The Balkans

Important documents

This Is What the EU Wants From the Yugoslav Opposition
October 17, 1999

Internal Documents from Germany's Foreign Office Regarding Pre-Bombardment Genocide in Kosovo
What remains of NATO's argument after this?
Collected by International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms, IALANA (August 27, 1999)

Joint Statement of Albanian and Serb Leaders of Kosovo

Undertaking of Demilitarisation and Transformation by the UCK
This is the full text of the accord on the demilitarisation of the Kosovo Liberation Army. June 21, 1999

United Nations Resolution 1244 (1999) on Kosovo
Adopted by the Security Council at its 4011th meeting, on 10 June 1999

G8 Kosovo draft resolution Cologne June 8, 1999
(Reuters) Includes all points and both annexes to draft resolution

Belgrade Peace Agreement 4.6.99
Full text of the peace document .

Balkan Action Council, with
The Kosovo Interim Agreement of Feb 23, 1999

President Milosevic and Four Other Indicted
Thursday 27 May 1999, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) announced the indictment.

International Criminal Tribunal to Investigate NATO Leaders
The Historic Document - Lawyers Indict NATO's leaders, May 6 1999.


Här kan du läsa om boken


Social Situation in Serbia and its Influence on Political Situation in the Country Jelena Santic, December 16, 1999)

Computer Warfare Used in Yugoslavia Robert Burns

Macedonia's President Mulls Future Jovana Gec

For U.S. Peacekeepers in Kosovo, a 'Disneyland' Bunker
R. Jeffrey Smith

U.S. Officials Expect Kosovo Independence Jeffrey Smith

Kosovo Serbs Leave Kosovo Transitional Council

FRY NGOs: Aid for Reconstruction and Transition

KLA Demilitarization and the Kosovo Protection Force
Press Conference, KFOR Press Centre on 21 Sept. 1999 (October 1, 1999)

KLA Demilitarisation Deal Despite Last Minute Wrangles
Laura Rozen

Anti-NATO Axis Could Pose Threat, Experts Say Tyler Marshall

Rambouillet - ett bedrägeri? Sören Sommelius

BBC on Nato's Inner Kosovo Conflict From BBC London, Newsnight

Benign Imperialism Versus United Nations Ken Coates

Draft Appeal - After the War in Yugoslavia: What Next For Europe´s Left? Ken Coates

Sanningen om Rambouillet

Perspective on the Balkans: The Next War Has Begun
Christopher Layne

Information Battlespace - Kosovo Points Way To Future Combat Arena William Church

Kosovo Fascism, Albanian's Shame Veton Surroi in Pristina

The Position of Yugoslavia on NATO in Kosovo
The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Why the West Can't Sleep Easy Gary Younge

Everything Is Both Legal and Illegal Stephan Israel

Differentiation and Analysis of 'Clean War' Zhang Dezhen

Quietly Preventing Conflict Steven R. Ratner

"Serbia Counts Cost" Larry Elliott

Reporting Kosovo: Journalism vs. Propaganda Philip Hammond

United States Leads Charge to Discredit U.N. Phyllis Bennis

Preventing War in Kosovo TFF's Report from 1992

What I Learned in the War Dennis J. Kucinich

The Protectorate. A Way to Dominate

An Appeal From Father Sava, Decani, Kosovo Fr. Sava

A War-Torn Reporter Reflects Michael Dobbs

Nothing in My 30 Years of Reporting Wars Compares with the Present Propaganda Dressed as Journalism John Pilger

Forced to Accept False Logic Edward Said

For the Media, the War Goes On Henry Porter

Cold War II: Kosovo's Legacy Barbara Ehrenreich

The Kosovo Liberation Army: Does Clinton Policy Support Group with Terror, Drug Ties? U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee

Collapse of the Kosovo Albanian Political Scene Shkelzen Maliqi

China Says U.S. Wants To Become 'Lord Of Earth' Reuters

Similar Crises Get Divergent Treatment in the New York Times
From Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting

Propaganda Wars Phillip Knightley

Selective Attention to Wars: Kosovo versus Sierra Leone
Regine Mehl

What's the Story? Audrey Gillan

We Must, Regrettably, Ready Ourselves for the Third Kosovan War
Simon Jenkins

The Anomalities of the International Criminal Tribunal are Legion
John Laughland

The Failure of Diplomacy Rollie Keith

What have we started? Mark Almond

Human Rights Left Out of Peace Plan Amnesty International

A Soldier's View - A Humiliating Peace Accord Lewis MacKenzie

UN Fig Leaf. NATO Compellence as Global Norm Siddharth Varadarajan

War, the Great Stabilizer Media Advisory

They Call This Victory? From "Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting". FAIR

NATO Expects Separate Kosovo Jane Perlez

1) The Peace that Betrays the Kosovar Cause
2) What Is the Point of Nato?
Robert Fisk

A View from India on Kosovo Times of India Editorial

Reflections on Kosovo Richard Falk

Kosovo, liberation can only end in more bloodshed Robert Fisk

NATO's Aggression Against Yugoslavia: Overview Michel Chossudovsky

The Guardian May 26 1999

Have We Forgotten the Path to Peace? Jimmy Carter

Impossible to Talk Peace With Bombs Falling Viktor Chernomyrdin

Acts of Murder John Pilger

Relief Camps for Africans and Kosovars: Worlds Apart

A Letter to Albanian Friends From Nongovermental Organizations
Belgrade popular movements seek reconciliation with Albanians.

Ny bok på svenska om Kosovo

Reflections Beneath the Bombs Svetozar Stojanovic

Macedonian Peace Researcher on the situation
Interview with Dr. Biljana Vankovska

The Frightening Target Shortage Arthur Hoppe

The Fatal Flaws Underlying NATO'S Intervention in Yugoslavia
Lt Gen Satish Nambiar (Retd.)

The One Place NATO Could Turn for Help Jack F. Matlock

Nationalism Unleashed George Konrad

A Letter to the New York Times about Kosovo Marc Beginin

The War in Yugoslavia: A Reversible Tragedy Richard E. Rubenstein

So What's the Truth About NATO and Kosovo? Mark Lynas

Misreading the Enemy Robert S. McNamara

Let Civility Prevail A Statement by Concerned Serbian Citizens

Civilian Destruction in Yugoslavia April 13

Civilian Destruction inYugoslavia April 7

Kosovo: Peace Movements Oppose Both Ethnic Cleansing and Bombing International Peace Bureau - IPB

Proposals for Solving the Crisis: The Transcend Perspective
Johan Galtung, Kinhide Mushakoji and Ramon Lopez-Reyes

Truth is Dying in the Ruins of Silent Capital
Robert Fisk

We Have Lost This Foolish War Robert Fisk

Kosovo "Freedom Fighters" Financed By Organised Crime
Michel Chossudovsky
(Serbo-Croatian version)

Bombing the Baby with the Bathwater Veran Matic
(Serbo-Croatian version)

Kosovo - Don't Go There Colonel David H. Hackworth

Interview with Jan Oberg to Kosovo-Albanian "Zëri" Dec 22, 1998

The "Blic" Interview Father Sava, Decani Monastry, Kosvo


Peace & nonviolence

Krig og Filosofi - Om Teknologisk fascisme
Hans Ebbing December 3, 1999

UNICEF Recruits Teenagers To Promote Peace in Columbia
November 11, 1999

Reconciliation, NGOs and Civilian Peace Service

Take Warnings from the Failures Erika Laubacher-Kubat

The Unfinished Business Of the Century John Kenneth Galbraith

A Proposal on an International Non-Military Force for Peace
Mel Duncan and David Hartsough

The Future of the United Nations System New book

Pay Tribute to Gandhi Who Died 50 Years Ago
Message from 30th January Event

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Appeal for "Decade of Non-Violence"

A Charter for Harmony With Earth Boston Research Center


NATO & nuclearism

Senate Vote Leaves the World a More Dangerous Place
David Krieger December 16, 1999

Letter Response to Yeltsin Comments Please Sign in Next 24 Hours December 16, 1999

Nuclear Weapons, the International Court of Justice, and the Proposed International Criminal Court David Krieger

Three historic documents on nuclear weapons...

Expansion of NATO, Conflicts in the Balkans and the Security of Yugoslavia Zlatko Isakovic

An International Criminal Court Earth Action


Globalization and Crisis

America and the World at the Dawn of a New Century
Walter A. McDougall December 3, 1999

Phoney War John Pilger November 11, 1999

 We Helped Them Descend Into Hell
John Pilger

Jakarta's Godfathers
John Pilger

The US and the World
Richard Ullman

World Statistics on the Global Humanitarian Crisis

The Rich Get Richer
Ibrahim Fathi

Democracy Against Hegemony
Samir Amin

Welcome to the New World Order
Richard K Moore

The G7 "Solution" to the Global Financial Crisis - A Marshall Plan for Creditors and Speculators
Michel Chossudovsky

Global Poverty in the Late 20th Century
Michel Chossudovsky

Global Falsehoods: How the World Bank and the UNDP Distort the Figures on Global Poverty
Michel Chossudovsky

Financial Warfare
Michel Chossudovsky

The Global Financial Crisis
Michel Chossudovsky

Where is World Capitalism Going
Nikolai S. Rozov



On Iraq and Sanctions Ramsay Clark's Letter to the Security Council
September 3, 1999.






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The Balkans  

The Kosovo Numbers Game
Ian Williams

An Impartial Tribunal?
Chris Black

Hur blev vi (mis)informerade före NATO's krig i Jugoslavien
Lena Carlsson & Edvard Sundby

U.N. Discovers Colonialism Isn't Easy in Kosovo
Max Boot

Computer Warfare Used in Yugoslavia
Robert Burns

Preventing War in Kosovo
TFF's Report from 1992



NATO & nuclearism

NATO Chief Reflects on Alliance's Big Changes
William Drozdiak

US Says its NATO Load is Too Heavy
Richard Norton-Taylor

NATO Notes - New Info Service
Christopher Bollinghaus



Globalization & Crisis

What Can We In the West Do In Response To the Desperate Plight of the Chechen People?
Roswitha Jarman

Doubts on UN Timor Plan
Michael Richardson

Take Another Look at the East Timor Intervention
Philip Bowring

America's Wars on Civilians
James Carroll



Peace & nonviolence

A Threat Mostly to Ourselves
Paul H. Nitze

Annan Calls for Stronger U.N. Role
Colum Lynch

U.N. Chief Wants Faster Action to Halt Civil Wars and Killings
Barbara Crossette



The Deadly Costs of a Degrading Act
Robert Fisk, The Independent

Iraq - An Agonizing Reappraisal
Majid Teheranian

Recognising Roots of Iraq Conflict Is Key to Solution
Denis Halliday, former UN Humanitarian coordinator, Iraq












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