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Jonathan Power 2006

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Power's Weekly Columns 2006

Jonathan Power, one of the world's leading columnists on international affairs, human rights and peace. He syndicates his columns with some 50 papers around the world. We are proud to have featured every one of them since 1997.
In 2003, Power came back to the International Herald Tribune.
Power is, of course, a TFF Associate.



December 27, 2006
Walkers of the world, unite!

December 20, 2006
Making a lot of progress on poverty

December 13, 2006
Pinochet's death is a wake up call for international law

December 6, 2006
There are no tigers in Africa, but the lions are coming

December 3 , 2006
A new lodestar for Africa?

November 23, 2006
Why the Finnish educational systems is the world's # 1

November 16, 2006
The EU, Turkey and Russia. Talking to the Finnish Prime Minister.

November 9, 2006
Micro finance movement marks its momentum at summit

November 1, 2006
Next Sunday's critical election in Nicaragua

October 26, 2006
After Iraq: Saving the good in American foreign policy

October 18, 2006
Time for the West to nuclear disarm

October 11, 2006
Northern Ireland's historic peace meeting

October 4, 2006
Lula's failure to triumph in Brazil's election

September 29, 2006
Senator McCain won the battle but lost the war

September 20, 2006
Islam and Pope Benedict's speech

September 16, 2006
The narcissism of small differences in Sweden's general elections

September 7, 2006
Can sanctions work against Iran?

August 30, 2006
The expanding might of the UN peacekeeping

August 24, 2006
A major step towards nuclear abolition

August 18, 2006
Time to rethhink the Balfour Declaration

August 9, 2006
Castro's achievements should be allowed to live on

August 3, 2006
Don't at this stage send the UN to Lebanon

July 26, 2006
The poorest countries are beginning to move upwards

July 21, 2006
July is the month for accepting international law

July 13, 2006
Egypt's terrorism sets the tone

July 5, 2006
Where are the sands shifting to in Egypt?

June 28, 2006
Key meeting on the Doha Round

June 21, 2006
Who did build Pakistan's nuclear bomb?

June 14, 2006
The means and ends in hunting terrorists

June 9, 2006
Exploiting Africa's migrants

June 1, 2006
On the Blix Commission Report "Weapons of Terror

May 25, 2006
To tribe or not to tribe in Africa

May 20, 2006
Using women to get rid of poverty

May 15, 2006
Remembering Libya when dealing with Iran

May 5, 2006
China's drug lesson for the world

April 29, 2006
Hong Kong is not going to get its promised democracy by 2007

April 21, 2006
An important shift in Taiwanese attitudes to China

April 5, 2006
Taiwan is too strident in its opposition to China

March 26, 2006
Obasanjo's reservations on handling Charles Taylor over

March 22, 2006
EU-bound Turkey has to confront its demons

March 16, 2006
Was the future Turkish Army boss involved in war crimes?

March 5, 2006
At last an end to ETA's violence in Spain

February 27, 2006
The search for a successor to Kofi Annan

February 20, 2006
The nonsense of the panic of proliferation

February 13, 2006
Western democracy fails in too many ways

February 6, 2006
The Muhammad Cartoons: It takes two to avoid a clash of civilizations

February 1, 2006
Peru's elections and the Indian question

January 27, 2006
Brazil is becoming an economic and political superpower

January 21, 2006
Perhaps the end of the road for Lula in Brazil

January 3, 2006
Spain's Zapatero is overturning one applecart after the other


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