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Ideas, books, views, actions appeals - all by people other than TFF Associates. Like-minded radical social action for peace - broad scope and broad minds.

There are so many constructive initiatives around the world, most of which will not get much media attention.
FEATURES is a selection of what we recommend.

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Martin Garbus, Huffington Post - ICH, December 16, 2005
An incredible day in America
First, the United States has legitimized torture and secondly, the President has admitted to an impeachable offense. The New York Times article about spying on Americans

Kjell A. Wiker, Norge - TFF Ven 13. december 2005
Quo Vadis, kjære Moder Jord?
En hjertelig og bekymret hilsen ved årets slut til TFF.

Mahathir Mohamad, Information Clearing House, 13. december, 2005
Mennesker med blod på hænderne
Så kan vi virkelig acceptere, at disse store magter alene har retten til at afgøre, hvornår man skal blande sig i andre landes interne affærer for at beskytte menneskerettighederne?

Salim Lone - Information Clearing House, 13. december
FN's forskelsbehandling - denne gang i resolutionen om Syrien
Tidligere FN-medarbejder drøfter dobbeltmoralen og de langsigtede negative konsekvenser af Sikkerhedsrådets resolution, der kræver at Syrien skal adlyde kravene i Hariri-udredningen.

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2005, December 11, 2005
Harold Pinter
His official
website. The ailing author's moving and powerful Nobel lecture on Art, Truth and Politics. (In Swedish) Here is what Michael Billington, the Guardian's theatre critic wrote about Pinter's lecture: "This was a man delivering an attack on American foreign policy, and Britain's subscription to it, with a controlled anger and a deadly irony. And, paradoxically, it reminded us why Pinter is such a formidable dramatist. He used every weapon in his theatrical technique to reinforce his message. And, by the end, it was as if Pinter himself had been physically recharged by the moral duty to express his innermost feelings."
- This text should be read for its facts, its moral compassion, its dramatic power and for its black humor by everyone who is afraid that power and lies rather than truth and humanism have taken over the elites of the Western world, says Jan Oberg, TFF director. Some may see it as only "anti-American". But this is a testament of our times and, as such, shamefully marginalised by our media.
See also
Mary Riddal in the Observer.

TFF Feature Collection, December 7, 2005
Is Iran next?
A selection of articles and analyses September-December 2005

TFF Feature Collection, December 6, 2005
Burundi - Isn't it time we rewarded this country for its peace process?
Burundi is another name for one of the world's most impressive and promising peace processes. A good story. But it doesn't receive a fraction of the small humanitarian aid it needs; more and more Burundian are starving - as can be seen from some of the news articles below. News and articles from November 7 - December 31, 2005.

Patrik Stålgren - December 2, 2005
Breaking the Waves
Strategic Conflict Analysis of Burundi
Patrik Stålgren, Gothenburg University, offers a comprehensive background to the history and structure of the conflict in Burundi. He analyses direct and structural violence there and outlines a program for what a country such as Sweden could do to support peace and development. Originally published in December 2003 (pdf file 216 KB).

Catharina Östman, Vasa Bladet, 8:e november 2005
Burundi - vad då?
Med utgångspunkt i Burundis positiva fredsprocess frågar Catharina Östman "Vore det inte på tiden med ett utvidgat nyhetsbegrepp där också det som redan görs för de drabbade i olika länder skulle lyftas fram - inte för att dölja problemen, utan som sporre för oss omkring att engagera oss ännu mer?"

TFF Feature Collection, November 7, 2005
Burundi's peace process: Positive story - but did you ever hear about it?
Is the story of 7 million people moving towards peace, development and justice after war not worth telling or is it that editors and journalists simply don't see peace when it happens? TFF keeps updating you about the country - and continue to serve as goodwill ambassador for the country!

Patrik Stålgren i Göteborgs-Posten
Vänd inte ryggen åt Burundis folk
Med en ny president öppnas en möjlighet att bryta våldsspiralen i Burundi, skriver Patrik Stålgren.

TFF Feature Collection, September 25, 2005
All about Iran - Is Iran next?
Background, facts, commentaries, analyses, news items, basic documents, critique...a selection made for those who look deeper.

TFF Feature Collection, September 24, 2005
Burundi - overwhelmingly positive development towards peace
Almost fifty news and background articles about one of the most positive developments out of the African continent...that your local media may not even have reported once. Is the story of 7 million people moving towards peace, development and justice after war not worth telling or is it that editors and journalists simply don't see peace when it happens??

TFF Feature Collection, August 5, 2005
The forgotten 10th anniversary: Operation Storm in Croatia
A short introduction to this terrible event just two weeks after the markings of the Srebrenica massacre. Total ignorance, denial and self-censorship throughout Western media, the reasons outlines. Contains a link section with essential reading of this U.S./Clinton assisted ethnic cleasing and assault on the United Nations mission there.

Lewis MacKenzie, The Globe & Mail, Thursday July 14, 2005
The Real Story Behind Srebrenica
"Two wrongs never made a right, but those moments in history that shame us all because of our indifference should not be viewed in isolation without the context that created them." A devastating blow to the mainstream media's biased coverage of the anniversary of the massacre - by a man who was there and knew the wider picture.

TFF Feature Collection - Burundi July 11, 2005
Good news coming out of Burundi
You haven't heard much about it. It's a good story from Africa. About peace. About a very difficult peace process that is by no means secured for the future. But it offers hope for the future of the 7 million people in one of the world's poorest countries. Should it all fall apart and a new genocide happen - then you will hear about it...

Chalmers Johnson, April 11, 2005
No Longer the "Lone" Superpower. Coming to Terms with China
"Unfortunately, the trend of events in East Asia suggests we may yet see a repetition of the last Sino-Japanese conflict, only this time the U.S. is unlikely to be on the winning side." Extremely thought-provoking and well-documented written about China's future role and relations to Japan and the United States. Based on the author's more than 40 years of research. A must-read!

Chalmers Johnson, April 11, 2005
Wake up! Washington's alarming foreign policy
Chalmers Johnson responds to the question, "How should U.S. foreign policy be changed so that the United States can play a more positive role on the world stage?"

Chalmers Johnson, April 11, 2005
Ikke længere den "eneste" supermagt - at komme overens med Kina
"Desværre er udviklingens tendens i Østasien snarere, at vi risikerer en gentagelse af den sidste kinesisk-japanske konflikt, dog med den forskel at USA denne gang næppe vil være på den vindende side." Noget af det mest tankevækkende og veldokumenterede, der er skrevet om Kinas rolle og forholdet til Japan og USA. Baseret på forfatterens over 40 års forskning.

The UN Secretary-General's report, March 21, 2005
In larger freedom: towards development, security and human rights for all (pdf)
Document 59/2005 of March 21, 2005 about reforms of the UN system.

TFF Feature Collection, March 9, 2005
The Accumulating Crisis in Kosovo
A new crisis in Kosovo is in-the-making. The main reasons are: the situation in the province, the lack of peacebuilding success, the irresponsible talk of independence by Western pro-Albanian lobby groups such as the Crisis Group and the indictment of Kosovo's prime minister as well as the lack of a pro-active strategy in Belgrade.
About 65 links to knowledge - and aspects you do not find in the mainstream media.

TFF Feature Collection, from February 16 WITH REGULAR UPDATING, 2005
Burundi's Peace Struggle: A Story of Hope Out of Africa
Burundi today is a story about rebels laying down their weapons and demobilisation and a new post-war defence force. It is about elections, power sharing, and a truth and reconciliation committee. And it is about an absolutely essential UN mission - and a world community that still does not reward those who move to peace enough. TFF offers you the background and the news articles.

Sverker Åström, Aftonbladet, 8 februari 2005
Vad de borde säga i riksdagen i morgon
Vi bör förvänta oss att regeringen kan presentera något som med ett fint ord kan betecknas som en vision av den värld vi vill se och att den också uttrycker något av den vrede och oro som upplevs av det svenska folket inför delar av amerikansk politik.

TFF Feature Collection, February 1, 2005
Iraq Analyses: The resistance & the elections
Plus human rights, WMDs, the occupation in a wider strategic perspective and the destruction of Babylon

Some 40 articles on aspects we should keep in mind in the future. They offer perspectives on what to learn and what to remember when they build up the next crisis...

TFF Feature Collection, January 27, 2005
Is Iran Next? The US, Iran and nuclear proliferation
It may well be a major issue soon. Inform yourself in time. About 60 links to directories, guides and analyses relevant for understanding the many dimensions as well as the way Iran sees it.

TFF Feature Collection, January 20, 2005
Perspectives on the 2nd Bush term
Features collected by TFF between November 2, 2004
and January 21, 2005 - Inauguration Day
It contains pointed comments on various aspects of the second term of the Bush Administration. Bookmark it and check now and then the next four years what was right and what was wrong, what was too 'hard' and too 'soft' as predictions.

TFF Feature Collection, January 15, 2005
Martin Luther King, Jr. - who could have turned 76 today

Farhang Jahanpour, January 14, 2005
The Iraqi elections must go ahead as scheduled: the alternative is much worse
There are four main groups inside Iraq who oppose the elections. In spite of spiralling violence, elections should be held. Jahanpour argues postponing the elections does not promise a better situation later. He also analyses the regional aspects, the relations beetween Iran and Iraq and outlines what the U.S. must do, including leaving Iraq.




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