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Articles by non-TFF Associates

F e a t u r e s

Special Features
Occupation Crisis (Dec. 5, 2003)

Howard LaFranchi, CSM
Bound to Iraq, Kurds eye options

John Gershman, Foreign Policy in Focus
The Progressive Response

Oliver Burkeman & Julian Borger, the Guardian
War Critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal

Susan Sachs, NY Times
Iraq Picks American as Ambassador to U.S.

Randall Richard, Truthout
At Least 17 U.S. Troops Have Committed Suicide in Iraq, Army Seeks Answers

Mark Matthews, Truthout
Iraq War Providing a Boost to Al-Qaida

Eric Boehlert, Truthout
"The President Ought to be Ashamed"

Andrew M. cockburn, Common Dreams
Tired, Terrified, Trigger-Happy

Jeff Wilkinson, Common Dreams
U.S. Tactics in Iraq May Backfire, Critics Say
In Tikrit, US Destroys Homes of Suspected Guerrillas

Robert Fisk, Common Dreams
Under US Control, Press Freedom Falls Short in Iraq

Leslie H. Gelb, IHT
Divide Iraq into three states

John F. Burns, IHT
Iraq is grim, hopeful and still scary

Naomi Klein, the Guardian
Iraq is not America's to sell

Robert Greenworld, DVDs
"Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War"
Watch the trailer

War Report
Iraq War and Aftermath, Afghan Aftermath

Leonard Doyle & Stephen Castle, Trithout
U.S. Agrees to International Control of its Troops in Iraq

Sott Ritter, CSM
Defining the resistance in Iraq - it's not foreign and it's well prepared

Windfalls of War, The Center for Public Integrity
Winning Contractors

Phyllis Bennis, Foreign Policy in Focus
The Madrid Donors Conference: A Cover for Maintaining U.S. Control

Special Features
Occupation Crisis (Nov. 7, 2003)

Brian Ross and Chris Vlasto, abc News
Possible Deal Aborted?

Dan Murphy, CSM
Baghdad's tale of two councils
Sabotage still clogs Iraq's oil

Gary Leupp, Counter Punch
On the Iraq War Casualty Figures

Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian Unlimited
Up tp 15,000 people killed in invasion, claims thinktank

Michael Howard, Guardian Unlimited
Give Iraqis control of security, leader tells US

Neil MacFarquhar, IHT
Arabs are of two minds in Iraq

Don Van Natta Jr. and Desmond Butler, IHT
Hundreds of militants head to Iraq for jihad

Maureen Dowd, IHT
With his eyes shut, Bush sees an improving Iraq

Jim Lobe, IPS
Iraq: Who Are the Bombers?

Development Gateway
Iraq: Relief and Recovery - conference

Thomas Catán,
Iraq business deals may be invalid, law experts warn

Judith Graham, CentreDaily
Military families grow angry with state of Iraq war

Patrick Cockburn, The Independent
Saddam 'not organizaing' Iraqi anti-US resistance

Steve Vogel, washingtonpost
Soldiers Miss Flights Back to Iraq

Mrgaret Neighbour, The Scotsman
Aziz - Saddam thought US was bluffing

Special Features
Occupation Crisis (Oct. 31, 2003)

Steven R. Weisman, IHT
U.S. faulted on hostile image in Arab world

Phyllis Bennis, The Institute for Policy Studies
Talking Points: Iraq, the UN, & U.S. Corporations

Brad Knickerbocker, CSM
Iraq war's human toll could be felt for decades

James Hider, CSM
Iraq's leaky border with Iran

Dan Murphy, CSM
Iraqi police in the cross hairs of anti-US forces

Richard lloyd Parry, Truthout
Iraqi Police Ready to Turn Guns on US Troops

Peter Ford, CSM
Iraqi Tribunal stirs fierce debate

Frank Davies,
Study: Wrong impressions helped support Iraq war

Enver Masud, The Wisdom Fund
New Constitution a Pretex for Exploiting Iraq

Robert Fiisk, Information Clearing House
Oil, War and a Growing Sense of Panic in the US
Unless the White House Abandons its Fantasies, Civil War will Cocsume the Iraqi Nation

John PIlger, Newstatesman
War on truth

Special Features
Occupation & guerilla war

67% of the Iraqis see US as occupier

The Dawn, Pakistan - Blasts herald the start of guerilla war, says experts

Yahoo-USA Today - Iraq guerilla in no danger of running out of weapons


How the polls on Iraq were manipulated - Zogby

Iraq - Condemned to Debt
(October 23, 2003)

The World Bank, Iraq Reconstruction

Compensation to Kuwait

Paul Bremer on Iraq's reconstruction

What will happen to Iraq's debt? - Several links

Iraq's debt too big

Jubilee Iraq - Iraqi should not pay Saddam's bills

Cancelling Iraq's debt - building a campaign

Odious debts, ease Iraq's debt burden

Let Iraqis rebuild their country

Control of the oil revenues: promises before the war...

And US sanctions continue!

Even $30 billion falls short of Iraq's estimated needs

Enver Masud's Open Letter to the Iraqis

Dana Milbank, Washington Post, Oct 21, 2003
Curtains ordered for media coverage of returning coffins

Human Rights Watch, October 21, 2003
Civilian deaths need US investigation

Gerry Lower, NewsInsider Oct 22, 2003
Iraqi Oil Democracy and American Oil Despotism

CNN, Oct 18, 2003
Rumsfeld defends general who commented on war and Satan

Thomas Friedman, IHT Oct 17, 2003
If Bush could hear

Ted Kennedy, Senate Floor Remarks
Before the war, week after week after week after week, we were told lie after lie after lie after lie.

Special Features

Occupation Crisis
(October 17, 2003)

James Ridgeway, the Village Voice
Counting the Bodies

Anup Shah, The Iraq Crisis
Attack on Iraq

abc News
Rumsfeld Sees No Link Between Iraq, 9/11

Peter Finn and Susan Schmidt
Al Qaeda Plans A Front in Iraq

Jonathan Schell,
The Importance of Losing the War

Phyllis Bennis, The Institute for Policy Studies
Back to the UN...

Andrew Walker, BBC News
Iraq oil assets 'up for sale'

Robert Schlesinger,
Rumsfeld, Army leaders in discord

Seth Porges, Editor&Publisher
Bush 9/11 Admission Gets Little Play

Linda Feldman, CSM
Bush Support Softens

Peter Ford, CSM
Clock Ticking for US to Sway Iraqis

Democracy Now
"The Crazies are Back": Bush Sr.'s CIA Briefer Discusses How Wolfowitz and Allies Falsely Led the US to War

Ian Williams, Foreign Policy in Focus
A Story of Two Speeches: Kofi Annan and George W. Bush

Duncan Campbell, Guardian
'You lied, they died,' US Parents tell Bush

Zaki Chehab, Guardian
Inside the Resistance

Ben Wootliff, Guardian
Bush pals hired to rewrite Iraqi law

Scott Peterson, CSM
How Wahhabis fan Iraq insurgency

Patrci E. Tyler, IHT
Iraqis plan US visit to press for self-rule

Maureen Dowd, IHT
Just don't mention Saddam or bin Laden

Eric Pfanner, IHT
New Iraqi oil minister is optimistic on output

Neil MacFarquhar, IHT
The battle for hearts and minds

October 16, 2003
UN Resolution 1511 on Iraq
The text of the resolution

Jay Shaft, Scoop, Oct 13, 2003
US Soldiers to America: Bring us home now!

Special Features
Occupation Crisis
(September 11, 2003)

Peter Finn and Susan Schmidt, washingtonpost
Al Qaeda Plans A Front in Iraq

Jonathan Schell,
The Importance of Losing the War

Robert Schlesinger,
Rumsfeld, Army leaders in discord

Ben Wootliff, Guardian
Bush pals hired to rewrite Iraqi law

Scott Peterson, CSM
In Iraq, one incident, two stories

Neil MacFarquhar, NY Times
Iraqi Shiites Flex Muscle Even as They Mourn

John Pilger, NewStatesman
War on truth

Vernon Loeb,
Report: Attacks on U.S. Personnel in Iraq Rising

Will Dunham, Reuters
U.S. Public Backs Iraq Mission Despite Rising Toll

Special Features
Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq
(September 5, 2003)

Statement by Ambassador Bremer
Daily Update Archives
Ministries of Iraq

Ilene R. Prusher, CSM
New step toward Iraqi self-rule

Nadim Ladki, Reuters
Iraq Council Names Ministers in Step to Self-Ruile

Special Features
Occupation Fiasco
(September 5, 2003)
Aljazeera's homepage

Scott Peterson, CSM
An Iraqi family faces chaotic times
An Iraqi whose art spans worlds

James Carroll,
Facing the truth about Iraq

Robert Scheer, LA Times
Bush Was All Too Willing to Use Émigrés' Lies

Marjorie Cohn,
The Thin Blue Line between the US and the UN

Stansfield Turner, CSM
Hubris repeats itself ... in Iraq

Dexter Filkins, IHT
Gaining in chaotic Iraq: Idea of a big militia

Douglas Jehl , IHT
News Analysis: U.S. weighs how to get UN help with Iraq

Thomas L. Friedman, IHT
U.S. Iraq policy needs an emergency lobotomy

Ted Rall, Information Clearing House
Iraqi Resisters Are Patriots

Ilene R. Prusher, CSM
Iraqis threaten to go it alone

Vernon Loeb,
Number of Wounded in Action on Rise

Cameron W. Barr, CSM
Outside a mosque, Sunnis critique the new Iraq

Racy Wilkinson, LA Times
Resistance in Iraq Is Home Grown

Michael Dobbs, truthout
Halliburton's Deals Greater Than Thought

Julian Borger, truthout
US Turns Ally Into Enemy

Rowan Scarborough, The Washington Times
U.S. miscalculated security for Iraq

Bob Drogin, LA Times
U.S. Suspects It Received False Iraq Arms Tips

Bill Berkowitz, Information Clearing House
Wounded, Weary And Disappeared

Special Features
Occupation Crisis
(August 29, 2003)

Paul Markham, MMN
A Bridge too Far - Iraq and the longevity of the American Empire

Bob Burton, IPS
Unanswered Questions about Iraq Weapons Puzzle Critics

Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 7
Monitoring and Preventing Media Activity Inimcal to the Security of the Coalition Provisional Authority

David Bacon, CounterPunch
"War Makes Privatization Easy" - In Iraq, Labor Protest is a Crime

Simon Jeffery, Guardian
War may have killed 10,000 civilians, researchers say

Andrew Murray, Guardian
Hostages of the empire

Eric Hobsbawm, Guardian
America's imperial delusion

Scott Peterson, CSM
Iraq aid groups reduce presence

Human Rights Watch
Iraq: U.S.Should Investigate al-Falluja

Michael Leon, CounterPunch
If You Don't Believe Us, You Support Saddam. Missing Weapons, Shrinking Bush and the Media

John Pilger,
Now We Are the Iraq Extremists

Bremer Iraq Effort to Cost Tens of Billions

Robert Fisk, CounterPunch
The Ugly Truth of Camp Cropper - A Torture Story to Shame Us All
What Osama Might Learn from UN Bombing - Why the US Needs to Blame Anyone But Locals

Peter Slevin & Vernon Loeb, truthout
Bremer: Iraq Effort to Cost Tens of Billions For Iraq

Ray McGovern,
The Paper Trail to War

Howard Zinn,
The Specter of Vietnam

Andrew Buncombe, IMTV
US admits it used napalm bombs in Iraq

Caoimhe Butterly, Voices in the Wilderness
The things that keep us here

Robert Fisk, ZNet
US Troops Turn Botched Saddam Raid Into a Massacre

John Pilger, ZNet
The War On Truth

Special Features
Women in Iraq
(August 29, 2003)

Susan Milligan, news
Iraqi women recoiling in fear of crime

Peggy Gish, CPTnet
Iraq: Women working for equality

Ilene R. Prusher, CSM
In freer Iraq, new curbs on women's wear

Peace Women
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Articles about Iraq
Founding of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq

The Jordan Times
'Over 400 Iraqi women kidnapped, raped in postwar chaos'

Iraq Occupation Watch
Women Articles

WCPI (Iraq)
Establishing the Organisation of Women's Freedom in Iraq is a historic event

WCPI (Iran)
Foundation Statement: Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI)

Special Features
Occupation Crisis
(August 26, 2003)

Isam al-Khafaji, Information Clearing House
"I Did Not Want To Be a Collaborator"

John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton,
The Fog of War Talk

Bryan Bender, The Boston Globe
US debates bid to kill Hussein and avoid trial

Andrew England,
U.S. troops using confiscated Iraqi AK-47s

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
Defense, conflict and crises analyses

Kevin Begos, CSM
Chaos spurs Iraq small business

Rym Brahimi,
'12 attacks daily' on U.S. convoys

Ann Scott Tyson, CSM
Coalition curbs wild Iraqi press
Iraqis sample free enterprise

Robert Fisk, Focus on the Global South
Bush's Crumbling Authority in Iraq: Now No One is Safe

Nicholas Blanford and Dan Murphy, CSM
For Al Qaeda, Iraq may be the next battlefield

Jim Lobe, FPIF
Bush Administration Divided Over the Road to Tehran

Gordon Thomas,
America's Gulag for Iraq's VIP Prisoners

ABC NewsOnline
Govt 'lied every time' over Iraq, Wilkie says

Amiram Cohen & Akiva Eldar, Haaretz
Paritzky to discuss transfer of oil from Iraq during U.S. visit

Human Rights Watch
The War in Iraq and International Humanitarian Law (FAQ)

L Paul Bremer 3rd, IHT
How to negotiate a dangerous path in Iraq

Maureen Dowd, IHT
Another optimistic Bush fantasy up in smoke

Agence France-Presse, IHT
Sabotage deprives Baghdad of water

Eric Schmitt, IHT
U.S. plans Iraqi force for civil defense

Hassan Fattah, CSM
In Baghdad, power to - and from - the people

Peyman Pejman, IPS
Shiite Leaders Not a Threat, For Now
Human Rights Become an Alien Force

Marty Logan, IPS
Panel to Hear Submissions on Alleged Coalition War Crimes

Ricardo Grassi, IPS
Thousands of Children Could Die

Scott Peterson, CSM
Iraqis grapple with post-war radioactivity
Waiting for compensation on Baghdad's Street No. 2

James Conachy, World Socialist Web Site
US launched air war against Iraq in 2002

Patrick Walters,
Canberra defies troop call
US troops 'manhandle' reporter

R.S. Zaharna, CSM
Repeat: Iraq is not a modern-day Germany

Michael Georgy, Reuters
Shi'ites March in Iraqi City After Attack on Cleric

Nicholas Birch, CSM
Rise of Iraq's Shiites could pose threat to Iran's clerical rulers

Walter Pincus & Kevin Sullivan,
Scientists Still Deny Iraqi Arms Programs

Mark Huband, truthout
Saudis in Iraq 'Preparing For a Holy War'

The White House (1990/2003), truthout
Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Iraq

Dana Milbank & Mike Allen, truthout
U.S. Shifts Rhetoric On Its Goals in Iraq

David Walsh, World Socialist Web Site
The killing of Hussein's sons: the Nuremberg precedent and the criminalization of the US ruling elite

Julian Borger & Jonathan Steele, ICH
The Last Moments of Saddam's Grandson

Eric Margolis, Toronto Sun
U.S. mired in a mess of its own making

Anthony Shadid & Daniel Williams, washingtonpost
U.S. Recruiting Hussein's Spies

Don Williams, ICH
War Foes Were Right

Kevin Begos, CSM
War, terror, and poverty rob Iraq of bridegrooms

Heather Wokusch, CDNC
Who Profits from Erasing Iraq's Debt?

Howard LaFranchi, CSM
World balks at growing Iraq perils

Peter Grier, CSM
World's arc of crisis at high pitch

AFP, Yahoo News
Iran and Turkey slam US-led coalition over instability in Iraq

Reuters, Yahoo News
Rebuilding Iraq May Cost Up to $100 Billion, Bremer Says

Lisa Ashkenaz Croke,
Amnesty International Banned From U.S. Prison Camp in Iraq

Special Features
Irak og dansk Irak-politik
(22 augusti 2003)
Flertal for at sende flere soldater til Irak

Kirsten Sparre, CFJE
Dansk ja til krig forsvandt i aviserne

Adam Hannestad,
Journalister fængsles i Irak

Journalister i krig - om mediedækningen af Irak-krigen
Dansk Irakchef vil have flere soldater til Irak

Henrik Kaufholz og Jakob Nielsen,
Interview: 'Irakdebat er en teoretisk diskussion'

Henrik Kaufholz,
Lykketoft: Meningsløst, Fogh

Jakob Nielsen,
Fogh: Debat om Irakkrig er surrealistisk

Kristian Klarskov,
Dansk telefondiplomati om Irak

Special Features
"Occupation Crisis"
(August 20, 2003)

Steven R. Weisman with Felicity Barringer, Austin American Statesman
U.S. abandons plan for greater U.N. role in Iraq

Bob Dart,
Soldiers' families protest war in Iraq

BBC News
Iraq oil back on line

Bring them home now

Rescuers Search Rubble at Devastated UN Iraq HQ

CNN Access (interview)
Gen. Wesley Clark: Iraq war based on 'misjudgment'

Cost of the War in Iraq

Environmentalists Against War
CIA and DoD Attempted to Plant WMDs in Iraq - and Failed

Bill Powell, Fortune
Power Struggle

Paul-Marie de La Gorce, Gulf News
America will pay the price if it ignores Iraqi nationalism

Steven R. Weisman, IHT
Bush rejects expanding UN role in Iraq

Neil MacFarquhar, IHT
Iraqi religious courts fill vacuum

Richard A. Oppel Jr., IHT
Thirst for news prompts media free-for-all in Iraq

Thomas L. Friedman, IHT
The real reasons for going to war

Thomas L. Friedman, IHT
Young Iraqis want to break the mold

Thomas L. Friedman, IHT
U.S. power in Iraq? Let's start with electricity

Cameron W. Barr, CSM
In Iraq, US sees influence of Al Qaeda

Jo Dillon,
Revealed: last-minute changes to Iraq dossier

Ferry Biedermann, IPS
'Why I Attacked US Troops'

Anthony Shadid,
Iraqi Clerics Unite in Rare Alliance

Thalif Deen, IPS
U.S. Bartering Arms for Soldiers for Iraq

Jim Lobe, IPS
War Critics Zero In on Pentagon Office

Bremer Says U.S. Troops Are 'Not Sitting Ducks'

Michael Georgy, Reuters
Power Crisis Strangles Iraq's Lifeblood - Oil

Nadim Ladki, Reuters
Iraq's Muslim Clerics Warn U.S.; Two GIs Wounded

Neil MacFarquhar, NY Times
Shiite Group Plans Militia to Protect Holy Sites From G.I.'s

James W. Crawley, San Diego Union-Tribune
Officials confirm dropping firebombs on Iraqi troops

Edward Epstein,
Troops in Iraq Face Pay Cut

Lael Brainard and Michael E. O'Hanlon, Global Politics
The Heavy Price of America's Going It Alone

Cameron W. Barr, CSM
The making of an Iraqi guerrilla: one man's tale

Mark Fineman, LA Times
U.S. Plans to Supply AK-47s to Iraqi Army

NY Times
White House Fantasies on Iraq

Andrew England, Yahoo News
Porn, Drugs, Weapons Hit Baghdad Streets

Howard Zinn, ZNet


1. Articles by TFF Associates
TFF PressInfos
Jonathan Power's Columns
Nordiska Feature-artiklar
...or scroll...


1. TFF Associates' articles -
English and Nordic Languages

26. oktober 2003
Irak-høring - ja. Men hvad bør formålet være? (1)

26. oktober 2003
Irak-høring skal fremme en politik til gavn for irakerne (2)

Bengt Silfverstrand, 3 juli 2003
USA ut ur Irak. Självbestämmande för Iraks folk.

David Krieger, June 23, 2003
The Big Lie

Else Hammerich & Jan Øberg - 5. juni, 2003
Lovende initiativ af Anders Fogh Rasmussen til en Mellemøsten-Europa fredsproces

Jan Öberg, 21 maj 2003
Irakierna Behandlas Rasistiskt

David Krieger, May 14, 2003
Ten Lessons of the Iraq War

Sören Sommelius, 7 maj 2003
Försökte Pentagon tysta medierna?

Jan Öberg, 27 april 2003
Nej till USA - men kanske ja till ickevåldsmotstånd?

Sören Sommelius, 15 april 2003
Mediemanipulation av sällan skådat slag?

Christian Hårleman, 15 april 2003
Frågor efter ett Krig

David Krieger, April 15, 2003
The Meaning of Victory


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Sören Sommelius, 2 april 2003
Medier under attack

Else Hammerich, 26 marts 2003
Alternativer til Krig mod Irak

Richard Falk & David Krieger, March 26, 2003
A Modest Proposal: Giving Bush and Blair a Deadline

Sören Sommelius, 24 mars 2003
". . . att USA måste lydas. . .

Madhi Elmandjra, March 24, 2003
WorldNow: World faced with 'mega imperialism'

Madhi Elmandjra, March 24, 2003
We Have Entered the Era of the Second War of Civilisations

Jan Öberg, 24 mars 2003
Låt oss använda krigstiden konstruktivt

Chaiwat Satha-Anan, March 24, 2003
By What Authority? The American Empire and the Future of Peace

David R. Loy, March 24, 2003
A Buddhist Perspective on the New Gulf War

Richard Falk, March 24, 2003
Will the Empire be Fascist?

Richard Falk, March 19, 2003
Challenging the United Nations

Sören Sommelius, 19 mars 2003
Är det så här krig startas i dag?

Richard Falk, March 12, 2003
Why International Law Matters

Sören Sommelius, 12 mars 2003
Illustrerade guider till kriget

Burns H. Weston, March 12, 2003
Citizenship and War with Iraq

Christian Hårleman, 5 mars 2003
Iraks arme på pappret, på film - och i verkligheten

David Krieger, WagingPeace, March 5, 2003
Five Ways to Stop War

Jan Øberg, CounterPunch, February 24, 2003
Political Fundamentalism in DC: Will Bush Prevail or Listen and Think?

Jörgen Johansen & Jan Öberg,
DN, 24 februari 2003
Kofi Annan kan stoppa kriget

Gunnar Westberg, Svenska Läkare mot kärnvapen, 24 feb 2003

Åbent Brev til folketing og regering, Brændpunkt Irak, 24 feb 2003
Tænk på konsekvenserne

Jan Øberg, DR debat, 24 februar 2003
Løs konflikten på fredelig vis

Christian Hårleman & Jan Öberg, 16 februari 2003
Öppet Brev till Anna Lindh

Jan Halldin, Göteborgs Posten, 14 februari 2003
Nedrustning den glömda frågan

Johan Galtung, February 14, 2003
USA-Iraq: There are Alternatives! And Resistance is Possible

February 14, 2003
On the Brink of War

Jan Øberg i Danmarks Radio, 11 februari, 2003
Den direkte Debat på P1 med Poul Friis

Jan Öberg i Sydnytt, 11 februari 2003
"Irakmannen - Jan Öberg"

Michael Renner, February 7, 2003
Post-Saddam energy visions

Michel Chossudovsky, February 7, 2003
Fabricating an Enemy

Richard Falk and David Krieger, February 7, 2003
The Iraq Crisis and International Law

Richard Falk, February 7, 2003
Why International Law Matters

TFF Director, in The Japan Times, February 6, 2003
Reasoning against an Iraqi catastrophe

Scilla Elworthy, January 24, 2003
TFF in Baghdad

Jan Oberg, December 27, 2002
The most common misunderstandings about Iraq. Speech given by Jan Oberg in Berlin, November 2002


2. TFF PressInfos about Iraq

PressInfo # 183, 28 mai 2003, på dansk
Vil du vide, hvem de amerikanere er, som styrer Irak?

PressInfo # 182, 21 maj 2003, på svenska
Hamburgarfilosofi för snabblagning av Iraks utbildningsväsen

PressInfo # 183, May 14, 2003
Do you want to know who the Americans running Iraq really are?
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

PressInfo # 182, 14 mai 2003, på dansk
En burger-filosofi skal give en hurtig patentløsning på Iraks uddannelsessystem

PressInfo # 182, April 24, 2003
Burger philosophy to quick fix Iraq's education system

PressInfo # 181, April 15, 2003
A Personal View on Iraq: Where is the Truth?

PressInfo # 180, 15 april 2003, på svenska
Förlust i alla tre krigen i Irak

PressInfo # 180, 15 april 2003, på dansk
Tre krige, alle at tabe, i Irak

PressInfo # 179, 15 april 2003, på svenska
Likheter mellan Bush och Hussein och USA och Irak

PressInfo # 179, 15 april 2003, på dansk
Ligheder mellem Bush og Hussein og mellem USA og Irak

PressInfo # 180, April 2, 2003
Losing all three wars on Iraq

PressInfo # 179, March 26, 2003
Similarities between Bush and Hussein and the U.S. and Iraq

PressInfo # 178, March 26, 2003
Shock but not Awe

PressInfo # 177, 26 marts 2003, på dansk
Forsømte Kofi Annan en lejlighed til at standse eller udsætte krigen?

PressInfo # 176, 26 marts 2003, på dansk
Hvorfor sikkerhedsrådet aldrig vil hæve sanktionerne mod Irak

PressInfo # 177, March 18, 2003
Did Kofi Annan miss an opportunity to stop the war?

PressInfo # 176, March 12, 2003
Why the SC will never lift the sanctions on Iraq

PressInfo # 176, 24 mars 2003, på svenska
Varför säkerhetsrådet aldrig kommer att häva sanktionerna mot Irak

PressInfo # 175, March 12, 2003
The US and Kuwait undermine the UN by entering the demilitarised zone on the Kuwait-Iraq border

PressInfo # 175, 17 mars 2003 på svenska
USA och Kuwait undergräver FN genom att gå in i den demilitariserade zonen på gränsen mellan Irak och Kuwait

PressInfo # 175, 19. marts, 2003, på dansk
USA og Kuwait underminerer FN ved at gå ind i den demilitariserede zone på grænsen mellen Irak og Kuwait

PressInfo # 174, March 10, 2003
Dan Rather-a-Joke

PressInfo # 174, 17. marts, 2003, på dansk
Dan Rather-a-Joke. Eller den frie presse når den er bedst

PressInfo # 173, March 5, 2003
Sanctions - our moral problem

PressInfo # 173, 14 mars 2003, på svenska
Sanktionerna - vårt moraliska problem

PressInfo # 172, February 24, 2003
Iraq and the Failures of Democracy

PressInfo # 171, February 22, 2003
Peace in Baghdad, A Story of Hope

PressInfo # 171, 5 mars 2003, på svenska
Fred i Bagdad, en berättelse om hopp

PressInfo # 171, 5 mars 2003, på dansk
Fred i Bagdad, en historie om håb

PressInfo # 170, 18 February 2003
A Road to Peace with Iraq - Europe's Choice

PressInfo # 170, 19 februari 2003, på svenska
En väg till fred med Irak - Europas val

PressInfo # 170, 19 februari 2003, på dansk
En vej til fred med Irak - Europas valg

PressInfo # 169, 17 February 2003
Will Bush prevail, or listen and think? - Reflections on February 15, 2003

PressInfo # 169, 24 februari 2003, på svenska
Ska Bush få råda eller ska han lyssna och tänka?

PressInfo # 169, 24 februar 2003, på dansk
Vil Bush fremture eller lytte og tænke?

PressInfo # 168, December 28, 2002
A UN mandate does not make war on Iraq right!

PressInfo # 168, 24 januari 2003, på svenska
Ett krig mot Irak blir inte rätt för att det har FN-mandat!

PressInfo # 168, 17 januari 2003, på dansk
Et FN mandat gør ikke en krig mod Irak mere rigtig

Pressmeddelande - Pressemeddelelse
Ny rapport slår larm om risker för smittkoppsepidemi vid Irak-krig

PressInfo # 167, December 6, 2002
Iraq - Twelve Years of Sanctions: Justified Punishment or Illegal Treatment?



3. Jonathan Power's columns

May 14, 2003
The unsuccessful wars of Afghanistan and Iraq

May 7, 2003
Is there an alternative to European estrangement from America?

April 27, 2003
Now we know: There need be no clash of civilizations

April 2, 2003
Europe's culture of war has changed

March 26, 2003
War is becoming unnatural

March 19, 2003
A post war Europe will be very different

March 5, 2003
We have to keep a sense of proportion about war

February 24, 2003
The Tide of Opinion on Iraq has clearly turned

January 24, 2003
The U.S. and Russia have been hypocritical about biological weapons

January 17, 2003
Is there a morality that can avoid war?

January 9, 2003
With confronting woud-be nuclear powers credibility is everything

December 27, 2002
For the New Year's Eve fireplace of Bush and Blair: a sermon against war

How Iraq might defeat the mighty U.S.A.

PressInfo # 155, July 19, 2002
No need for a war against Iraq



4. Nordiska Feature-artiklar om Irak
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DR 30. oktober 2003
Dyb uenighed om Irak-høring

Hans-C. von Sponeck og
Coilín Oscar ÓhAiseadha
Sanktionerne mod Irak

Politiken 21. okt 2003
USA bruger unødvendig vold

Det danske Udenrigsministerium
Det juridiske grundlag for Irak-krigen

Information 18.oktober 2003
Jurister angriber krigsgrundlaget, 18. oktober 2003
Thomas Dyhr - En undersøgelse bør nyde fremme!

Politiken, 13. oktober 2003
28 angreb i Irak på 24 timer

Peter M. Johansen, Klassekampem 13. 0kt 2003
"Borgerkrig" hos Bush

Professor dr.juris Ståle Eskeland
Krig og fredsbevarende operasjoner:
Lovlig, ulovlig eller straffbart?
Oslo Militære Samfund

Ekstrabladet 5. oktober 2003
Hvidbog om Irak "Løgnen om krigen"
Hans Engells indledning & tekster

Svenska Dagbladet 29 sept 2003
Kritikvåg mot chockterapi

Mikael Nyberg, Ordfront
Krigskotteriet och dess nätverk av organisationer
Nätverket som drev kampanj för krig
Krigskotteriet som startade ett världskrig
Bush var advaret om Irak-uroligheder
25 irakiske ministre udnævnt
Amerikanere tror Saddam stod bag 11. september
UD-topper angrer på Irak-sanksjoner

Poul Husted, Politiken. 3 juli 2003
Støtten til Irakkrigen falder i USA

John Pilger, Aftonbladet
Blair och barnen

Christine Cordsen og Kristian Klarskov, Politiken
Irak-pres på Fogh

Johan Ehrenberg, Dagens ETC, 7 maj 2003
9 skäl till varför man ska stå emot kriget

Jens Elo Rytter, BerlingskeTidende, 7 maj 2003

Ledare, AfB, 27 april 2003
EU behöver inte en egen försvarsunion

DN Kultur, 27 april 2003
Krig och kultur
Kultur om Irakkriget
Kulturdebatt om Irak, 27 april 2003
Avis: USA overvejer olieledning fra Irak til Israel

T. Kjellström, C. Hogstedt, S. Wall, DN Debatt, 6 april 2003
Kriget i Irak får ohyggliga effekter

Håkan Palm, Helsingborgs Dagblad, 24 mars 2003
Drömmen om arabisk revansch är ständigt levande

Furat Jari, AfB, 24 mars 2003
Mördaren Saddam kan störtas utan krig

M. Raundalen & A. Dyregrov, Aftonbladet, 26 februari 2003
Skona Iraks barn, Bush

Mikael Nyberg, Aftonbladet, 26 februari 2003
Vem hotar vem?

Jan Guillou, Aftonbladet, February 19, 2003
Ännu en miljon ska bestraffas med döden

Anna Lindh, Aftonbladet, February 19, 2003
Än kan ett krig mot Irak undvikas

Göran Rosenberg, DN, 14 februari 2003
Någonting har hänt i Amerika

Svenska Dagbladet, 14 februari 2003
"Nu måste vi hålla ihop"

Arne Hansen, 19 februar 2003
Hjemmeside for flygtninge og positiv fred

DR, 24 februar 2003
Omkostninger ved krig forties

Nadire Mater, Aftonbladet, 24 februari 2003
Turkiets kvinnor leder kampen mot kriget



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