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Collection Iraq 3
Read the materials on Iraq from 1-6, 2004

Collection Iraq 2
Read the materials on Iraq from 2003

Collection Iraq 1
Read the materials on Iraq from 2002-2003

Photo series
"Iraq's Faces and Surfaces"



"Think Freely About Iraq" - Diary
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Articles by non-TFF Associates

F e a t u r e s

TFF Feature Collection, February 1, 2005
Iraq Analyses: The resistance & the elections
Plus human rights, WMDs, the occupation in a wider strategic perspective and the destruction of Babylon

Some 40 articles on aspects we should keep in mind in the future. They offer perspectives on what to learn and what to remember when they build up the next crisis...

TFF Feature - Farhang Jahanpour, January 14, 2005
The Iraqi elections must go ahead as scheduled: the alternative is much worse
There are four main groups inside Iraq who oppose the elections. In spite of spiralling violence, elections should be held. Jahanpour argues postponing the elections does not promise a better situation later. He also analyses the regional aspects, the relations beetween Iran and Iraq and outlines what the U.S. must do, including leaving Iraq.

Brev fra Fallujahs befolkning, 1. december, 2004
Brev fra befolkningen i Fallujah med bøn om afslutning af
bombardementet og forhindring af det forestående angreb

Idag véd vi at det altsammen var forgæves..

TFF Feature Collection, October 19, 2004
Margaret Hassan, CARE International abducted in Baghdad
TFF's team were privileged to meet Margaret Hassan for hours during its fact-finding missions to Baghdad in both 2002 and 2003. Fewe have done more for the welfare of the Iraqi people over 25 years. We at TFF are deeply saddened to learn that she was taken hostage on October 19, 2004. The act must be condemned as it works against the Iraqi people.

TFF Feature Collection, October 7, 2004
Iraq - essential analyses, surprising facts, unusual angles

Feature Collection, September 25, 2004
The ongoing tragedy in Iraq - 14 concise critiques

Feature Collection, September 14, 2004
Iraq - Just Getting Worse
9 articles

Feature Collection, August 16, 2004
The Ongoing US terror in Iraq
12 articles

Collection, July 23-29, 2004
Iraq's "Sovereignty"
17 articles

Feature, Farhang Jahanpour, June 14, 2004
The UN should try to end Iraq's occupation
A comprehensive, critical analysis of what lead up to
UN SC Resolution 1546 and what the UN - and others - must urgently do to stop the madness from spreading throughout the Middle East. "The push for a UN mandate had more to do with US presidential elections and to repair Bush and Blair's damaged reputations than a genuine desire to establish democracy and sovereignty in Iraq..."



1. Articles by TFF Associates
TFF PressInfos
Jonathan Power's Columns
Nordiska Feature-artiklar
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1. TFF Associates' articles -
English and Nordic Languages

Hans von Sponeck, TFF Associate, January 27, 2005
Iraq and the United Nations: Dilemmas of the Future
With his 32 years of service in the UN - of which two as humanitarian co-ordinator in Iraq - von Sponeck's soft-spoken knowledge of the issues and his humane visions make a must read for anyone concerned with international affairs. Later this year he publishes "Iraq Autopsy" - probably the most insightful analysis so far of these complex issues.

PressInfo # 202, November 17, 2004
Mourning Margaret Hassan - Who and What Killed Her?
We mourn the loss of our friend Margaret. She was the victim of her direct murderers and of several others. She was the victim of the war system and the brutalisation of the human mind it invariably causes. A flame of humanism and hope for the Iraqi people and the rest of us has been extinguished.

Hans von Sponeck, Christian Hårleman and Jan Oberg, TFF Associates, November 17, 2004
We mourn the death of Margaret Hassan, our friend in Baghdad

26. oktober 2003
Irak-høring - ja. Men hvad bør formålet være? (1)

26. oktober 2003
Irak-høring skal fremme en politik til gavn for irakerne (2)

See also Collection Iraq 2 for more articles


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2. TFF PressInfos about Iraq

PressInfo # 183, 28 mai 2003, på dansk
Vil du vide, hvem de amerikanere er, som styrer Irak?

PressInfo # 182, 21 maj 2003, på svenska
Hamburgarfilosofi för snabblagning av Iraks utbildningsväsen

See also Collection Iraq 2 for more articles


3. Jonathan Power's columns

May 14, 2003
The unsuccessful wars of Afghanistan and Iraq

May 7, 2003
Is there an alternative to European estrangement from America?

See also Collection Iraq 2 for more articles  


4. Nordiska Feature-artiklar om Irak
- Se också under TFF-artiklar ovan -

Major Frank Søholm Grevil
Danmarks første whistleblower mod løgnene om Irak og Danmarks krigsdeltagelse

Berlingske Tidende 19. februar 2004

Berlingske Tidende 21. februar 2004

Berlingske Tidende 21. februar 2004 (b)

Berlingske Tidende 22. februar 2004

Berlingske Tidende 1. marts 2004

Information 14. april 2004

Information 14. april 2004

Berlingske Tidende 14. april 2004 Debatt, 26 mars 2004
"Folkpartiet mest i otakt med väljarna"

Thomas dyhr,, 26 marts 2004
Høringen om Irak-Krigen i Folketinget

Aftonbladet, mars 26, 2004
Ockupation ger inte demokrati och frihet

Tom Vilmer Paamand,, 26 marts 2004
Danmark oprustede Irak, 26 marts 2004
Høring om Irak-krigen

Sverker Åström, Aftonbladet
Vi måste ta initiativ - nu!

Michael Seidelin,
Amerikansk general: borgerkrig truer i Irak

DR 30. oktober 2003
Dyb uenighed om Irak-høring

Hans-C. von Sponeck og
Coilín Oscar ÓhAiseadha
Sanktionerne mod Irak

See also Collection Iraq 2 for more articles



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