstatesman
Get out now

BBC News
Timeline: Hostages in Iraq

Heather Timmons, IHT
On Advertising: Selling Iraq on a new government

Christine Hauser, IHT
One Iraqi's view: 'I am worse off'

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research
Iraq and the "War on Terrorism"

Issei Kato, CSM
Iraq violence tests coalition unity

The Age
The $5 billion-a-month campaign

The Australian News
Send in the Wolfowitz Brigade

Arthur Schlesinger, Independent
This is Bush's Vietnam - the wrong war, at the wrong time, in the wrong place

David Rose, Guardian
Bush and Blair made secret pact for Iraq war

Jon Marino, Vote No
Washington Protest Calls for Return of U.S. Troops in Iraq

Tomgram: Schwartz, What triggered the Shia insurrection?

Special Features
Iraq Occupation Fiasco (April 16, 2004)

Dahr Jamail, The Nation
Sarajevo on the Euphrates: An eyewitness Account from Insde the US siege of Falluja

Robert Fisk & Patrick Cockburn, ICH
Deaths of Scores of Mercenaries not Reported
US Admits Killing Arab Journalists in Iraq

Gregory D. Johnsen, CSM
Arabs glued to TV news - but not to US-sponsored Al Hurra

Phyllis Bennis, FPIF
The Iraqi Constitution

Christina Asquith, CSM
Fundamentalists rush in

Eric Lichtblau, NYT
President Asked Aide to Explore Iraq Link to 9/11 Attacks

John F. Burns & Thom Shanker, NYT
US Officials Fashion Legal Basis to Keep Force in Iraq

Christine Spolar, Yahoo news
14 'enduring bases' set in Iraq

Daily Times
Britain and US at odds over Iraq policy

Jeffrey Shaffer, CSM
Iraq blurs the line between crime and war

Jonathan Steele, Guardian
Annan adviser attacks American occupation and Bremer's tactics

Emad Mekay, IPS news
Iraq: War Launched to Protect Israel - Bush Adviser

Paul Krugman, IHT
More mud than Watergate

Ken Dilanian, Detroit Free Press
US delivers 1st grim outlook on Iraq security

Robert Scheer,
Bush Puts a 'Cancer on the Presidency'
War Rationale: Version 10.0

Annia Ciezadlo, CSM
After an advocate's killing, Iraqi women try to stay course
A Video: It's Time for the Deception to Stop

The Times of India
Bush Popularity at a Low Point: Poll

Patrick Barrett, Guardian
US military 'pressuring' journalists

James P. Pinkerton, CSM
The Offense in Bush's 9/11 Defense

Special Features
Iraq Occupation Crisis (March 26, 2004)

Daniel Schorr, CSM
Was Bush Fixated on 'Getting Saddam?'

Ann Scott Tyson, CSM
US Soldiers Face Charges of Prisoner Abuse

Will Dunham, AlertNet
Report details low how US Army morale, suicide in Iraq

John F. Burns & Thom Shanker, NY Times
US Officials Fashion Legal Basis to Keep Force in Iraq

Stephen Zunes, FPIF
Iraq One Year Later

Peter Enav,
Report: Israel Wrong on Iraq Weapons
New Israel Told to Scrap Nuclear Arms

Julian Borger, Guardian
Bush 'wanted war in 2002'

Jens Munch, CSM
What Iraqis receive for their losses

Christine Spolar, Yahoo News
14 'enduring bases' set in Iraq

Ira Chernus, Common Dreams
Journalists Find Many Ways to Kill Truth in Iraq

Robert Fisk,
One Year On - War Without End

Missy Ryan,
Kay Implores US to Admit Mistakes in Iraq

Phyllis Bennis, FPIF
The Iraqi Constitution

Robert Fisk, truthout
New Iraq? Hooded Protest and Masked Statistics
Law of Administration for the State of Iraq for the Transitional Period

Ian Buruma, IHT
One Year Later: Imposing 'Universal Values'

Matthew Clark, CSM
Sistani says Iraq constitution a 'dead end'

Tom Barry, Right Web
Neocons' Iraq Strategy Now Focused on Syria

Special Features
Iraq Occupation Crisis - 1 Year (March 19, 2004)

BBC News
Survey Finds Hope in Occupied Iraq
US Unloading WMD in Iraq

Robert Fisk, ICH
Focus: One Year On - War Without End

Guardian Unlimited
Voices on Iraq

Amitai Etzioni, IHT
American Fantasy: Instant Democracy

Vali Nasr, IHT
Beware the Spread of Sunni Anger

William Pfaff, IHT
Blair Overstates the Threat of Terrorism

Frederick Bonnart, IHT
NATO Should Take the Lead Role in Iraq

Mustafa Abdel-Halim,
UN Return to Iraq 'Terrible Mistake': Former Envoy

Robert Fisk, Occupation Watch
Saddam may be gone but peace has not come

The Pew Research Center
A Year after Iraq War: Mistrust of America in Europe Even Higher, Muslim Anger Persists

Robert Fisk, ICH
The West Was Warned. Now it is Playing the Price of the 'War on Terror'

Eric Margolis, Toronto Sun
Bush's war is a financial disaster

Jim Lobe,
Foreign Policy Experts Urge Greater UN Role in Iraq
Poland was 'taken for a ride' about Iraq's WMD: President

Special Features
New Pentagon Papers (March 12, 2004)

Marc Cooper, LA Weekly
Soldier for the truth: Exposing Bush's talking-points war

Karen Kwiatkowski, Military Week
For Empire or Vocation, Ever Forward!

Karen Kwiatkowski,
The New Pentagon Papers
Deep Throat Returns: Insider Notes from the Pentagon

David Hackworth,
The War According to David Hackworth

Special Features
Occupation Crisis (Feb.27, 2004)

Assyrian Cancadian Lobbying Committee
Urgent Appeal for Worldwide Support

Matthew Clark, CSM
UN now backs elections in Iraq

Robert Fisk, ICH
The Fantasy of Democracy in an Arab State

Bryan Bender,
Report says military distorts war deaths

Carl Conetta, PDA
Disappearing the Dead: Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Idea of a "New Warfare"

Helene Despic-Popovic, truthout
Prostitutes are Easy Prey in Iraq

Maureen Dowd, NYT
The Thief of Baghdad

Hamza Hendawi, truthout
Iraq May Be Slipping Into Civil War

Tom Barry, Right Web
Iraq War Product of Neocon Philosophy of Intelligence

Israeli police storm al-Aqsa mosque compound

Ahmed Janabi, Aljazeera.Net
Iraqi women, children in US custody

The Globe and Mail
US threatens veto if Iraq enacts Islamic law
Archbishop calls on Blair to admit Iraq war was wrong

Scott Ritter, ICH
Confronting the Theocracy of Evil

Marwan Bishara, IHT
Propaganda TV won't help the US

New study finds: 11,000 to 15,000 killed in Iraq war

Jim Lobe, truthout
Chalabi, Garner Provide New Clues to War

T. Trent Gegax, truthout
Where's the Army's Suicide Report

MSNBC, truthout
US Troops Expected to Remain in Iraq for Years

Michael Isakoff & Mark Hosebball
Extraordinary Measures

Martin Bright, Peter Beaumont & Jo Tuckman, Guardian
British spy op wrecked peace move

Sara Corbett, ICH
The Permanent Scars of Iraq

Special Features
Iraq Occupation (Feb.13, 2004)

Emver Masud, TWF
Iraq: The $64 Lunch, $125,000 Truck Driver

Nicholas Blanfold, CSM
Divide and Conquer: Al Qaeda'a latest tactic in Iraq?

Gary Younge, Guardian
Ignorance is no Excuse

Julian Borger, Guardian
Ex-judge on Iraq inquiry 'involved in cover-up'

Scott Ritter, Houston Chronicle
Not everyone got it wrong on Iraqi WMDs

William Pfaff, IHT
In Munich, Rumsfeld's silence speaks volumes

Eric Margolis, TWF
Liars or Fools?

Scott Ritter, ICH
Kerry, Too, Needs to Clear the Air

Bjarne Steensbeck,
USA: NATO må hjælpe i Irak

Adib Al Jader, Al-Hayat
The Current Status of Human Rights in Iraq

David W. Moore, The Gallup Organization
Support for War in Iraq Drops

Greg Palast, Truthout
M'Lord Hutton Blesses Blair's Attack on BBC's Investigation of Iraq War Claims

Edward Wong, Truthout
Iraq's Path Hinges on Words of Enigmatic Cleric

Doug Saunders. The Globe and Mail
t's just wrong what we are doing

Thomas Powers, ICH
The Vanishing Case for War

Ray McGovern,
Still Smoke and Mirrors

Jim Lobe,
US Lawmakers Say Iraqi Council Plan Would Cut Women's Rights

Pamela Constable,
Women in Iraq Decry Decision to Curb Rights

Jim Krane, Yahoo News
Bin Laden May Have Recruiting Problems

Special Features
Occupation Crisis (Feb.6, 2004)

Paul Waugh, Independent
Intelligence chief's bombshell: 'We were overruled on dossier'

Ian Williams, FPIF
Blair's Pyrrhic Victories

Phyllis Bennis, FPIF
The U.S Begs for UN Backing in Iraq

William Pfaff, IHT
The end of Bush and Blair's friendship?

Chalmers Johnson,
Iraqi Wars

John Pilger, Information Clearing House
Blair's Mass Deception
US war machine nearly fell apart, army reveals

Brian Jones, Independent
There was a lack of substantive evidence... We were told there was intelligence we could not see'

Kenneth Pollack, Guardian
How did we get it so wrong?

Fraser Nelson & Jason Beattie,
British officers knew on eve of war that Iraq had no WMDs

David Stout, truthout
Tenet Says Analysts Never Painted Iraq as Immminents Threat

Jim Lobe,
US Lawmakers Say Iraqi Council Plan Would Cut Women's Rights

Special Features
Occupation Crisis (Jan. 27, 2004)

Jonethan Steele, the Guardian
Why the US is running scared of elections in Iraq

Foreign Policy in Focus
Regional Iraq in Focus Index

Associated Press, the Guardian
100,000 demand Iraqi elections

Amatzia Baram & Gabiel Weimann, CSM
Hussein's trial: Make it an unabashed media event

Daniel Williams, Washingtonpost
Iraqi Kurdish Leader Demands Guarantees

Iraq Between War and Peace

Special Features
Occupation Crisis (Jan. 16, 2004)

Beth Solomon,
Good News from Iraq - Pass the Pringles

Alia Fattouh, CSM
An Arab Liberal's anguish
Iraq weapons hunter steps down

Benjamin Duncan,
Political discontent hinders US PR

Edward M. Kennedy, Center for American Progress
America, Iraq and Presidential Leadership

Doug Giebel, Counterpunch
Leave Iraq? Hell No, We Won't Go!

Jim Lobe, FPIF
In 2003 TV News was "All Iraq, All the Time"

Luke Harding, the Guardian
US military 'brutalized' journalists

United States Department of State
Kittani call on under Secretary Eagleburger (secret )

Babak Dehghanpisheh, Newsweek
Refereeing in Hell

Kenneth Roth, Human Rights News
Letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

Karen Kwiatkowski, Truthout
Former Pentagon Insider: 'Neoconservative Propaganda Campaign Led to Iraq War'

Maggie Farley, Truthout
Iraqis Want Annan to Mediate with US, Ease Transition Pangs

Julian Coman, Telegraph
CIA plans new secret police to fight Iraq terrorism

The Globe and Mail
Shiites' unhappiness bodes ill for US efort in Iraq

The Modern Populist
Declassified Documents Shed Light on US/Iraq History

Walter Pincus, WashingtonPost
US Firm to Run Iraqi TV

US Foreign Aid Watch
raq's Smoking Gun Discovered - in White House Holster

Danish Tests Show Arms Found in Iraq not Chemical

Special Features
Iraqi WMD Deception (Jan. 9, 2004)

Scott Ritter, The Independent
Hutton stopped far short of a real investigation into the Blair government's abysmal abuse of power

Douglas Jehl, NYT
U.S. withdraws a team of weapons hunters from Iraq

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
WMD in Iraq: Evidence and Implications

Barton Gellman, Truthout
Iraq's Arsenal Was Only on Paper

Special Features
Occupation Crisis (Jan. 9, 2004)

Natsuki Ikezawa, Impala
On a Small Bridge in Iraq (pdf)
Rumsfeld's Iraq mission

Nomi Prins, Common Dreams Newscenter
Iraq Could Produce Another Enron

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout
The Five Hundred

Raad Alkadiri & Chris Toensing, MERIP
The Iraqi Governing Council's Sectarian Hue

Dan Murphy, CSM
Sunnis feel chill in new Iraq

Frederick Sweet, Intervention Magazine
More Deadly than Gas

Juan Cole, The Daily Star
Can the US keep Iraqi Shiites happy for long?

Ramin Mostaghim, TerraViva Europe
Iran: Trial of Saddam Hussein Would Raise Tricky Questions

Steven R. Weisman, IHT
U.S. to let Kurds keep autonomy

David Pratt, Sunday Herald
Saddam's capture: was a deal brokered behind the scenes

Bulgarian soldiers refuse duty in Iraq after deadly attack

Dahr Jamail, Information Clearing House
Conflicting Numbers and a Surreal Press Conference

Julian Coman, Telegraph
CIA plans new secret police to fight Iraq terrorism

Harry de Quetteville, Telegraph
Iraq faces ethnic conflict on new front after crisis talks fail

William M. Arkin, Yahoo Groups
LA Times Today: Saddam and U.S. Intelligence

Abu Spinoza, Dissident Voice, January 2, 2004
War Crimes, US Planners and Iraq's Water Vulnerability
A Conversation with Professor Thomas Nagy

Jim Lobe and Peyman Pejman, Asia Times, Jan. 2, 2004
Saddam is history, but who is the real enemy?

Jim Lobe, Asia Times, January 2, 2004
Rumsfeld and his 'odl friend' Saddam

Robert Fisk, Information Clearing House, Jan. 2, 2004
The occupiers, as ever, are damned either way - especially when the innocent die
UK charity seeks compensation over "lost" cancer drugs for Iraqi children

Information Clearing House, January 2, 2004
A Presentation on Iraq (Flash)

Gregg Zoroya, USA Today, January 2, 2004
Return of US war dead kept solemn, secret

Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald, January 2, 2004
Bush Planned Iraq's 'regime change' before becoming President

Eric Margolis, The Wisdom Fund, January 2, 2004
Saddam Captured: The Man Who Knew Too Much

Annia Ciezadlo, CSM, January 2, 2004
A scholarly soldier steps inside the world of Iraq's potent tribes

Anup Shah, The Iraq Crisis, January 2, 2004
Attack on Iraq

Michel Collon, CRG, January 2, 2004
Washington has found the solution "Let's divide Iraq as we did in Yugoslavia!"

David Pratt, Environmentalists Against War, Jan. 2, 2004
Revealed: Who Really Found Saddam?

Kenneth Roth, IHT, January 2, 2004
Try Saddam in an international court

William Pfaff, IHT, January 2, 2004
Saddam's capture bodes ill for Bush's re-election

Nicholas Rufford, Times Online, January 2, 2004
Revealed: how MI6 sold the Iraq war

Robert Sheer,, January 2, 2004
The US winked at Hussein's evil
We got what?


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1. TFF Associates' articles -
English and Nordic Languages

26. oktober 2003
Irak-høring - ja. Men hvad bør formålet være? (1)

26. oktober 2003
Irak-høring skal fremme en politik til gavn for irakerne (2)

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2. TFF PressInfos about Iraq

PressInfo # 183, 28 mai 2003, på dansk
Vil du vide, hvem de amerikanere er, som styrer Irak?

PressInfo # 182, 21 maj 2003, på svenska
Hamburgarfilosofi för snabblagning av Iraks utbildningsväsen

See also Collection Iraq 2 for more articles


3. Jonathan Power's columns

May 14, 2003
The unsuccessful wars of Afghanistan and Iraq

May 7, 2003
Is there an alternative to European estrangement from America?

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4. Nordiska Feature-artiklar om Irak
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Major Frank Søholm Grevil
Danmarks første whistleblower mod løgnene om Irak og Danmarks krigsdeltagelse

Berlingske Tidende 19. februar 2004

Berlingske Tidende 21. februar 2004

Berlingske Tidende 21. februar 2004 (b)

Berlingske Tidende 22. februar 2004

Berlingske Tidende 1. marts 2004

Information 14. april 2004

Information 14. april 2004

Berlingske Tidende 14. april 2004 Debatt, 26 mars 2004
"Folkpartiet mest i otakt med väljarna"

Thomas dyhr,, 26 marts 2004
Høringen om Irak-Krigen i Folketinget

Aftonbladet, mars 26, 2004
Ockupation ger inte demokrati och frihet

Tom Vilmer Paamand,, 26 marts 2004
Danmark oprustede Irak, 26 marts 2004
Høring om Irak-krigen

Sverker Åström, Aftonbladet
Vi måste ta initiativ - nu!

Michael Seidelin,
Amerikansk general: borgerkrig truer i Irak

DR 30. oktober 2003
Dyb uenighed om Irak-høring

Hans-C. von Sponeck og
Coilín Oscar ÓhAiseadha
Sanktionerne mod Irak

See also Collection Iraq 2 for more articles



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